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Geek Vape Aegis Squonk 100W

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Frenkyou, Nov 21, 2019.

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  1. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    Thank Heavengifts for sending this Aegis Squonk 100W GeekVape

    The package in question is sent by GeekVape only to reviewers as specified on the back, so I will not go into describing it.


    First glance of my Full Black version.


    In the packaging of this sample there are no user manual and warranty certificate.

    - 1 Aegis Squonk Mod
    - 1 Atom Tengu RDA
    - 1 Adapter 510 for Tip
    - 1 spare Tip 810
    - 1 full Pin (bf pre-assembled)
    - 8 grains for the turrets
    - 1 Multi-purpose screwdriver
    - 1 Allen Key
    - 1 3mm Coil Jeeg
    - 2 Tufts of pre-assembled cotton
    - 1 Squonk flask (10ml) for replacement
    - 1 Body to transform from Bf to normal Box
    - 2 NI80 Fused Clapton coil 28ga * 3 + 40ga 0.4Ω Nichrome
    - 1 Microusb cable for charging


    Dimensions and other parameters:


    The basic color of this Aegis Squonk is the same for all versions, ie opaque black of the rubber parts and glossy black for the rest of the body except for the central upright in solid color only with the Full Black version of this review.


    Overview Aegis Squonk 100W and its first-degree protections for the security department.


    The cup placed in an almost central position has a large silicone seal for holding the liquid and houses a sprung gold-plated spring pin.

    In the central photo you can see the ingenious and useful sliding refill system, the 10ml tank is provided with a slot equipped with an anti-leak membrane.

    The bottom of the mod has a convenient opening system for the battery compartment cap.


    The micro-usb charging socket is protected by this rubber "cap" which guarantees watertightness.

    The image in the center shows the front of the Aegis with its 10Ml silicone flask for squonk.

    On the front, starting from the top, there is the prismatic fire button, the 0.96 "screen and the plus and minus adjustment keys.


    With a Torx screwdriver we can disassemble the front squonk to put the front from a classic big battery.


    Our mod at the center with the 2 front panels at the side.

  2. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    Our Aegis 100W in Classic version with RTA and squonk with RDA.


    How the Aegis Squonk 100W works

    Five clicks to turn on / off the device, plus key and minus key should be pressed together to lock / unlock the screen.
    Fire key and plus key pressed together allow you to raise the screen brightness, fire key and minus key pressed together allow instead to lower it.

    Three clicks on the fire to enter the menu and choose between the different modes by navigating with the + and - keys.
    - Power VW from 5 to 100w with adjustment of one tenth of w at a time.
    - TC Ni
    - TC Ss
    - TC Ti
    - TC Tcr
    - VPC supply curve
    - Bypass



    -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------
    Overview Tengu RDA


    Basically this RDA consists of 4 pieces: Tip, top-cap, inner air regulating ring (removable) and deck.


    Starting from the bottom we can see the bottom of the atom with gold plated pin bf, serial number designed by GeekVape brand C E and disposal symbol.


    Detail of the gold-colored (positive) and steel-colored turrets underneath for the negative, you can also see the liquid tank, about 6mm deep.


    Assembling the two NI80 Fused Clapton coils 28ga * 3 + 40ga is simple and intuitive, the slotted screws are tightened and unscrewed without difficulty, just as the excess legs are easily cut once the coils are placed. The resistance obtained is from 0.20Ω

    -------------------------------------------------- -------
    Aegis Squonker accessories
    Interesting the possibility to buy apart the replacement skeleton in the 6 different colors:


    Here in "Solo Mod" version


    -------------------------------------------------- -
    Final considerations

    The Aegis Squonk Kit is a new 18650 single battery mod, among its many peculiarities there is that of being transformable from Big Battery Classic to Squonk and vice versa, in practice it is a real 2 in 1 device very well made , Geekvape indicates its product as the first interchangeable RDA Squonker modular system in the world. It is equipped with the latest AS-100 chip that can push the mod up to 100W.
    It can provide precise control over various types of coil materials, such as stainless steel, 200 nickel and titanium.
    The other features are shared with the other Aegis (IP67 waterproof, shockproof and dustproof).

    The aromatic Tengu RDA atomizer is very valid and even its regeneration is not binding, I also find it very useful the internal air-flow blocking system connected with the deck that allows us to rotate the top-cap easily both for the adjustment of the 'air is to unscrew it from the Box without any difficulty or unpleasant inconvenience like "idle".

    What I liked most:
    - Possibility of Mod configuration from Squonk to Normal BB
    - Features IP67 shockproof, dustproof, waterproof.
    - Tactile feeling especially in the rubber part and on the squonk bottle.
    - Weight and dimensions more than acceptable
    - Super easy and fast top refill system with 10ml tank
    - Finishing and leak-proof squonk sealing system
    - Aromatic yield and ease of regeneration of Tengu RDA

    What I liked the least is basically the laborious cleaning or maintenance of the squonk system, in fact it is necessary to remove the 4 screws to access the 10ml bottle, otherwise the upper part of the mod must be immersed upside down in a container and squonked to let in water and then expel it by re-squaring inside the container.

    I would like to thank Heavengifts once again for sending this product which I consider very valuable overall and which I would recommend to anyone looking for a beautiful, reliable and robust squonker.
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