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Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Tim Wiseman, Jun 3, 2018.

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  1. Tim Wiseman

    Tim Wiseman Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jul 29, 2017
    Bolton, England
    Hi ECF members, In this review i take a look at the GAXI MOD with Tinis tank from Youde UD. The GAXI MOD with Tinis tank was supplied for the purpose of this review by Nelson from Youde UD.

    UD GAXI Mod - UD



    The Gaxi is a stylish, quality made, palm size little 60W device which takes the hood of a sports car as inspiration for it's design. It's a very simple device which is possibly more suited for MTL users and comes with a very smart little MTL tank, the Tinis, the Gaxi and Tinis do seem to belong together despite the Tinis being a MTL tank that as been available for a while. The Gaxi is a device working on the concept less is more, not packing the device with features a lot of vapers just don't use but instead doing what little it does extremely well. It also boasts a PCB which is waterproof, Static-proof and Dust-proof.

    In the Box



    1 x GAXI Box
    1 x Tinis Tank(including 1 x CV14 coil 1.5Ω)
    1 x CV14 Coil 0.8Ω
    1 x Glass tube for replacement
    1 x USB cable
    1 x Accessory kit
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Warranty card


    Aesthetics and Ergonomics

    The Gaxi Mod and Tinis comes in a nice presentation box and once opened both device and device are visible in the top layer. I received the White with Pink stripes version which comes with a White Tinis tank, it is also available in Black with Silver stripes (comes with a Black & Silver tank which is unique to this device) and Blue with White Stripes (comes with a Black Blue tank). The device fits in the hand perfectly and is so comfortable with apart from the base all sides, edges and corners curved giving it a very stylish shape. The device is also high build quality with a durable finish, the materials used are Stainless Steel, Aluminium Alloy and Brass. Both front and back of the device is curved like a car hood with central go faster stripes top to bottom, on the front the stripes are broken up first with a round and definitely the largest fire button i have seen and further down by the elongated - and + rocker key. The spine of the device is featureless and the opposite side houses the screen and towards the bottom the micro USB port. The base of the device has branding and safety stamps and moving to the top we have a centre 510 plate with a spring loaded 510

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Tinis Tank Specs and Features:

    Size: 22mm(D) x 30mm (L)
    Capacity: 2.0ml
    Coil: 0.8ohm Ni80 OCC head (20-28W)/ 1.5ohm Ni80 OCC head (13-18W)
    Retractable top fill, along with child safety lock
    Plug-pull type organic cotton coil
    Bottom airflow control system
    Mini size with stylish appearance
    Thread: 510 thread
    Colours: Gold, Black Red, Black Blue, Black, Silver, White.


    Tinis Overview

    The Tinis is a stumpy 22mm MTL tank with quad airflow slits with really good resistance and adjustability allowing you to have the draw as tight or loose as you want. It has a top fill system with child lock, the drip tip is attached to the top of the tank and can't be removed (i would prefer the option of fitting my own) you use this to turn the top section to line up the open pad lock with the arrow head then the top can be slid back to fill the tank. Once the tank has been filled the top can be slid back into place then turn again to line the closed pad lock up with the arrow head. The base screws off the bottom of the tank very easily and the tiny coil head is simply pushed into the air pipe where it is secured in place by an o-ring. The Tinis is 2ml capacity and comes fitted with a clear glass, the spare you receive is a smoke tinted one. You receive 2 different MTL coils both Ni80's, pre-installed is a 0.8 rated at between 20W and 28W which i found best at 25W as an airy MTL vape with decent cloud and average flavour, the flavour was improved when closing the air down but i'm a low wattage DL vaper who sometimes does MTL but like an airy MTL vape so i actually preferred this coil. The other supplied coil doesn't suit my style of vaping but gave great flavour it is rated at 13W to 18W and i found best at 14W, most MTL vapers i believe will prefer this coil and although it didn't suit me as mentioned the flavour was great.

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    Gaxi Mod Specs and Features:

    Size: 66 x 50 x 30mm
    Wattage Range: 1-60W
    Output Voltage: 1-8.5V
    Resistance Range: 0.15-3ohm
    Charging Input: DC 5V/2A
    Battery capacity: Built-in 3200mAh
    Material: SS/Zinc Alloy/Brass
    Huge fire button for easy click
    Top refill system & bottom airflow
    Three-color battery life indicator
    PCB, Waterproof, Static-proof, Dust-proof
    Thread: 510
    Colours: White Pink, Black Silver, Blue White


    Using the Gaxi

    As already mentioned the Gaxi is a very simple variable voltage device, the Glaxi is the usual 5 clicks to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off. When turning on the screen displays "GAXI" before going to the main screen and when turning off the screen displays "KEEP VAPING" before turning off. The screen is bright and shows only the information you need making it very easy to read, on the left side of the screen we have a battery status indication bar, next to this at the top we have battery status as a percentage, underneath is the resistance. The rest of the screen displays your wattage which can be adjusted in 0.1W increments with the + and - rocker. If you press the - and fire together the device will lock and unlock and pressing the + and fire together displays the serial number of the device. The very large round fire button has a large surround that lights up which adds to the aesthetics of the device but also serves the purpose of more battery status indication and safety warnings. When the surround lights up white when vaping the battery life is between 60% and 100%, when it lights up Blue it's between 21% and 60% and when it lights up Red there is between 0% and 20%. When the battery is too low to fire the light flashes white 4 times and the device turns off, if there is a short circuit the light flashes red 4 times and again the device turns off, finally for open circuit protection the light will flash Blue 4 times and again turn off.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    You hit the fire button and get instant vape, it's simplicity, no preheat, curves or temp control features but there are plenty of vapers who just want to press a button and get a reliable consistent vape and the Gaxi certainly delivers. The device i found really nice to fire with the thumb with the massive fire button impossible not to find, the void surround of the fire button means it doesn't need to protrude (which it doesn't) so shouldn't fire by accident, some might find the fire button not clicky enough but i don't mind the short travel at all. The - and + rocker key is very clicky and needs decent pressure so again your wattage won't alter by accident. The 510 plate is 24mm so all MTL tanks i can think of will fit on the device very nicely and the 3200mAh battery gives excellent battery life at the low wattage's most people would use the Gaxi at. Finally the Gaxi supports 2A quick charge.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    A quality simple kit for both starters and MTL vapers that just wan't a quality, reliable, simple device.



    Build quality
    Looks Stylish (in my opinion)
    Massive fire button
    Simple to use
    Battery surround lighting
    3 types of battery indication including %
    PCB waterproof, Static-proof, Dust-proof
    Tinis, Nice MTL Tank
    0.8 coil good airy MTL Vape
    1.5 coil excellent flavour
    Excellent battery life
    2A quick charge


    Some might like more clicky fire button
    Would prefer removable drip tip


    I would once again like to thank Nelson from Youde UD for supplying the Gaxi Mod with Tinis tank for the purpose of this review.

    UD GAXI Mod - UD
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