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Oct 28, 2010
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm ßrąd Grüss owner of SweetVapes.com (a division of BGcarpentry.org) It has been great the past year and a half and interest in my work has been beyond what I've expected (and I thank all of you :) ) The original thread got rather long winded and a bit outdated since it began but can still be viewed here. Demand has been great for my mods and Please keep in mind I am only one man and these are all custom made mods which take time. The plus side being that you can get on a list and know that you will get a custom mod tailored to you... unlike some of the other makers who just put a batch up for sale and you can only hope to be on line at the correct time and get one that you like as well.
    My signature mod "The Grip" has progressed and came a long way since it's conception with many more innovative improvements in store in the next coming months. Also have some totally new mod concepts and rebuildable atomizers that are in development stage so stay tuned for that as well ;)

    Information on the Grip Mod:

    - 510 connector as standard can do others on request even EGO skirted style
    - Contoured finger grooves for a comfortable feel
    - Ergonomically placed activation button
    - 4 amp switch rated at over 1,000,000 activations (Flat or domed)

    - Capability to use different battery combinations for a range of voltages
    - Feeder comes as default with a stainless steel juice plunger. A wooden plunger or hole cut for finger squonking can be accommodated.


    Overall dimensions are
    the same with the only change being in height

    Mini's - 9cm (3.5") hieght x 5.5cm (2.2") wide (to the outer edge of the finger grooves) x 3cm (1.2") thickness
    3.7v / 6v / 7.4 (18650 / 2x's RCR123A 3v / 2x's 16340) - 11.75cm (4.75") height
    Variable volt with display - 11.75cm (4.75") height
    Variable volt feeder without display - 11.75cm (4.75") height
    Variable volt feeder with display - 14cm (5.5") height

    All Vv are designed to be used with 2 high quality IMR batteries such as genuine "AW" brand (which I do sell to fit the mods I make)
    The non Vv 18650 version is made to accept an AW 18650 / 2x's LiFePO4 123 (3v) to achieve 6v's / 2x's 16340 (IMR 3.7v) to achieve 7.4v.
    The IMR 18650 or the 4.8v NiMh batteries may require the use of a magnetic spacer
    DO NOT use unprotected batteries unless they are of a safer chemistry such as LiFePo4 or LiMn (IMR) !

    All units contain a HOT spring designed to collapse under great current such as a short
    Our current Vv units utilize the dimension engineering SWADJ-3 ( 3amp / 25 watt adjustable step down switching regulator ) It requires 4.5v to operate and will shut down when the power supply drops to that output. The regulator does have both overcurrent and thermal protection as well.

    You can see many mods on the gallery of my site and the latest and greatest creations are in my photobucket album

    I hope you like my work


    Here are a few custom projects...

    standard feeder frame with variable voltage, LED display and an inset Odysseus


    Genesis line inset



    Lava tank inset


    optional extension and drip well for use as a standard variable volt without the tank being inset



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