I think I finally solved my Kanger Evod Problems....few suggestions for others experiencing problems

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Oct 2, 2014
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    I got some Kanger Evod clearomizers a few days back and was having some serious issues. The first issue was a horrible burnt rubber taste and the second was leaking. I searched the forum and was glad to see that I wasn't the only one with these issues. I gave the Evods a good cleaning and also put a second rubber grommet head facing the opposite way on the top part of the atomizer. This fixed the leaking and gurgling but I was still getting that horrible burnt rubber taste. I was just about to completely give up when I looked closer at the atomizer and realized that the bottom grommet was barely touching the wicks. So I removed the second grommet and flipped the first over and BAM. No more rubber taste and no more leaking. Apparently the wings of the rubber grommet were touching the wicks just enough that it was heating them up when the wicks got hot, hence the burnt rubber taste. Having the wings of the grommet pointing up also seems to create a better seal because it basically hugs the outside of the inner tube. Here's a few other things I've been doing that have really made a difference:

    I removed both of the silica wicks and replaced it with a single cotton wick. All I did was tear off a piece of a cotton ball, roll in my hands to the desired thickness, then thread it through the coils and clip off the ends with a nail clipper. The flavor, throat hit, and vapor production are all much better with the cotton wick IMO, just make sure to let it soak for a few hours before you start vaping, dry cotton burns rather quickly and easily, so the more saturated you can get it the better.

    I also realized that its not a great idea to try and top off your liquid after it's already been filled, it's better just to smoke it all the way down, clean and dry it and then refill. I topped off one of my tanks one night before I went to bed and the next morning everything completely leaked out. I guess you need the atomizer and the bottom of the inner tube to be bone dry to get a proper seal ( I also put the protective rubber cover over the mouthpiece over night as well...that probably didn't help either). Cleaning after every refill is a little more work, but doing so ensures me a much better and more consistent performance. It also gives me the chance to put a new wick in after each cleaning which gives a clean flavor every time as well as elements the need for a dry burn (I try to save money however I can, but washing out a piece of a cotton ball is a little overkill to me haha).
    Hopefully my suggestions can help some of you guys avoid the headache I went through.


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    Sep 29, 2014
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      I do not have the same problems you have with you tank leaking. And I have always filled my tanks when there is only a 1/4 left. Thats works for me. That said.
      I do agree with the cotton. I use organic cotton in mine and love the difference it makes. hope I never have the other problems you do. I only use my Kanger tanks at work.
      good Luck and welcome to the forum.

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      Dec 31, 2013
        Those EVODs are old reliables....

        but be careful of any Cinnamon or "Red Hot" juices, or one's with strong citrus flavorings.......

        I literally watched one crack and fog up in less than 20 minutes after putting in a "Red Hot" juice
        They react with the polycarb tank material.

        If you've got a PV with an Resistance checker on it you can also learn to rebuild those Kanger heads!


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        Feb 22, 2013
          1) silica does not conduct heat well.
          2) even if your wicks get hot, it is immersed in the juice, hence it would not heat up the silicon grommet on top.

          Thus, the burnt rubber taste was not from the top grommet. It's more likely the legs of the coils got too hot and burnt the grommet where the legs are.

          The top grommet is not placed upside down for a reason. The part where the stem fits onto the coil head is where juice may seep in. The silicon cap covers the seam and prevents seepage.

          But, if it works for you, it works for you. :)
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