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Freemax Mesh Pro Leaking - top loose - ruined funiture

Discussion in 'Tanks, clearomizers and drop-in coils' started by, Dec 7, 2019.

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  1. Full Member

    May 20, 2015
    I've finally had it with my 3 Mesh Pro tanks. They have a nasty tendency for the lid to slide off, and leak out the entire contents of the tank. It's ruined our couch, wife is POd, you know the story lol.

    What's worse, the more you use it, the looser the top becomes. So loose even a mild shake will slide the top open. They've designed these tanks with very little solid engineering thought. There's no lock for the sliding lid. It wears down to no resistance over just a few weeks of use.

    I absolutely loved this when it was new, and had not opened itself and spilled vape juice all inside my pants pocket, the bed, the couch, my office desk, you name it. I mean you got to admit, the choice of coils it has is wonderful. 6's 4's 3's, 2's singles even with temp single. I even heard a 12 was in the works. But IMHO this tank and this design is a dead duck. It's unusable. Local vape stores have stoped carrying them, too many complaints, returns, and threats of suits to pay for damages. Of course, getting a reasonable reply from Chinese headquarters is a waste of time.

    Sooooo - Anybody got a real good solution that would match this tank for coil mix availability? That flows just as well? That has about 20 colors/versions? I'd be MOST attentive if anyone can toss in a real good alternative!
  2. dennism

    dennism Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 18, 2015
    I have the freemax mesh pro tank and don't have any problems with the slide. I've had it for about 14 months, used every day, zero problems. Maybe I've just been lucky.
  3. Full Member

    May 20, 2015
    Any ideas? I see some people are putting rubber bands around the base of the slide etc. You've NEVER had it slide open inadvertently?
  4. ShawnB85

    ShawnB85 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 4, 2013
    Savannah, GA
    I'm in the same boat as dennism. I've had my Mesh Pro for over a year, it opened once right after I bought it. I just pay attention to where I put it and avoid throwing it in my pocket.

    To answer your question, Horizontech Falcon King has a lock on the lid so that may solve your issue of dumping it on everything you own.
  5. TrashCat

    TrashCat Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 22, 2013
    Toronto, ON, Canada
    Yes... Some of the the other Freemax tanks have a screw on lid but will still use the mesh coils.
  6. madstabber

    madstabber Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I’m sure a silicone sleeve is made for the mesh pro. Wouldn’t one of those prevent unintentional openings? I haven’t ever used one and I don’t have this tank but seems that would be cheap and easy fix. I prefer a locking fill cap also but even the loosest sliding one I have only opened accidentally after a drop to the ground. Still it’s nice having locking cap for peace of mind. The geekvape alpha tank is decent and the top cap locks. It uses different coil heads then your mesh pro though. Best of luck finding a satisfactory solution to this issue.
  7. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Apr 8, 2012
    Ridgeway, Ohio
    I have exactly the same issues with this tank. I received one for free for the purpose of doing a review. I loved the tank's vaping performance, but the sliding fill top of the tank was an absolute fail, and I said so in my review. This tank is NOT POCKETFRIENDLY. I have probably lost 3 tankfulls of e-liquid and finally put this tank away for good.
    KIT REVIEW: Freemax Twister 80W and Fire Luke 2 Tank

    Yep, or perhaps you got a later made version and the company had fixed the issue.

    I've been using my collection of Original Uwell Crown tanks for what seems like a few years now, but the original 0.5 ohm replacement coils appear to be no longer in production. I had obtained what I thought would be a couple of years worth of coils but somehow I have misplaced them. I ordered three packs of 4 a couple weeks ago ($50 with shipping costs) from Element Vape and they sent me Crown 3 replacement coils. :facepalm: They are working with me, but its such a hassle to get a refund.

    I'm also using the Geekvape Cerberus tanks with my Mini and Solo. But I'd love to find a great performing 22" tank for my two JAC Vapour DNA75W.
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