Hi all, not a vaper but just selling stuff from a relative that passed away.


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Nov 15, 2023
Not seeing your pic in the classified section. What are you selling?
Item name: Epuffer E-CIGARETTE ECO PREMIUM - 12-PACK tabacco flavor
Price: $149.99 or best offer
Condition: Brand new (factory sealed)
Location: California
Comments: none

Item name: Blu Classic tobacco Disposable 5-pack
Price: 29.99 or best offer
Condition: brand new (factory sealed)
Location: california usa
Comments: none


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Jan 3, 2013
Halfway to Paradise, WA
Try here:



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Apr 15, 2023
The blu is very very old. It’s the oldest thing that might be considered compatible with modern e-cigs, and only because blu screwed up its patent on the battery connector and as a result it became a standard. The juice in the packages may be bad. Any manufacture date of more than a year or two becomes suspect. (It might be. For all I know they are still being produced) The battery will at leas for modern stuff, but the blu was a cigalike, so the battery will be quite small. It could be used by someone who proffers cigalikes though assuming it hasn’t been destroyed by sitting too long. Li batteries, like lead acid, become non rechargeable if they are drained too far. The standard is to ship them about half full which gives them a shelf life of about 6-8 years. When the thing was manufactured will matter. If it was 20 years ago it will have collector value only. I don’t know if there even IS a collector’s market though. If there is it would be cool. I’ve got some very very old stuff to get rid of
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