Go Bears -DUBLE-Blackcurrant & Lychee


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Sep 19, 2022
    I brought a fruity flavor from the Go Bears Duble series, which is a mixture of black currant and lychee. The bottle of logfill has already received a colorful and youthful design in the cinema, which I think will be true to its taste as well. The aroma is completely colorless and remains so even after ripening. It has a pleasant aroma of black currant, in which the lychee does not show itself yet. After the first taste, you can already feel that this is a guaranteed grenade that will surely explode sooner or later . The blackcurrant pushes very strongly, but the lychee cannot overcome it even at the price of great struggles. Still, I feel that lychee should be there. It weakly but surely complements the currants, as if they could not exist without each other. Black currants have a slightly syrupy taste, you really need them. The taste is very strong, but not so sweet as to be cloying. After exhaling, you can almost feel the sweet currant, which spreads completely in your mouth. I don't mind at all that the lychee was not the introduction in this flavor, as the blackcurrant flavor was much stronger and made this aroma much more palatable. For my part, it easily gets five points in the fruit category, since I got exactly what I expected


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