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House of Hybrids featuring the Zenesis PV - Part 2

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Aug 7, 2014
    Well, It's official... I've become a registered supplier.

    Ever since I started building the Zenesis Hybrid PV, I have received loads of requests to sell them, and as many of you know, I have not sold them due to ECF registered supplier rules. I've decided to make it legit, and offer my PVs directly to ECF members.

    Currently, I have A VERY LIMITED SUPPLY WHICH WILL SHIP THIS MONTH (only a few units, actually) and after the first of the year, I will be ramping up to be able to supply more.

    The two models I have available are the Standard Zenesis, and the Mini Zenesis... The Standard takes an 18650 AW IMR battery and the Mini uses an 18350 AW IMR. Both are hybrid PVs... These are all in one units that have the PV, Juice Tank and Rebuild-able atty all in one unit... there's a picture of a Standard in my signature line.

    Once I sell out of my current inventory, I will start a pre-order list for additional units.

    Also, I am able to supply Stainless Mesh Wicks for Hybrid PVs and rebuildable attys. The wicks are pre-rolled, pre-oxidized and Pre-Seasoned in your choice of 400x400 for PG, or 325x325 for VG. The VG wicks will be shipped in VG and PG will ship in PG... by arriving pre-soaked, they will immediately wick properly!

    Have you had trouble making that U Bend with no kinks for your ScubaGen? I have wicks available that are pre-rolled, bent, and oxidized... ready to add your coil and install. Next week, I will have a solid supply of Kanthal wire available by the foot.

    Early in 2012 we will have a website, but for now... building PVs is the focus. I'll add the site when the PV business slows down.

    Any interest at all, or questions, post them here, or shoot me a PM.


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    Dec 7, 2011

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      Great Show!

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      I reside now on the meniscus, the thin layer that allows capillary action of your ejuice up your stainless steel wick.

      I feel so powerless.

      Im between worlds,threads, and its such a burden!

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