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Hotcig Kubi II Mesh Pod Kit 550mAh

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by Frenkyou, Dec 6, 2020.

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  1. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    Hotcig Kubi II Mesh Pod Kit 550mAh

    Hotcig Kubi II 1.jpg

    I'm finally trying it, the new Hotcig Kubi II is the evolution of the first version that has had so much success, there are some improvement steps for this small device that behaves like a big one.

    Enjoy the reading

    On the Box the device is represented in the foreground, in addition there is a drawing in the shape of a lattice. I assume this graphic is intended to indicate Hotcig's use of Mesh-coil technology.

    Hotcig Kubi II 2.jpg

    On the back are the packing list, some specifications, warnings, a barcode, the color indication (Black red), the Shenzhen Hot Technology CO.LTD scratch & check, the company address and their official website.

    Hotcig Kubi II 3.jpg

    On the sides of the package, in addition to the list of social networks where Hotcig promotes the brand, we find the inevitable logos & marks.

    Hotcig Kubi II 4.jpg

    Package Includes:
    1 Mod Hotcig Kubi II
    2 Kubi II 1.2Ω cartridges
    1 USB Type-C cable
    1 Shoulder strap with hygienic hood
    1 Warranty card
    1 User manual

    Hotcig Kubi II 5.jpg

    Hotcig Kubi II Kit Features:
    Dimensions: Ø16x101mm
    Weight: 27Gr
    Pod capacity: 1.7ml
    Battery: 550mAh (built-in)
    Led: Three
    Power: Three Step, 9-12-15W
    Vape: Double, Automatic / Activation button
    Refill: Type-C
    Power supply voltage: 2.7V-4.2V
    Pod material: food grade PCTG
    Liquid capacity: 1.7ml
    Compatibility: 1.2Ω Kubi-I cartridges

    Hotcig Kubi II 6.jpg

    Available colours:
    Black Blue, Black Red, Dark Green, Black.

    Hotcig Kubi II 7.jpg

    Hotcig Kubi-II Kit, first impressions:

    Compared to the first version, the only visually noticeable differences are: the new Type-C charging socket on the bottom, a new strap with hygienic protection cap, the body / battery lengthening of about 10mm, a new drip -Tip integrated in the cartridge, and the presence of an activation key with incorporated LED.

    Hotcig Kubi II 8.jpg

    Hotcig Kubi II 9.jpg

    So also the excellent rubberized paint that I had appreciated so much during the previous Test was confirmed.
    I received from Hotcig the Black Red version I already owned (Kubi-I), the shiny gold finishes of the Kubi-II are the same as I appreciated in the previous kit, you don't change a team that wins.

    Hotcig Kubi II 10.jpg
  2. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    The new Type-C charging socket is located on the bottom of the Mod, along with the disposal logo and the C E branding.

    Hotcig Kubi II 11.jpg

    The compartment/pod is 100% compatible with the Kubi-I cartridges already on the market: 1.4 and 1.8Ω cartridges, the circular magnet on the bottom of the compartment performs its job perfectly as always.

    Hotcig Kubi II 12.jpg

    Kubi-II cartridge:
    The new cartridges built in food-grade PCTG, on the bottom maintain the same configuration as the previous, with the two small airflow holes. The circular magnet and the two contact pins are naturally mirrored to those present in the compartment / pod.

    Even the refill hole and its silicone cap maintain the same previous configuration, the refill of the 1.7ml of liquid is quick and easy.

    Hotcig Kubi II 13.JPG

    The new 1.2Ω Mesh Hotcig Kubi-II cartridges have been designed together with a new delivery control based on 3 steps: 9w - 12w - 15w.

    Hotcig Kubi II 14.JPG

    The new 1.2Ω Mesh Pods can be purchased in blisters of 3 pieces.

    Hotcig Kubi II 15.jpg

    How the Hotcig Kubi-II works:
    The Kubi-II offers two different styles of Vaping, it will therefore be possible to use the automatic puff or the activation through the button.
    The built-in 550mAh battery supports three power levels: Red 9W (Low) Blue 12W (Medium) and Green 15W (High).
    * For a full charge cycle of the 500mAh battery Hotcig declares a time of about 60 minutes the Pass-Through function is still present.

    Hotcig Kubi II 16.JPG

    - Five clicks to switch the device on and off, when switching on / off the LEDs flash with alternating colors (red-blue-green).
    - By inserting the cartridge, the green LED provides notification of correct operation
    - Three clicks on the button to change the power step
    - During charging, the LED indicator flashes cyclically, when charging is complete it flashes 20 times and then goes off.


    - Cut Off: If the vape time exceeds 10 seconds, the LED indicator flashes red 5 times and stops.
    - Short circuit: The LED indicator flashes red 3 times.
    - Low Battery: The LED indicator flashes red 10 times.
    - If the contact is poor blue light flashes 2 times, check that the cartridge and the device have good contact.

    Hotcig Kubi II 17.jpg

    Final Conclusions:
    I liked the new Mesh-coils by Hotcig, they give an excellent flavor, they produce a lot of steam but tend to slightly overfeed, especially if used at low power, I prefer to use them with led "Green" 15W (High), in this way the drawback almost completely disappears.

    Of course it is possible to reduce the air flow by inserting the ring of the necklace supplied between the Mod / pod connection, this is an excellent advice put into practice by the youtuber friend unikosvapo, he has also tried some pods with cotton filters on the market, I recommend going to see his excellent review on his channel.

    This new version of the Hotcig Kubi has kept the design and compatibility with the cartridges of the original kit almost unchanged and this is good news for those who love lightness, practicality and elegance in an electronic cigarette.

    Thanks for reading, here are my highlights.


    - Captivating aesthetics
    - Favorable size and weight
    - Tactile feeling
    - 3 power steps
    - New Mesh Coil with excellent Flavor
    - Fire reactivity
    - Compatibility with previous cartridges
    - Good autonomy of Vaping
    - Hygienic Drip-Tip hood
    - Convenient price

    Thanks Hotcig for submitting this product for the review:
    Kubi II-深圳市热火科技有限公司

    Hotcig Kubi II 18.jpg
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