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German vapor questions

Discussion in 'Germany Forum' started by AdamE, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. AdamE

    AdamE Full Member

    Dec 8, 2012
    United States
    I am military and I will be stationed in Germany in a couple of months, what are the current laws/regulations regarding vaping. As I understand it is a culture much more understanding and open to smoking analogs so by my thoughts vaping shouldn't be an issue but I was wondering if anyone had first had experience with the issue. Also is it legal to purchase the nicotine and create your own blends because buying chemicals (especially toxic ones) can sometimes have ifffy laws in different countries.
  2. Joe Normal

    Joe Normal Senior Member

    Mar 5, 2012
    At the moment there's a bit of confusion, but the formerly heated debate is rather cooling down.
    You can't get nicotine here, but nicotine base in strengths of up to 36 mg/ml, which is quite high.
    Vaping is so new that most people think it's just smoking, but when educated they're rather ok with it, i guess.
    I would advise to not vape in non-smoker areas, it might get you in trouble.
  3. Titanium

    Titanium Moved On

    Oct 19, 2012
    Moved to the Germany forum.

    Kidding, Hehe.
  4. Darkman

    Darkman Full Member Verified Member

    Dec 19, 2011
    In Germany you are not allowed to smoke in public buildings. Actually there are no laws against vaping, but my advice is to handle it like smoking. If you need DIY-stuff you can buy quality stuff for example here Selbermischen - InTaste.
  5. classwife

    classwife Admin
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  6. AdamE

    AdamE Full Member

    Dec 8, 2012
    United States
    Sorry I didn't see the sub forum when I posted.

    But back to topic that is very crappy I was considering buying a very big DIY setup 1 gallon of PG and VG and 100ml of 100mg nic. Guess I will hold off on that. When it comes to buying PV's and other vaping equipment has anyone had importing issues like people in Canada seem to have?
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