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I salvaged my Liquinators!

Discussion in 'Carto Tanks' started by Mudflap, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Mudflap

    Mudflap Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 19, 2010
    Tyler, Texas
    First of all, my Reos are my go-to mods. I love 'em. But...

    When carto tanks hit the scene last year, I ordered a couple of Liquinators from Vaporescence on July 9, 2011, just to see what all the fuss was about. They worked, but didn't fit the cartos well and the exterior o-rings were a royal PITA when trying to fit the end caps to the polycarbonate tubes. The o-rings would bulge and buckle and required way too much force to fit the end caps to the tubes. After being disappointed with the tanks and also the SmokTech XL dual cartos in the tanks (flood, flood, flood), I put them on the shelf.

    Over the months, boredom drove me to fiddle with these tanks some more and I found some success with Boge cartos, but assembling and disassembling these tanks was still a PITA.

    I e-mailed Vaporescence last month and inquired about replacement o-rings and whether or not they'd fit my end caps, since I recalled reading somewhere that they had tweaked the grooves in the end caps for a better fit. They responded promptly that they could provide me with replacement o-rings and also offered in-house re-grooving so that the new sizes of o-rings would fit. I figured "what the hey" and sent them in. They sent them back to me very quickly, assembled with brand new internal and external o-rings, and two new pre-punched Boge SR cartos and two extra polycarbonate tubes. Nice! They didn't charge me a penny.

    Well, I disassembled the tanks to wash them in tap water and dish detergent. After washing, rinsing, and drying, I added a little unflavored VG to the o-rings and tried to reassemble the tanks. The external o-rings bulged and buckled and required way too much force to fit on to the tubes. :facepalm: The internal o-rings did hug the carto better than before, which was nice. Still, I like to disassemble and wash my tanks when changing flavors and cartos, and it was still a PITA, so back on the shelf they went.

    Today, I decided to go seek out a better fitting external o-ring. I grabbed a clean, dry, assembled tank and took it to a local seal supply vendor. I live in oil-field country, so we have lots of local vendors with a greater variety of o-rings than what most folks will find at hardware or home improvement stores. I showed the manager my Liquinator and pointed out the troubles I was having with the external o-rings and asked if he could hook me up with better fitting o-rings. He tried to pry off one of the end caps and couldn't get it off, so I pried it off with a thin metal ruler he had on his desk. He then removed the o-ring and measured it with his digital calipers. He also measure the groove on the end cap and the internal diameter of the polycarbonate tubing. He looked at me and said I should get a smaller o-ring and stretch it to fit the end cap. I asked if we could try one out. He got one of the young ladies working there to bring us some of the o-rings he thought would fit and popped one into the groove on the end cap. It pressed into the tubing perfectly! It snugged up to the tube and created a very good seal, but didn't require a ton of force to slip on or off. I asked him to sell me 10 and to please write down the size. I walked out with 10 new o-rings for a dollar and some change.

    These o-rings are size AS568-012 and made of Nitrile 70 Duro rubber. They work just as I wanted them to work from the beginning.

    I suppose the folks at Vaporescence want the fit to be very snug, but I prefer to be able to install and remove the caps without hand tools. :laugh:

    Obligatory bad quality picture:

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