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How do I make .1 mg nicotine e-juice?

Discussion in 'DIY E-Liquid' started by rman, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. rman

    rman Full Member

    Mar 16, 2009
    Hello, I have read and even downloaded that XLS calculation macro and cannot figure out how I would create an e-juice that would be most comparable to what I smoke in analog form.

    I smoke carlton cigarettes that claim to be .1 mg of nicotine per cigarette, I smoke between 3/4 a pack and a pack a day.

    So even worse case scenario I am only consuming 2 mg a day of nictotine, and if you take into account the fact that I might get a bit more, lets say 4mg per day.

    How could I mix an e-juice up so that I can get approximately the same level of nicotine that I get in a analog smoke currently?

    I am assuming it would be easiest to buy 15ml e-juice flavored how I want it with NO nicotine and then buy the flavorless ones with nicotine in it, then put the smallest amount into that. What amount I have NO idea.
  2. Sun Vaporer

    Sun Vaporer Moved On ECF Veteran

    Jan 2, 2009
    I too got the scam from Carlton for many years---but there is good news--You are not addicted to nicotine. According to the FDA, one has to consume a minimum of 5mg a day of nicotine to become addicted--Unless you smoked more them 2 and a half packs--you did not even meet the minimum thereshold for addiction. So Like me--Use ZERO nicotine e-liquid--any effects you feel are either from something else that they put in cigarettes that is addictive and do not count out the phycological aspect by any means---Sun
  3. rman

    rman Full Member

    Mar 16, 2009

    While I don't want to say I don't believe you, I am hesitant to think that there was that little nicotine that my body is NOT addicted is some way to the little it is getting. I mean Nicotine is really potent.

    I will obviously still try 0 mg all by itself, but if I did want to figure a way to ingest such a little amount of Nicotine per vaping session, how would I do it?

    Thanks for the reply, I will def try 0 but want a backup.

    I have had that problem with any nicotine replacement therepys.

    Like the inhaler my doctor prescribed, it was 4mg lowest per small container, I popped one into the breathing tube thing and felt sick to my stomach after 7 puffs from it.

    I could take one puff and have the perceived nicotine crave gone till next time, but was missing all the hand to mouth exercises I have gotten used to. So it lasted 1 day.

    I still think my body does respond to the .1 nicotine, cause I do remember being on the patch. (I cut the lowest patch I could find into 3 pieces for 3 days of use if I remember correctly) that when the patch was working, when I would smoke the carlton I would only take like 5 puffs and want to put it out because I was getting nothing from the nicotine since it was already running through me.
  4. Sun Vaporer

    Sun Vaporer Moved On ECF Veteran

    Jan 2, 2009

    RMAN--link to addiction threashold to nicotine---If you try any of those patches or gums--you are going to dose yourself right out of the park with nicotine. Ever wonder why nobody wanted to smoke one of your Carlton's? They got no nicotine from them--the .1 number is well documented---Sun

    See See: ****************************************************** (“...5 milligrams of nicotine. They said this was a level at which few, if any, people would become addicted. A Standing Committee”)
  5. Kate

    Kate Moved On

    Jun 26, 2008
  6. rman

    rman Full Member

    Mar 16, 2009
    You are right about no one wanting my smokes.

    If I recall correctly that when I did the Nicotine patch I was taking the 7Mg patch and splitting it into 3's and wearing that for a day. So I was getting like 2.3 Mg of nicotine (over a 24 hour period) Given that I ONLY wore the patch in the morning and took it off at bedtime, I remember smoking an analog carlton when I would wake up and it being very very satisfying, but 3 hours after putting the 2.3 Mg nicotine patch on if I would smoke one, it would have NO satisfaction at all.

    So while it has been decided that anything less then 5 mg is not noticeable I think with me it is.

    I will find out I am sure when I get my e-cigarette. (I still am waiting on shipping)

    I will start with 0 mg with no analog smoking, and see how I do as the day goes on.

    I was just having a problem trying to figure out how to create the right amount of juice to = .1mg nicotine, I took a look again at that mixing spreadsheet and cannot see how to come up with .1mg.

    So how are you doing with 0 mg? Is it really a good replacement for you then carlton analogs? I would actually rather only need 0 mg, because then when the FDA comes down on this stuff, it will probably be easier to support my new healthier habit :)

    Thanks for the information.
  7. Sun Vaporer

    Sun Vaporer Moved On ECF Veteran

    Jan 2, 2009
    RMAN--the switch which i made about 6 months ago was almost to easy as it is much more satisfing to vape something that you can actually taste--As you know Carton is one weak cigarette--but it was not to you and I because we got so used to it. I remember people needed a smoke and giving one to them--they would light it and not think it was lite--LOL--Well with the 0 Nic vaping I am getting a much more satisfying hit--but that urge to have a vape is just as strong as the urge I used to have with the Cartons. I tried smoking a Carlton about 4 days after I started vaping and thought I was going to get sick---never want one again--As for the vaping--I am addicted and hopefully it is much safer--Good luck my friend and let us know if the switch is that easy for you as well. You need to vape more then you smoked---that helps a lot. Wait till you start to smell what a cigarette really smells like--it becomes a vial smell--Hope that helps --Sun
  8. rman

    rman Full Member

    Mar 16, 2009
    I am all excited waiting for it!!!

    I remember switching to carlton's years ago, I think it was camel lights to that, it was like air at the time, and recall telling myself I would adjust.. and I did.. they do taste strong to me now. I am really hoping the missing key has been the hand to mouth motion and that feeling of something going into my lungs, after reading so much of every ones posts, I am feeling the most optimistic with this.

    I am looking forward to feeling sick from the smell of analogs. And its funny I am looking forward to being able to switch my addiction to something that could possibly be as satisfying but not nearly as unhealthy. I don't really care about the addiction itself, I know anti smokers love to say it only takes willpower, etc.. I don't care.

    Well I won't worry about the nicotine for now, I guess worse case I could just put a couple drops of the 11 into a 15ml bottle and that would be close to .1 mg of nicotine if I really needed it.

    Thanks again.
  9. Sun Vaporer

    Sun Vaporer Moved On ECF Veteran

    Jan 2, 2009
    RMAN--good luck and let us know how you are making out--enjoy some good tasting vaping--those 20 years of Carlton's were a lot rougher then I thought. I could be worng, but I doubt you are going to need any nicotine at all---Sun
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