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If you are considering buying a 180w "Box God" **PLEASE READ THIS**

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by owmang, Nov 11, 2014.

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  1. owmang

    owmang Senior Member

    Jul 3, 2014
    New Zealand`
    Not only is this thing a joke but its actually really dangerous.
    Lets just say you have just built a 0.2 ohm coil (lowest res it can go) and you start vaping it at 180W. Assuming you are using pure VG juice, PG isnt viable to use at high wattage. The VG will react to the insane amount of heat produced by 180W causing it to reach near flash point, at this stage it can turn to a chemical known as Acrolein. Acrolein is an extremely toxic and carcinogenic chemical made from broken down glycerol (VG). In low doses it can cause severe airway irritability, this "box god" would create Acrolein at a level beyond human tolerance.
    Before any idiot tries to say "Well mechs can produce over 180W why havnt we heard cases of people getting sick off a mech". Mechanical mods can definitely fire at wattages similar to this device. However Mechanical mods have the ability to run at a much lower resistance (0.09-0.07) therefore a lower gauge wire can be used covering more surface area and having a much longer ramp-up time therefore avoiding heating your juice instantly to a heat close to flash point. To achieve the lowest resistance that this device can go (0.2ohms) while running 180W would have a coil with a mere fraction of the surface area of that if you were to run it on a mechanical mod. Also vaping at such a wattage at a higher resistance coil compared to a mech would mean you would be running a voltage far too high, more voltage across the same amount of surface area produces far more heat. Keep in mind that the absoulte max voltage a mech will fire under low res would be approx 3.7-4.0v where as this mod will happily pump out 6v to the coil.
    After reading this I hope it has shed a bit of light on how silly and dangerous this device is. But if your using a lower wattage you should be fine, but then that is a bit of a waste buying a 180W device and not using 180W.
    All in all if I could be as blunt as possible, you would be a complete (MODERATED) if you were even considering using 180w on this mod after reading this.
  2. Ryedan

    Ryedan ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 31, 2012
    Ontario, Canada
    It doesn't work that way owmang.

    You are assuming that people use the same gauge wire for all 0.2 ohm builds. Not so. More wraps of bigger diameter wire creates the same resistance with more surface area.

    For a mech mod using dual coils I like to use two, 24 gauge wires for 0.2 ohm builds. If I were going to design a 0.2 ohm setup to vape at 180 watts I would try double (twisted or parallel) dual coils with 24 gauge wire. Running that through the Steam Engine calculator indicates to me that it might actually be a bit too much surface area and mass at 180 watts, but it would certainly be safe.

    This can be confusing. I would be happy to walk you through it if you need a bit of help :)
  3. SonHouse

    SonHouse Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 7, 2013
    Sorry but there's no law forcing you to use all the watts. So far everyone I've met who uses these mods actually runs them at 40 Watts or under. I have iPV2s, iPV3s, and Sigelei 100 Watt mods. What do I run these at? 30 Watts and under.
  4. danca90

    danca90 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 11, 2013
    Zagreb, Croatia
    I wouldn't buy it because SMY hasn't released anything good. I don't see this changing. They just rushed to a high watt box, and crapped the god mod out.
  5. ProjektMayhem

    ProjektMayhem Super Member

    Aug 8, 2014
    Mooresville, NC, USA
    Yeah I seriously doubt that many people buying the 180 watt God mod are going to be running the thing at 180 watts anyways. I have a Sigelei 100 watt and I most leave it around 50-60 watts. I've vaped at 100 watts twice just to see what it's like. Not the ideal vape.
  6. VHRB2014

    VHRB2014 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 16, 2014
    Nic`d Up in Oklahoma!
    Blaming the mod for this is like blaming the brick wall that suddenly came up in front of your 200 MPH Hayabusa.
  7. Norrin

    Norrin Super Member

    Aug 29, 2014
    So my 8.4V mech mod is bad? Your getting confused between heat and temperature and the fact that to get these silly temperatures you need to get dry hits so no one is going to do it anyway.
  8. Spencer87

    Spencer87 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 24, 2014
    Jakarta- Indonesia
    yea... uhm...

