Glass tank for Orchid V4

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Feb 2, 2015
    Just got an Orchid V4 and I hate the fact that it comes with a plastic tank. (I thought they were relics of the
    1- Do I need to be concerned about so called "tank cracker" e-juices. Have you had a tank crack on you?
    2-Can anyone tell me if they make a glass replacement tank for that particular version and where one might find it? (Without having to buy a whole new rba)
    Any and all feedback is appreciated

    Thanks vapers!
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    Feb 10, 2014
    New Mexico
      The Orchid is my favorite RTA. Unfortunately, I've never seen a glass replacement for the V4. I know the newer ones do, but I'm guessing those won't work for the old ones due to the threading. I haven't seen an all stainless steel tank for the Orchid either.

      Fortunately, I've never had one crack. I have an all plastic Orchid as well and never any problems. I'd still be careful as I'm sure some juices will crack it.


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      Mar 30, 2014
        I think the kayfun quartz kit fits the v4,i can't remember for sure though because of the longer chimney.Problem with the quartz kit on an orchid though,is the metal rings sit so close to the chimney that they really reduce the capacity.I had a quartz kit cut down to fit my v1 orchid,the capacity stock was like 2.5ml,when i put the quartz kit on it i barely got 1ml in it haha.The best bet for a glass tanked orchid is the v6,you can get them really cheap,i paid around $14 from Angel ecigs.
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