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House of Hybrids featuring the Zenesis PV

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May 23, 2012
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    I Think this man is cooler thbgh.jpg literally :D

    Just sayin'

    ( In case you can't read it.....You may be cool, but you'll never be Spock leaning on a Riviera cool) sorry it wouldn't let me post a larger version :glare:

    I Think this man is cooler thbgh.jpg literally :D


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    Sep 12, 2010
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      So here we are…

      A closed thread, and a mess to clean up.

      I’m here with a heavy heart it looks like the thread of a million views is coming to an end.

      But how did we get here?

      Too much history to discuss in a short time, and far too much to cover in a short time.

      There is business that requires immediate attention.


      The BAM has caught up with me. Several folks complained to ECF that I haven’t been responsive about it. ECF reviewed the complaints and they feel it is best to step in and make sure nobody gets taken to the cleaners.

      I agree with ECF. This is reasonable and prudent. They did what they should have done.

      As many of you know, the BAM was promised for delivery on August 1 and that didn’t happen. I’m not going to go into a three-act play about the production issues and my need to deliver the best device I can. Quite a few were delivered at VaperCon, but the vast majority remain to be shipped.

      ECF sent me an email asking for a response and it ended up in a spam filter, at least two others ended up there as well. When my cell phone started going crazy this evening with messages from people about the thread being closed and the nature of the post left by Chuck, I went fishing in my email and found the notes.

      So a plan has been devised to bring this issue to a close.

      I have all the parts for the BAMS, final assembly needs to be done.

      I’m going to outline my resolution plan to make this right.

      1) I have created an email account that is specific to the issue. bamresolution@gmail.com will be used as the single point of contact for dealing with this. No phone calls and no PMs will be used.
      2) The BAMs will be shipped as quickly as I can and I am going to make the commitment at this time to ship all remaining devices by the end of the month with shipment starting on Monday, and as they are completed we will ship them daily.
      3) Anybody that does not wish to wait any further can OPT OUT and receive a full refund. Refunds will be processed within two business days of the request to OPT OUT. Proof of payment will be required.
      4) All requests to OPT OUT must be made via email to bamresolution@gmail.com
      5) All devices not sold as a result of OPT OUTs will go to electronicstix.com for sale.
      6) ALL PEOPLE WITH BAM ORDERS NEED TO SEND AN EMAIL TO bamresolution@gmail.com and in that email they need to indicate if they are OPTING OUT or waiting for delivery. If waiting for delivery, they need to include a current shipping address, as several people have moved since this all started.


      Effective immediately and as a result of selling to distributers instead of direct to consumers, ECF rules state that I am no longer a registered online supplier I am a manufacturer. They have changed my status to reflect this decision.

      As a result of this change in status, I am no longer allowed to have a “for sale” thread in the supplier’s forum.

      This marks the end of an era, but I hope not the end of a community.

      As a supplier to Electronicstix, we are allowed to interact there freely. At the moment, that thread is closed while this is being resolved, but it will reopen soon and that is where I hope to see you all, hopefully more often than I have been able to post here.

      To everybody that made this thread a home, join us there please.


      Hurricane Sandy did a number on the east coast, and I was without power in my lakeside community for nearly a week. I endured the loss of power others only 6 hours from me lost their homes, livelihoods and in the most severe of cases, friends and family were lost. My prayers go out to them.

      To everybody asking about my move I’m still living between two places. I sleep in the new house, go to the old one daily to pack and move more stuff and house of Hybrids is scattered in both locations. The roof on the new workshop needs to be replaced because of wind damage yet another blow to cause.

      We are slowly coming back up to speed.

      We have been through incredible growth pains together and the Zenfidels are my family we will get through this.

      I’ve asked to keep the thread open as a supplier, since House of Hybrids still sells accessories and parts I don’t know how that will turn out, but if it doesn’t fall in that direction let’s head on over to Electronicstix sub forum and hang out there.

      This thread has been a great place to be let’s keep on going!

      Thread Locked at the request of ECF management.
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