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Geekvape Aegis Squonk kit review by rosesense

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Jan 25, 2018
Folks, I think Geekvape totally missed the mark by using an 18650 cell over a 21700 cell.
I 100% agree with this. My wife wanted to replace her current mods with a couple of these. She immediately decided to look for something else since this isn't compatible with 21700s. She doesn't carry extra batteries on her to work, and an 18650 just doesn't last a full shift for her. I might have even considered one for a boat/fishing mod (just for the fact that the battery compartment is water resistant) if it were 21700 compatible.

Daniel Forsyth

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  • Mar 26, 2019
    Victoria, Australia
    They posted a contest here and the instructions were to "Comment below, tell us your first thought about Aegis Squonk". Apparently they meant to say "post to our facebook page", so NONE of ECF's entries were even counted. When asked about it by a few members, the canned reply to each question was :

    I remember that, that's why no body won.
    A bit disappointing Geekvape:mad:
    Thanks for the info @ScottP :thumb:
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    Jan 16, 2019
    @Horselady154, a 21700 would only add millimetres to external dimensions and depending upon materials used for construction the weight difference would be negligible.

    It's just the fact that a 21700 cell gives you a safer CDR usage and headroom for sub ohm use, plus you get extended runtime due to the larger cell size. And for high ohm MTL users the extended runtime is always useful.

    And unfortunately I will have to disagree with the use of 18650 cells being a defining feature of the Aegis range, I believe it to be a management decision based on familiarity with the 18650 cells which is a possible reason why they've been used for the last 2 Aegis range mods. 21700 has only recently in comparison been adopted by some vaping mods as a cell choice.
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    Punk In Drublic

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    Aug 28, 2018
    Toronto, ON
    It’s all based on the design objectives – if the objective is to keep the device as small as possible, then it is only logical to utilize a smaller cell. Some may view this as a limitation, but that will be based on their own vaping characteristics. Others may put importance toward size and are willing to sacrifice a bit of run time in order to meet that value.

    Personally, I agree with both sides of the debate. My own vaping style does not suit a single 18650 device for it is difficult to get a full day of use given the power I typically use. But that said, I also own 2x700 devices that I rarely use because I feel they are just too large. I’m ok using these larger devices at home, but never use them when I am out….is that a dual 21700 mod in your pocket or are you just happy to see me :D
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