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Gotvapes Stallion Hybrid Cartomiser

Discussion in 'Cartomizer Reviews' started by Barefoot, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. Barefoot

    Barefoot Super Member ECF Veteran

    Gotvapes Stallion Hybrid Cartomiser
    Digi’s Disclaimer:
    I purchased this with my own dollars - the Opinion represented here is solely mine, having had experience of many different types of Devices, Misers and Juices, and is in no way necessarily shared by this Site’s Owners, Administrators, Moderators or fellow members - unless they have also tried the product and coincidentally, and independently, come to the same conclusions - which is, quite frankly, unlikely. I present my Opinion here as Honestly as i am able, but do accept that a degree of 'Poetic Licence' may have accidentally snuck in


    Name: Stallion Hybrid Cartomiser - Empty
    Type: 510 Top Coil Cartomiser – with filler
    Vendor: Gotvapes
    Where: USA
    Cost: $9.95 for 5 (or 6.69 GBP)
    Capacity: 2.2ml Real: with a 510 DT in – 1.8-2ml
    Drip Tip/Mouthpiece: Can take a standard 510 DT (see below)
    PG/VG: seems to wick well with both – easier with up to 50/50 tho
    Fill Method: Find a Spiky Thing is easiest – tho can fill from a bottle
    Breaking In: barely noticeable – but a fill before cranking it up a bit helped
    Relative Size: longest cart I’ve used – 55mm inc thread
    Tank-ability: will fit with a bit left in a Big Daddy Tank – slot or punch (best with 3 slots)
    Colour: Black sticker – should be removed and cleaned for Tank use
    Potential Longevity: should be good as CE type coils tend to last a while
    Rebuildable: Unlikely


    The Blurb
    GotVapes and RITCHY present the GotVapes STALLION™ Hybrid 510 Cartomiser - a unique, well-performing hybrid that features less filler than a conventional filler carto, holds a whopping 2.2ml of eJuice in a top-coil design with an effective 2.0 ohm performance on a 3.0 ohm coil, thereby causing less battery drain and longer carto life. The STALLION™ is engineered for energy efficiency on the coils by utilizing a design that decreases temperature and liquid loss and provides improved airflow turbulence, all of this contributing to a delightful 2.0ohm effective performance!

    The Vape
    Vapour Production: Good - Excellent when slotted in a Tank
    Flavour: Good enough for me - Slightly muted but better than most cartos and probably as good a Vivi Nova
    Throat Hit: Medium – better than an average Top Coil
    [B]Texture: I’m liking the texture these produce – and the warmth
    [B]Wicking: Good – might need a drop in the top every half hour or so
    [B]V range: Excellent for me at 4 to 4.2v - pushing it a bit at 5V for flavour
    [B]Shape of the Vape: Liking the shape of this vape – 7.5 'naked' - 9 in a Tank

    [CENTER][SIZE=4][B]The Waffle[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]
    So a hybrid between a filler-less CE top coil and a filler carto – interesting.
    Couldn’t resist trying these as I quite like top coils for the warmth of the Vape, and ordered a 5 pack of empties.

    Having watched Chris’s promo vid, it seemed that if I wanted to use a normal DT (with the empty ones) then I could, but with a ‘sacrifice’ of half a ml – to me this was definitely worth it – the alternative being cutting a bit off the bottom of the supplied rubber one – Hm Cherry Vape Pawn or rubber? No contest! LoL

    Apparently, if thee buy the filled ones (which are also quite good – with Ritchy’s Liqua juice) then forcing a normal DT will force out some of the pre-filled juice.

    So dug out a syringe for 1st fill – somewhere between 1.8 and 2ml – so possibly lost just under half a ml capacity. I made sure that the filler round the coil was wet too and gave it a vape. Not bad at all!

    The whoosh of a Top Coil, instead of the crackle of a carto. Flavour is less muted than a Boge, more similar to the Vivi mini, with more TH than the mini. Vapour production is good, especially as thee crank up the V’s.

    I quite like Cartos for tobacco juices – the slightly muted flavour and extra TH seem a more ‘authentic’ tobacco-esque experience to me.

    The Stallions can be stripped of their label and glue, and then punched or slotted and popped in a DCT or the Big Daddy Tank – with Stallion to spare. I made the holes to small at the first attempt, and performance was OK – it improved quite a bit once I’d made the holes bigger though.

    My only real issue thus far is that I seem to need to check that the top round the coil hasn’t dried out too much – but only every half hour or so – so a doddle with a Spiky Thing. This could be down to user error but it’s not a biggy.

    So eventually dug out me 'Dremmel' and stripped another Stallion - this time having read of the benefits on[URL=""]Gotvapes ECF subforum[/URL] - especially when i mentioned the dry filler round the coil. Slotting and popping in the Big Daddy (or any DCT may do?) has turned the Stallion from Tame to Wild - No drying of the filler round the coil - Clouds of Vapour and a nice warm vape due to the Top Coil. Every now and then hold upside down which remoistens the filler round the coil. 5 days so far and no drop off at all - and tasting better too

    Having to check to make sure the top round the coil is damp – even in a tank

    These are very long and even in the Big Daddy – leave about half a cm visible

    Losing capacity to be able to use a standard 510 DT

    The blanks only come in Black – so have to remove the sticker to Tank them

    Possibility of Dry Hits if the top dries out too much

    Hard to tell when empty as can’t see thy juice level

    Can go through juice fast when in a Tank

    Easy to fill: with a Spiky Thing, syringe or even a long nozzled bottle

    Can fit a Standard 510 Drip Tip – tho will lose up to 0.5ml to do so

    Unlike some CE2’s show no signs of leakage and metal so tube strong enough

    Relatively cheap at less than a quid 50 each

    Loverly warmth for a miser – especially if used to cartos in a Tank

    General Lack of Gurgliness - Excellent from a Top Coil

    When Slotted and popped in a Tank - Truly come into their own!

    [CENTER][SIZE=4][B]Value For Money:[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]
    So far I’d say the Stallions offer good VFM – depending of course on durability. As most Top Coils seem to last me at least a week and often 2+, these could turnout to be a real winner.

    At the moment I’m a bit torn about which way I prefer them: in a carto tank or by themselves. This is at least partly because I have a preference for a 2mlish capacity, which they have and getting an eGo cone from GV that fits nicely over them – giving the lone Stallion a pleasingly sleek look.

    I do like this Hybrid concept, and as a starting point, for me at least I’ve been pleasantly surprised – do far!

    Instead of punching holes (tho a few may do?) when slotted with a 'Rotary Tool' the Stallion truly comes into it's own - Clouds of warm Vapour, Good Flavour, Medium Throat Hit and a Good Shape to the Vape - At less than a quid 50 each, and looking like they may last a couple of weeks in a tank without drop off - [B]these could be the best value carto for a Tank - DC's don't give me this much Flavour and i can live without the TH

    [B]Slotted and in a Big Daddy Tank - i'd give the Stallion an overall 9 out of 10


    With Permission from [B]Viva Vaping Ezine - UK Vapefest Edition[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]
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