I started vaping to prevent getting sick :)

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May 10, 2010
PG is actually registered by the EPA as a pesticide for use specifically in antibacterial sprays.

You can look it up on the EPA website. http://epa.gov/oppsrrd1/REDs/propylene_glycol_red.pdf

Just starting to read this - thanks for the link.

One thing I found interesting right off the bat - used to kill "Odor Causing Bacteria" - gee, you hear that on just about every air freshener commercial anymore. I'm betting Oust Air Sanitizer is nothing more than a can of PG and artificial scents!

And it's reassuring that there is no sign of carcinogens or toxicity.


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Nov 26, 2009
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As far as "PG is actually registered by the EPA as a pesticide" I have not seen a reduction in critters around here in the last 8 months that I have been vaping.

From all that I have read the bacteria that pg attacks is mostly to do with respritory infections.:2cool:

In my experience so far this has been true. It does not in my opinion and experience attack the good bacteria in our bodies. But I ain't swearing on any Bible yet. Give me another year of vaping:toast:
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