    You do know that while the GOD Mod Can fire at 0.2, It cannot fire below 0.4 at more than 80 W right??

    mind, As much as I wanna try it... dont have the cash now. And i only want it because I wanna try it. once. then ill be done with it...
  9. danca90

    danca90 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 11, 2013
    Zagreb, Croatia
    That's probably the best place to be in for this mod, I'm sure they have bugs to fix.
  10. JoryPeltier

    JoryPeltier Full Member

    Sep 20, 2013
    Cuba, IL, USA
    A saturated coil wouldn't produce the heat it requires to produce acrolein, a dry coil at those watts could though. People often forget that the introduction of liquid changes the numbers.
  11. TheJakeBailey

    TheJakeBailey Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 15, 2013
    Austin,TX, USA
    Wow. Flawed science AND this.
  12. Mbarbarito

    Mbarbarito Full Member

    Dec 21, 2014
    I love the concept of vaping and have enjoyed the community so far. But the one thing that has always thrown me off and pushed me away. Vaping Elitists. Using second rate science to tell people how to vape. What the best way to vape is. What you should vape at.

    Maybe I'm being a little too aggressive. But even without the science backing you, if you STILL think someone shouldn't vape at whatever wattage they want.

  13. tj99959

    tj99959 ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Aug 13, 2011
    Well my dog is better than your dog.

    One-upmanship is the art or practice of successively outdoing a competitor.
    Exactly when the term originated is unknown; several examples are known from the early 1900s.

    There really isn't any other valid reason for a 180 watt PV.
  14. Oberon75

    Oberon75 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 26, 2014
    Roseville, Mi, USA
    I can't find a valid reason either which is also why we're finding 180 watt mods to begin with.

    Not only are the cloud chasers trying to out-do each other but so are the manufacturers. It's getting to be like home theater manufactures releasing televisions with absurd resolutions like UHD that people are blindly buying into and speakers with frequency responses that the human ear can't hear to begin with.

    Just as long as the box says more power, people are going to buy things that will do absolutely nothing for them.
  15. wheelie

    wheelie Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 12, 2014
    Ont. Canada
    The way I look at things being in the mechanical trade is same as anything. If you jump in your car and floor the gas everytime you drive is going to be hard on it. Same thing if you get in your car and always drive it 10km an hour all the time. Most things are made to work best at half way point up to 3/4 point. Same with fan motors and everything else. That's how I buy things so they run from half way to 3/4 way point.
  16. skoony

    skoony Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jul 31, 2013
    saint paul,mn,usa
    the VG doesn't vaporize. because PG and VG are hygroscopic
    they absorb water relative to humidity in the air.
    typically there will be 1-3% water in your mix naturally.
    many vendors add a little distilled water to enhance the vapor.
    water starts to vaporize at about 180 degrees F.
    when the water vaporizes it atomizes the rest of the juice
    long before it can reach the temperature needed to cause
    the PG or VG to vaporize on its own.
    the problem with high wattage is the higher the heat the quicker
    the water evaporates. when there's not enough water to atomize the
    juice will start burning.that is not good.
    if your using just VG and are having issues with harsh taste
    or dry burns try adding 2-3 % distilled water.
    i have heard of mixes using up to 20 % but, 5-8 % seems
    to be the sweet spot.
  17. dirtybirdy

    dirtybirdy Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 31, 2014
    The God box is not the highest wattage box out there.

    Viscious Ant Titanium box goes to 260 watts. There is 26650 box mods that can pull close to 400 watts. People use these everyday and you have not heard anything about it.

    Most people are not stupid enough to vape at 200+ watts all day everyday.
  18. Mbarbarito

    Mbarbarito Full Member

    Dec 21, 2014
    Why not just streamline all vaporizers to where the BEST vape should be? All of them set at one wattage. That way nobody gets upset about someone using an absurdly high wattage -.- science aside you can't tell someone how to vape. The optimum vaping whatever the hell you want it to be.

    Granted, if its dangerous. I can see your point that you shouldn't vape at that wattage. But if someone genuinely enjoys it. Why judge? Why get all bent out of shape about it?
  19. The Ocelot

    The Ocelot Psychopomp Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Who is to decide what the "BEST" vape should be? I'm not upset by what other people choose to do, but I would be very upset to be told what I can vape.

    Pray tell, what should I be vaping at?

    (I do get the sarcasm, but I want someone to jump in and take a stand.)
  20. rhelton

    rhelton Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 15, 2014
    spokane, wa
    Always a conspiracy :closedeyes: or is it there is always one in every crowd

    Hey you can die a fiery death if you use fire to light your cig

    Your mech mod will blow your face off if you dont buy vtc5's! (boy that made some people really rich)

    Copper or brass in your atty will kill you

    Did that just make me a troll cause I feel so dirty gonna shower now :p
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