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GeekVape Peerless RDTA. «All and even more»

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by Vape Path, Oct 27, 2017.

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  1. Vape Path

    Vape Path Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2017
    Russia, Moscow
    Nice to meet all of ya, guys!:cloud:
    Look at my review on GeekVape Peeless RDTA atomizer!:)

    As we know GeekVape, they try to gather all pros in their devices - clouds, flavor and well constructive without leaks. Could they combine these parametres in GeekVape Peerless RDTA? Lets see!

    Atomizer came to me from Sourcemore in a branded box, on the face side of which you can find the company and device names.
    On the back side we see an engraved logo, scratch code, barcode, certificates, serial number and warnings.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The set has a number of different components, which will help you to service your tank, such as an extra drip tip, plug for one-coil use, multi-screwdriver, spare glass tube, adapter to 510 frip tip, pre-build coils, extra insert into filling ring, user manual, screws and o-rings.

    GeekVape Peerless RDTA is made with a variety of 5 color, so, each of you can find something for yourself, but i got a red one for to make a review. The color is bright, and the painting is of a high quality.


    Atomizer specifications:

    46 mm;
    Diameter: 24 mm;
    Capacity: 4 ml / 2 ml (TPD version);
    Airflow: Side;
    Filling: Top;
    Drip tip: 510 (with adapter), 810;
    Base: Two-racks for one or two coils;
    Thread: Of 510 type with uncontrollabe pin;
    Materials: Stainless steel, Pyrex glass, Delrin;
    Colors: Black, red, blue, silver, gold
    GeekVape Peerless RDTA consists of 5 parts: bottom deck, stock with racks, glass tube, chamber with skirt and drip tip.
    Peerless RDTA has two racks, which allows you to build fat coils or more modest ones. Screws are of a good quality and there are some spare in set. But it`s not really comfortable, when they are of different types, so, be careful and don`t lose them!

    There are 4 holes for cotton rolls and a special cap, which closes the filling ring and prevents leaks. Such a cool decision!
    Pin is uncontrollable and fixes the «+» rack. The bottom deck has a thread, which fixes it to a base stock.
    As for capacity, glass tube contains 4 ml of e –juice. Also, there is a version with 2 ml (TPD).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Chamber and skirt are monolithic to each other. On the face of skirt we can see the name of device – «Peerless». It has 2 middle holes for side airflow. We don`t have a possibility to close one at all for to use atomizer with only one coil. That is my own niggle.

    There are some deepen around the chamber, which make control more convenient. And, also, there is a delrin ring on the top of it for to dilute main color.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Set drip tip is of 810 type: it`s the widest and the second is of 510 type, which you can use. with the help of complete adapter. They don`t get hot and are both comfortable for to make a puff.

    -Sizes. Atomizer has a middle size, which will fit the most of devices.
    -Quality and Assembly. This is GeekVape, and that`s all, guys! These parameters are on the high.
    -Design. It`s attractive and bright. I can outline gold, red and silver colors.
    -Service is easy, except filling, which is not really convenient because of small filling window.
    -Set is rich, there are a lot of bonuses, which will help you to feel comfortable!-Autonomy. 4 ml is a good mark for such a tank. This is a middle index nowadays.
    -Leaks. No leaks! I`ve tried to put RDTA on corners, shook it, but hasn`t found any leaks, besides drops from filling process and some condensate.

    •Great flavor;
    •Good vapor;
    •Convenient racks;
    •4 ml capacity;
    •Easy to service;
    •Quality and assembly;
    •Drip tips can be changed;
    •One or two coil use

    •Only one coil can`t be flown;
    •Small filling hole

    GeekVape Peerless RDTA – is an atomizer of a high quality and assembly, which will be popular among vapers from all over the world, I know it. It has a lot of pros and only some and really not critical cons. So, I can advice it to you!​

    You can buy GeekVape Peerless RDTA for 37-40$ (depends on color) here. ;)
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