GeekVape Z50 + Zeus Nano Tank

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  • Apr 26, 2019
      GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank

      The Geekvape Z50 kit uses a small mod with a built-in 2,000mAh battery with 50W of maximum output. Circuit functions include Power, Bypass, VPC, TC-TCR, TC-SS modes with Type-C 5V-2A charging.

      The 3.5ml sub-ohm Ø22 atomizer (2ml TPD) uses the direct high dynamic top-down airflow to reach the coil more quickly and efficiently, the coil is hit by a large amount of d air for maximum yield.
      Enjoy the reading.

      GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 1.jpg

      The kit is depicted on the front with the wording and the Geekvape logo, the identification of the color (Silver) and the product, with some data; Z50 3.5ml 2.000mAh.

      On the back, some main features are listed in the form of writing and represented by different icons. They are also present; the packing list, the invitation to read the instructions for use, the address of Shenzhen Technology Co Ltd, the bar code, the scratch / check and the inevitable logos & trademarks required by law.

      GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 2.jpg

      Package Included:
      1 * Mod Z50
      1 * 3.5ml Nano Z Atomizer
      1 * Replacement Glass Tube (2ml TPD)
      1 * Geekvape B Series Mesh-Coil 0.3Ω Range 30-38W (pre-installed)
      1 * Geekvape B Series Mesh-Coil 0.6Ω Range 15-25W
      1 * USB Type-C cable for charging
      1 * Coil Tool
      1 * Spare 510 Drip-Tip
      7 * Spare O-ring

      GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 3.jpg

      Technical data Mod Z50:
      • Material: Zinc alloy
      • Mod weight: 120g
      • Dimensions: 84.1x30.7x24mm
      • Output voltage: 0.5V ~ 7.0V
      • Range of supported resistances: 0.1 ~ 3.0Ω
      • Battery capacity: 2000mAh
      • Charging specification: 5V / 2A
      • Low voltage warning: 3.2V ± 0.1V.
      • PCBA temperature alarm: 80 ° C
      • Cut Off: 10 seconds
      • Stand-by current: <10uA
      • Operating temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
      • Storage temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
      • Cooling mode: natural cooling

      Technical data Z Nano Tank:
      • Material: SS
      • Dimension : Ø22.00 * 56.55mm
      • Thread: 510
      • Capacity : 3.5ml
      • Drip-Tip: 510 replaceable
      • AFC: From top to bottom
      • Refil: From above
      • Coil compatibility: Geekvape B Series Coil

      GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 4.jpg

      Geekvape Z50 Kit Colors:
      • Silver, Gunmetal, Black, Rainbow.
      The Sample subject of this review arrived in an elegant Silver color.

      GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 5.jpg

      First impressions:
      The Zeus Nano atomizer present in this kit is a faithful scaled-down copy of the famous Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank that equips the new Aegis L200 Legend 2.
      Zeus Nano is designed for RDL use in full harmony with the device that delivers 50W Max of power. The Coils are both of the new Mesh type.
      I particularly appreciated the presence in the package of a 3.5ml Bubble glass to immediately replace the small glass of 2ml capacity (TPD) .

      The Mod Z50 is slim and slender, built in sturdy zinc alloy, weighs about 120g has a simple design but with artistic decorations, a nice color display and several functions, in addition to the classic VW mode are present; Bypass, VPC, TC-TCR, TC-SS. Not bad!
      Geekvape claims to have been aesthetically inspired by nothing less than the Doric columns of the Acropolis of Athens. The color gold or marble IML coating of the side panels gives a nice bright and energetic look.

      GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 6.jpg

      GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 7.jpg

      GeekVape Z50 gives good feedback in the hand thanks to the smooth surface that contrasts nicely with the decorations perceptible to the touch. The Mod is undoubtedly sturdy not too heavy and is easily handled.

      GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 8.jpg

      Z50 Display and rear:
      The dark colored screen extends all along the front of the Z50. At the top is the slightly protruding Fire key, in the center a nice bright and colorful display with indications of; battery level, current mode, power, Ohm, Amper, Volt and Puff counter.
      Below we find the adjustment keys "+" and "-" and at the bottom there is a USB-C 5V-2A port for charging.

      On the back, the refined similarity with the Doric column of the Parthenon is supported by the new "mythological" logo of Zeus in a central position and by the thin and deep vertical grooves. From bottom to top, the word "Geekvape Z" appears.

      GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 9.jpg

      Z50 Above and below:
      The 510 thread cup contains the floating type gold plated pin and is screwed to the mod via 2 torx screws. The cup have a serial number on the edge.
      They can be installed perfectly and without 22 / 23mm atomizers protrusions.

      On the bottom of the Z50 there is a curious cap of unidentified soft material, which should "melt" and allow the battery to vent in case of problems.
      Always on the bottom there are the disposal logo, the brand (C E) and are indicated; the characteristics of the cell, the place of origin and the manufacture by Geekvape.

      GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 10.jpg


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    • Apr 26, 2019
        Geekvape family:
        The link with Aegis Legend 2 Kit by Z50 kit is limited to the coloring (SS) and to the Zeus Nano Tank which turns out to be a rather faithful scaled-down version of the Zeus Sub-ohm Tank.

        GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 11.jpg

        Zeus Nano Tank exploded view:
        The Tank compared to its older brother differs exclusively for its measures, for a different air flow rate and for the type of Coil. The AFC adjustment is narrower to seek better performance in RDL.
        Below we can see all the pieces of which Z Nano Tank is composed; the central structure, the Top-Cap, the drip-tip, the deck, the coil, the air adjustment ring, the Tool to extract the coils and the 3.5ml Bubble glass.

        GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 12.jpg

        510 Drip-Tip:
        Another novelty concerns the adoption of a Drip-Tip 510 in place of the previous 810. The smaller drip-tip narrows and compresses the airflow effectively excluding the very open DL vape but significantly improves RDL performance at wattages lower.

        GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 13.jpg

        The closure of the top-cap is the same and effective as the other Zeus, thanks to the interlocking system through the two teeth placed on the body of the atomizer, a half-turn rotation is enough to open / close and access to liquid refill throuhg two slots.

        GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 14.jpg

        Tank Structure:
        The two opposing slots measure 7x3mm and carry the air from top to bottom, hitting the coil. The flow subsequently rises in the form of vapor through the chimney.

        Two large black o'ring have the task of making watertight with the pyrex glass. Centrally between the two o'rings we can see the new Zeus logo first introduced in the 2021 edition Z sub-ohm tank.

        The two opposite windows for the passage of the liquid are very large and rectangular in shape, in the image below they can be seen with and without the coil installed.

        GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 15.jpg

        In the first of the images below, the two large slits communicating with the air-flow top and the central hole to house the coil are visible.
        With a simple pressure we will insert our coil, while for the extraction you can rely on the Tool supplied.

        On the bottom of the atom the pin 510 is gold plated and protruding enough, they are always shown on the bottom; the serial number, "designed by geekvape", and the product name. The internal part of the deck is threaded, on the bottom the writing L3 appears next to the Pin.

        GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 16.jpg

        Geekvape B Series Coil:
        Geekvape has introduced some coil's specific for the Nano Tank. The new coils are smaller and have a wattage range that can be used with the Mod Z50.
        The coils are equipped with 3 sealing O-rings.
        The information (Watt Range) is written on the bottom, this allows you to easily identify the characteristics and range of use of each of them even without eyeglasses.
        * For the vape test I prepared my concentrated aroma; "strawreddy white TOB", liquid diluted to 10%, VG-PG 50/50 with 1.5mg / ml boost.

        Geekvape B Series Mesh-Coil 0.6Ω Range 15-25W:
        This Mesh-Coil after having initialized it and having waited 5 minutes to allow the breathable material to become saturated with liquid ... I notice that it is able to start at full capacity immediately and without strange tastes of cotton. The Coil activates quickly even at 15W and pushes well. However, it is from 20W upwards that it expresses itself best, for balancing between; heat, aromatic yield and steam production. One of the advantages of Z Nano with this Coil is that it never heats up and the steam always stays fresh, it does not heat up even after a long and intensive use. With this Coil I would have liked to have been able to reduce the air flow more to try the MTL route, however the Puff is still RDL type even with AFC completely closed.

        Geekvape B Series Mesh-Coil 0.3Ω Range 30-38W (pre-installed):
        Personally I find this resistance perfect for the Z Nano tank. It is ready immediately and without strange flavors. At 30W with AFC open from 50% aperture it emits a nice thick and copious vapor. The aromatic yield enhances the notes of the unripe strawberry and the sweetness of the white chocolate present in my liquid, making it difficult for me to detach myself from the Vaping. Playing with the AFC settings and the Watts, the tank never overheats excessively (at least for me). The consumption of liquid is quite high and this makes it necessary to refill the tank often but it is a fast operation that I do very willingly ... In an irresistibly compulsive and fully captured by these excellent performances.

        GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 17.jpg

        Operation Guide:
        • Power on / off: 5 clicks on the Fire button in less than 2 seconds
        • Power regulation: From 5 to 50W in steps of 0.5W at a time or quickly by holding down the Fire button
        • Menu: Press the Fire button 3 times, scroll with the up / down buttons to select between Power, Bypass, VPC, TC-TCR, TC-SS, to confirm long press Fire.
        • Puff reset: Press the Fire key 3 times, press the Fire key to change the cursor select Puff; Press "+" 0 "-" to cancel, press "+" 0 "-" again to reset the value.
        • Ohm Block: Press the Fire button 3 times, press the Fire button to change the slider and select Ohm; Press "+" 0 "-" to adjust, press Fire again to confirm the value.
        • VPC: Press the Fire button 3 times; Press Fire to move the cursor to the P1 power bar; Press "+" 0 "" - "to adjust the value
        power; Keep pressing the Fire key to move the cursor to the P2, P3, P4 and P5 power bar.
        • Power lock / unlock: Long press the "+" and "-" keys at the same time.
        • Fire Button Lock / Unlock: In the locked state, press the Fire Button 3 times in less than 2 seconds.
        • Stealth Mode: Press the Fire "+" and "-" keys at the same time
        • Screen Brightness Adjustment: Press and hold the Fire button and the "+" button at the same time to display the adjustment icon
        brightness. Hold the Fire button and adjust with the "+" button to increase or "-" to decrease
        • Display background color: Press the Fire button 3 times then press the "+" and "-" buttons simultaneously to switch between Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, press the Fire button to confirm your choice.
        • FW installed: After 5 times pressing the Fire button to turn off, press the "+" and "-" keys simultaneously for 2S
        • Factory data reset: After entering the FW version information interface, press "Fire" + "and" - "simultaneously," CONFIG RESET "will appear.

        Security Warnings:
        • Low resistance 0.07Ω
        • No atomizer: Atomizer not connected or resistance higher than 3.5Ω
        • Low voltage
        • High voltage
        • PCBA temperature alarm: 80 ° C
        • 10s Cut-Off the single puff reaches or exceeds a time of 10s
        • Atomizer Identification: When the atomizer is inserted, the user is asked to select the new value, click the "+" key to select the new one or click the "-" key to select the old one.
        • When the original atomizer is removed, the resistance value of the atomizer is automatically reset. Ignore reset mode: The output voltage is approximately equal.

        GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 18.jpg

        2,000mAh battery:
        Before hearing the drop in power that is reached at 30W at the last notch of the battery level, I managed to do 290 Puffs with the Mesh-Coil from 0.3Ω to 30W constant. It seems to me a very good result for a device with a 2,000mAh internal cell.
        Charging is really fast, for a full cycle it takes about 60 minutes

        GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 19.jpg

        Final conclusions:
        Hoping to have been as comprehensive as possible, I greet you and conclude by briefly summarizing my impressions during the test.

        Z 50 Mod can also be used with small MTL atomizers with an excellent aesthetic result and good autonomy.
        However, the 2,000mAh battery could be small if you are compulsive with this Tank and use the mod at high wattages. In this case I would see the Tank very well paired with Mods with larger batteries because Z Nano with interchangeable heads in this category is absolutely at the Top for RDL vaping and it becomes difficult to detach once you start using it, especially with the coil from 0.3Ω which at 30 / 35W is spectacular.
        Overall I liked the Z 50 Kit very much and recommend it to those looking for an Entry Level full of functions, immediate to use and without complications.

        Z 50 Kit Highlight:
        • Classic kit design with beautiful finishes
        • Robust and handy kit
        • Feature rich chipset
        • Bright and beautifully legible color display
        • Fast power delivery and precise indicated values
        • Excellent management of the 2,000 mAh battery
        • Fast Type-C charging
        • Z Nano Tank of exquisite workmanship with sliding threads
        • Z Nano Tank Top AFC antileaking
        • High performance specific to RDL

        Thanks to Geekvape for sending me the product for free in exchange for my honest evaluation.
        Geekvape Z50

        GeekVape Z50 + Z Nano Tank 20.jpg
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