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How long did it take before you quit smoking analogs?

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Jun 2, 2014
    last night was the first day I have my e-cig. I went out and drank and boy did I smoke a ton of my e-cig. sadly I didn't have a backup charged battery, since I had been using it heavily since 6pm, and by the time the battery died, it was around 12:45-1am.

    I still had 1-2 analogs menthols left, and I tried it but man..i don't want them. theres something I don't miss about them now.


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    Apr 16, 2014
      I am curious to know how long it took to fully kick analog cigarettes and/or get to no nicotine in your juice completely?
      Well 32 years to quit - tried the lot. What originally put me off e cigs was the cigalikes as they didn't work for me. From buying an e cig starter kit it took a few days; basically my ex texted to say you are useless and will never have the willpower to give up - I always have to prove people wrong so now I am on about 60 days LOL.
      What gets me is now she is moaning about me spending lots of money on new kit - I did point out it was still half the cost of my old habit even with the new toys. Then she came up with "you told the children they have bubblegum flavor"; well I told them real bubblegum is better and would never let them vape GRRRRRRR

      last night was the first day I have my e-cig. I went out and drank and boy did I smoke a ton of my e-cig. sadly I didn't have a backup charged battery, since I had been using it heavily since 6pm, and by the time the battery died, it was around 12:45-1am.
      I had that problem (ended up sneakily plugging it into a socket in the bar); get a second or even third battery in case of emergency nights out :)


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      Apr 23, 2014
      Haddonfield, NJ
        I smoked for about 20 years, stopping for short periods of time along the way (pregnant wife twice and once just trying to quit) but the cravings didn't stop so I always went back to them. A year ago I tried the Blu cigs but short battery life on the disposable ones quickly aborted that attempt. I decided to try again in April so I went to a local B&M, picked up a starter kit and have been analog free since the next day. 4/23/14 was my quit date and with a proper vape setup, cravings for a cig were gone within a week.


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        Mar 13, 2014
        Central Wisconsin
          I stopped right away, my sister in law and brother was pushing me to try vaping, so I got an iTaste VV 3, Kanger Mini PT2 and havent looked back.....
          About 3 weeks before I got the iTaste, while they were on me to start vaping, I was lurking here, reading all I could, and now thanks to these clowns, I am mixing my own juice, and extracting flavor from tobacco.....:vapor:

          Wish I had found this stuff years ago..

          I started when I was 15, tried and failed to quit several times.....
          I love this place......:toast:


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          Jan 30, 2014
            I smoked for over 30 years, over 30 years! When I was stressed I smoked up to 40 a day.

            After my periodontist told me he had been getting good reports from patients about e-cigs, I thought I'd suspend my cynicism and give them a go...

            BOOM... (Upper-case does not go high enough here)

            Swapped to e-cig use from day one with no issue. No willpower required.

            Swap, enjoy, be happy, and ignore the BS from all the peeps with a financial interest in keeping you on the tobacco/nrt circuit.
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            Nov 3, 2013
            North Carolina, USA
              I smoked from the age of 14 until 51, a total of 37 years.

              Quit & began vaping in late November 2013.

              Credits to the ones who helped me the most, a husband/wife operation whom makes the best e-juices that I've had, all homemade. Their French Vanilla Deluxe is really great & their 11O'Clock Coffee is killer. The latter must be requested by email.

              e-Juice | Product Categories | Lunar Vapor



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              Jun 12, 2014
                I'll admit I left analogs on day one .... Why did I do it .... I don't know for sure ... It was one of those that seemed like a great afternoon to quit I guess ... Stopped by my local vape shop which I had been in several times but never jumped in ... bought a VAMO v5 and an aspire nautilus with a couple of different liquids and away I went ... thought I wanted an analog on day three ... I lit it and threw it away instantly ... nastiest thing I have ever tasted ... now I hit it on 11 watts and wide open air on my nautilus and roll on through my day .... I love it ... 18 mg and thinking about dropping to 12 mg tomorrow ....I love vaping and the wife loves the free air freshner in the house ... LOL


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                May 25, 2014
                Mobile, AL, USA
                  I quit analogs on day one. When I decided to quit I knew I had to go all the way and not buy any analogs because if I had them I would smoke them. I am now 5 weeks into zero analogs and I have dropped from 18 mg nicotine down to 6mg. I just ordered a 0 nicotine bottle of a juice I tried and have learned I can't be without so when it comes in I will be at 0 nic.

                  I do use my vapoizer more than I smoked but everyone I talk to tells me that I will gradually level out.
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