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Grandvapors review- Simply Amazing

Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Reviews' started by ThaHealer, Aug 5, 2014.

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  1. ThaHealer

    ThaHealer Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 13, 2012
    Gone AWOL
    So, I've been away from the forums for a bit. This is largely because I've simply found products that satisfy me and have stopped looking for the next big thing. has become my go to liquid supplier, and for good reason. Neal Ranzoni, the owner, has amazing customer service and top shelf products for budget friendly prices. After several months with his juice I thought I'd toss up a review of several of my favorites. After trying dozens of vendors, these have largely overtaken my liquid collection and are worth trying for new and veteran vapors alike. I'm reviewing my favorites, because they fit my preferences, but many of his other flavors are highly regarding as well. I order everything in 3mg nicotine and Maxx VG, which is as close to 100% vg as the flavorings allow. Flow is available, with I believe 10% pg for better wicking in tanks. Throat hit is as expected for low nic juice. Clouds are awesome and every juice I've tried has performed excess coil gunk, which is something I personally value highly in a juice.

    Last Stand- This is a straight up vanilla custard vape. These days everyone has a custard, but this one shines in it's pure creamy goodness. There's none of the sour custard notes that I've found in others. It has a very slight hint of nutiness, but overall it's just an incredibly smooth, creamy vanilla custard. I'm a bit of a beer freak and I could vape this forever with a nice stout. I have yet to find a better vape/beer pairing. On it's own it's still fantastic. Full, creamy, and sweet, but never cloying. It's an all day vape easily.

    Banana Custard/BC-2- This is the same custard vape, but paired with a full rich banana. I'm always on the lookout for a good banana flavor, because I love banana vapes when they're done right. This is more natural than candied and so rich and creamy. The BC-2 is Neal's Banana Custard with double flavor. Personally, I find them pretty comparable overall, but with BC-2 I get a slight spiciness that balances the sweet banana perfectly.

    Vapenstein- This is one of Neal's exclusive flavors. You have to be on on his VIP list or order through a group buy. It's another custard, but very nutty and with full, rich notes of honey. Personally, I get Honey Nut Cheerios from it. It's absolutely fantastic for lovers of custard vapes and anyone who likes rich bakery, dessert style vapes. Rich, creamy, and sweet, but well balanced and never overwhelming. I could easily vape this all day, and have on multiple occasions.

    Asian Porn- I'm not a big fruit vapor, but this is one a few exceptions. Sweet, tart lychee and cream. This is balanced so perfectly. The lychee gives a nice tart sweetness but combined with the full creamy base it's perfect for any fruit vapor and those custard/cream lovers.

    Pineapple Crush- This is similar to Asian Porn, but substitutes the lychee for a fantastic, sweet, tart, natural pineapple. It has a similar creamy base to other flavors, which is paired perfectly with the pineapple. The pineapple gives a nice acidic tartness and the cream balances it absolutely perfectly. The result is a vape that is sweet, sour, creamy and never overwhelming.

    Velvet Revolver- Red Velvet Cake. Period. It tastes exactly like the real thing. Neal managed to even get the mouthfeel right. It's like taking a bite of the real thing. Smooth, mild chocolate tones with a nice cakey flavor and a bit of frosting.

    Blue Waffle- This vape impresses most in the layers of it's flavors. It's blueberry waffles and I can absolutely pick out the individual elements of waffle, butter, blueberry, and syrup. This one isn't always an all day vape for me because it is incredibly rich, but when I'm in the mood, it absolutely hits the spot. If you like waffle vapes this should absolutely be on your list.

    Hopefully others chime in. As I said, Grandvapors makes a lot of flavors that aren't in my preferred profile, but are outstanding nonetheless. Let's hear about some other favorites!
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