Hackable, but shipped complete, battery mods?

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Jan 23, 2010
Lancaster, PA
    After several years away, I am back onto working on some theatrical smoke generating projects. I actually have on back-order an E-cig mod with a fan, to make it a fog machine for theatrical and photographic uses. It is the MicroFogger by Vosentech. It can be remotely controlled, both by a wired button, and a wireless controller.

    It has a lot of great features, but I have some things I would like to see on it... I wish the atomizer could be moved away from the battery box. And I would love to have a way to integrate a LED light source at the fog output, and have that light controlled by the mod.

    So, I am hunting to see if I can find a mod, that I can purchase complete, but is easy to hack. I.e. I would need to open it up, and wire in some sort of remote trigger. It would need to have some available outputs from the microcontroller, that I can use to trigger other things, like a LED light. And of course, you need a bit of free space to run the new wires. And of course, it would need to be done with a microcontroller that can be re-programmed. Perhaps Arduino based.

    I realize I can start from scratch, and there are a bunch of tutorials about doing that. But, first I would like to check out if there is anything already on the market that I can purchase already put together. Note that I would want to do at least 50 watts, and more likely 100 watts.

    Any suggestions?
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