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Has anyone drilled out the air holes in aspire et or et-s?

Discussion in 'Tanks, clearomizers and drop-in coils' started by telegraph, Apr 20, 2014.

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  1. telegraph

    telegraph Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 24, 2013
    TN, USA
    Sometimes the Aspire head start to give dry hits, then I draw on it with the air holes blocked off to suck more liquid into the coil. Which works ok, but I think the air holes may too small.

    I read about drilling out larger air holes in some tanks, and might try it.
    Do I need a special drill bit to drill through metal?
    Also, the holes that are there are really close to the ego threads, and I don't want to mess up. Can I drill another hole above the existing holes?
    Lastly, does it need to be held in a vice while drilling?
  2. VAscooter

    VAscooter Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 23, 2014
    Springfield, MO
    I have the Aspire. Something else must be going on with yours. I don't even use the smallest setting. Wide open it's a completely open draw. I dropped mine last week and broke the tank as well as the bottom portion coming off. I think you would have a challenge drilling out IMO. Are you using stock coils or rebuilding? I have never had any issues with tight draw on Nautilus. Try rebuilding. Rip Trippers has a good YouTube on rebuilding. I started rebuilding and like better than the stock coils. And alot cheaper.
  3. telegraph

    telegraph Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 24, 2013
    TN, USA
    I'm not sure what is meant by 'smallest' setting. There are no settings on the Aspire ET, although I believe that the Nautilus has airflow control. The ET is a much simpler device and uses different coils than the ones used by Nautilus.
    I have only built single coils, with cotton, and they are great with PTII mini and evods.
    The aspire coils are more complicated,but I will check out any youtube videos on rebuilding them.
    I think the Kanger pt3 dual coils lend themselves to rebuilding easier than the aspire coils.
  4. PaulBHC

    PaulBHC Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jan 22, 2014
    Check out my blog.
  5. Jonner

    Jonner Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 9, 2010
    I've drilled out the airholes on both because I got almost no airflow when using on an ego threaded device. I used a regular run of the mill drill bit, one size smaller than a 3/32" bit, don't put a new hole in, just make the existing ones slightly bigger, they're right above the threads so it doesn't affect threading, and I just held it with one hand and drilled with the other. It helps a lot with airflow. Good luck!
  6. telegraph

    telegraph Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 24, 2013
    TN, USA
    These are really helpful. Thanks!
  7. hawkeye46

    hawkeye46 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Just drilled out the air holes on my aspire et-s and it makes a huge difference. Before it was extremely tight draw with poor vapor production. Now it hits great, great vapor and taste. Will have to use it longer to see if it causes any other problems like flooding or fast coil gunking. Thanks for the info folks, it was a great help.--Hawk--:toast:
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