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How Long After You Began Vaping Did You Stop Using Analogs?

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Dec 7, 2008
San Diego, CA
    I smoked the rest of the analog carton (Camel Lights) after I got my e-cig. However as I was tapering off the analogs, I would increased the e-cig use. What I found as I was using the e-cig more and more, analogs were getting burned into my head as tasting disgusting.

    It was a very effective solution as I have not cheated since I finished the analogs. The back and forth made it easier to gauge that it was none of the harsh qualities of the analog that were providing any boon to the smoking experience / sensations. Once I was sold that it was solely the nicotine's core capabilities that were what I was after, it was easy to stop analogs and never look back.

    I've never cheated and simply keep spare parts on hand. I'm sure it helps that I enjoy the hobby aspect of e-smoking -- it's not just a means to an end... I think it would be harder to give up the cancer sticks if I wasn't willing to get my hands dirty a bit.


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    Apr 11, 2009
    Dublin, Ireland
      Same day. From 20 fags a day for 20 years and being a 100% emotionally committed smoker to zero cigarettes over night. I still can't believe it a week in. Even more bizarrely, I don't even need to fight it - I simply don't want a cigarette.

      I must say I also find it very weird how many hardcore cigarette addicts - 3 pack a day folk, chain smokers, 40 year vets - are the same as me. It is almost unbelievable.


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      Feb 10, 2009
      GA by way of WV
        After a pack and half a day habit, I cut it down to 8 a day after receiving my 901, then 6,5, 3, 2 over a month and a half period and now I have gone 9 days analog free. It really helped when I got my screwdriver and enough liquid to feel safe that I would not run out after a week. I still want an analog in the morning with coffee and after a meal but that is about it. I have wanted to quit for more than 5 years and have finally done it.


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        Apr 8, 2009
          On the second day of owning an e-cig, I decided to see how long I could go if I had a ton of cartridges and just huffed pretty hard on the e-cig whenever I got a craving.

          Seems I could go pretty long, as that was over a week ago. I got through the first few days using the 'this is my new brand' mentality. The cravings have gotten pretty week, now I mostly find myself looking forward to that 555 flavor.


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          Mar 11, 2009
          Baltimore MD USA

            Not that I planned to...just how it happened to work out. What's more, I had just opened a new cigarette pack. It remained untouched until it became apparent I wouldn't be smoking anymore. Wound up giving it to my wife who is gradually weaning herself off analogs.

            She purchased a mini e-cig last week.


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            Mar 30, 2009
            NJ, USA
              Well, my e-cig was for quitting analogs. I was pacing my purchase of analogs, so that I could anticipate the arrival of my first kit. When it arrived finally, and had a chance to vape a bit that night... I wasn't quite satisfied with my first vaping experience, so I had an analog just before going to bed. At that point, I had 4 analogs left, and I smoked them up following morning, and used e-cigs only. It's been 6 days so far - and asides occasional urges, I'm doing alright without any analogs... but I'm still getting used to this whole e-cig experience. :D
              I just remembered this. I didn't really think about quitting. I just thought it was cool. Im sort of a techno-gadget-girl anyway. When I took a puff in the mall, I said "oh my god! THIS IS A MIRACLE!". It really wasn't until day 4 that I made the connection that I had quit smoking and called to tell everyone I knew.

              And I can't tell you how many sales I have accidentally made for that smarmy dude in the mall who sold me the overpriced mini. One day, I was just talking about it in the doctors office. The next thing I knew, ten people were lined up while I was getting blood drawn to try my "fake cigarette". The doctor was even impressed.

              And it was in that moment that I was really mad that I hadn't placed a wholesale order. I had thought about branding them with my current biz and even had an order on hold with a supplier. But I was hesitant about sending him my money. Something didn't feel right.

              Now, I am glad I didn't. It sounds like King Fox Co is a scammer. I dodged a bullet!
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