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GeekVape RADAR RDA. "Set your receptors on flavor"

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by Vape Path, Jan 25, 2018.

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  1. Vape Path

    Vape Path Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2017
    Russia, Moscow
    GeekVape Co. doesn`t stay at one place: last autumn they`ve presented the first squonk kit – Athena. And in December the second one – GBOX with RADAR RDA Kit was presented. GeekVape RADAR RDA interested me because of new two diagonal racks deck, bottom airflow and sizes. Thanks to HealthCabin, now I have the possibility to present its` detailed test to all of ya ;) So, let`s start!


    GeekVape RADAR RDA came in a transparent branded box, where on the face we can see the atomizer itself, and on the back there is some info about specifications and usual moments.


    As for the set, it`s pretty good and besides o-rings, contains, for example, 510 drip tip and squonk pin.

    GeekVape RADAR RDA set:
    1 * GeekVape RADAR RDA atomizer;
    1 * Standard pin;
    1 * Adapter to 510 drip tip;
    1 * 510 drip tip;
    8 * Spare screws;
    6 * Spare o-rings;
    1 * Multi-screwdriver;
    1 * Warranty card;
    1 * User manual;
    1 * Warning card;
    1 * Booklet with avaliable color palette
    As for quality and assembly I have no critical comments, they`re on a high level. The opaque cover is pleasant for touch, all parts fix firmly to each other without backlashes. This RDA is really compact and this makes it attractive for people, who prefer devices of a middle functional and wattage. The bath depth is about 7 mm, and this`s cool! As for its type, RADAR is BF RDA, `cause it has the squonk pin.


    GeekVape RADAR RDA parameters:
    Height (with pin and drip tip): 31 mm;
    Diameter: 24 mm;
    Bath depth: about 7 mm;
    Colors: Black, Silver, Gunmetal, Blue​

    GeekVape RADAR RDA consists of 4 parts: of base, skirt, top cap and drip tip.
    The base has two diagonal (45°) racks, which allows to set 2 middle coils. They are simultaneously convenient, but have some moments.
    On the one hand, when we build our coils, they don`t deform, and this is good and saves time.
    On the other hand – this won`t be convenient for people who prefer parallel coil builds or prefer to leave long tips of wire just in case. But, really, this is a matter of habit.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The skirt`s made with two pairs of holes, which forms the side and side`n`top airflow. There is a beautiful engraving «RADAR» on the face side.It`s not thin, so, you don`t need to be worried about, that it`ll become hot.


    Top cap`s made with a spherical treatment and has 2 pairs of cuts at the bottom, which help to set the airflow. The first variant is, when you control only side airflow by a wide hole. The second one is point airflow, when the air flows to the centre of coils from side and top, and it`ll suite more for tough puff lovers ;)
    There is no notches around top cap body, but thanks to a special conic form on the top, you won`t have any difficulties.
    The one critical moment is, when you try to set airflow, you can accidentally move the skirt. This is because of thin o-ring, and maybe it will be better, if you use the thicker one ;)


    810 pre-built drip tip is made of delrin, and if you won`t like it, you can set 510 type from the box with the help of adapter. While tested them I haven`t noticed, that they`d become hot, and this is good.


    GeekVape RADAR RDA specifications:
    Base: Of two diagonal racks for two-coil use;
    Airflow: Side, side`n`top;
    Filling: Top;
    Drip tip: 810, 510 (with the help of adapter;
    Pin: standard/squonk, both are gold-plated​

    About some moment of how to set coils, I have already told you, guys, but want to underline, that when you practice, such a diagonal system won`t be difficult or unwonted. You won`t have any problems with Fused clapton, Clapton, microcoils, Alien Clapton, and this can reassure lots of vapers ;)
    All is you need to do – set the coil legs into cuts, fix and burn them, then set the cotton rolls and enjoy your favorite juice!


    Really good flavor;
    Quality and assembly;
    2 types of airflow;
    2 types of drip tips;
    Standard and squonk pins are available;
    Racks don`t deform coils;
    Deep bath;

    Some moments of coil set, which you need to get used to;
    The skirt position can be brought down by airflow set

    GeekVape RADAR RDA – is the next representative of successful projects of GeekVape Co.
    It has a really-really good flavor and vapor, has a good bath depth and compact sizes.
    Of course, there are some cons, such as condensate, the specifications of coil set, etc., but my own opinion is, that it costs its 30$.
    For such a money you`ll have a really productive and tasty RDA atomizer, which you can use with most devices, even if they`re not really powerful, and RADAR will suite them!​

    You can buy GeekVape RADAR RDA here.
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