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I wish i could go back to the "old" Freedom Smoke Usa

Discussion in 'Freedom Smoke USA' started by jons, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. jons

    jons Super Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 27, 2010
    Hot Hot Hot South
    I have been a huge "Freedom Smoke USA" supporter over the last 3 year's ever since I discovered their tobacco line of juices. Wyatt, winston, maxx, pall mall they are all really good. I should say they were all really good. I'd say that freedoms customer service as a whole has always been very good but its what's they are doing when they aren't on the phone that worries me. From my prospective the quality service and the quality of the products that freedom is producing is going down hill fast. The last three experiences I've had with them has been completely outside of the normal behavior. The first two of the three most recent orders have been so late that I had to call several times. It wasn't untill I asked for my money back that I received the service I needed. At that point the over nighter my orders both times. I should mention that the first order took 6 weeks before I called to complain. I've gotten used to ordering juice before I'm out and with a new born the weeks flew by. The third and most recent issue I had was directly with their juice. Now I've had almost all of the tobacco juices and am fairly familiar with atleast 1/2 of all of them. Now Winston, Wyatt, and pall mall I have been buy on a regular basis for 3 years now. I know what they look like, how they smell and what they taste like. I received two bottles from them and my regular juice and they were definitely way off base. I was expecting the normal dark goldish color and ended up with an almost black juice. Both bottles looked the same, very weird. So I decided, what the hay ill give it a go. The pal mal is almost unvapable. It's taste like a strong chemical and nothing like the flat, dry, woody taste I was expecting. The Winston was a little better and still pretty bad. I ended up mixing it with about 20ml of another Winston bottle and then added 10ml of by. It helped but still not the same. I called and spoke to someone about my problem. They in turn put me on hold to speak to a higher up. Even with the pictures I sent I was still giving crappy options. Send it back ( I pay shipping) they will gape it and if its bad they will send me new liquid. If they think its good liquid I would have to pay shipping to get it all back. I was then told how many ppl taste the liquid that is in every batch..... "Basically we already know there's nothing wrong with your liquid so get prepared to pay shipping both ways" Even though I did pay for extra flavoring they still couldn't understand how their could room for a mistake. All in all I'm not sure what ill do. I'll probably order from them again and pray that the right ppl show for work that day. I've spoken with several ppl their and have always heard the same story. I ask, " well isnt there a recipe that the mixers follow?" "Well.... Yeah there is but everyone makes juice a little different" I can't could how many times I've heard that from freedoms employees. It's shocking actually. It helps explain to me the inconsistent juice the deem to be up to par. But I guess its their bar and they are they own judge.
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