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iJoy Limitless Plus top replacement needed.. and the tale of why.

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It's time for a sordid, if short tale, and an ask for help, folks, heh.

TLDR version - Need a replacement top for an iJoy Limitless RDTA Plus, because holy heck this one got roasted by a kid, heh.

So, my friend who tends to provide me with the spare juices he hates the flavors of, that I then pass along to other friends who are trying to kick the habit and pick up the vape instead, has gone through more than a few tanks over the years, trying to find 'the right one'. You all know this quest. :)
His current favorite would be the iJoy Limitless RDTA Plus. He's on his second, because.. well.. I call it 'Act of Child'. And I've got that first one now.
See, he's been veery careful about his kid around, because children are, of course, possessing of basically zero self preservation skills till they're around, oh, say, 15-30 years of age, and being as this one is 3-4 years old, 'Getting into everything' is not so much an infrequent problem, as one of those 'You just expect him to mess with something important every day. Possibly every hour.' So being careful, he kept his vape, when not with him (say, for showering), in latched shut mini-cabinet placed on top of a seven foot set of shelves.
.. Unfortunately, no one thought to inform him that children are also close cousins in climbing to monkeys.

So one day, during his shower, his lad gets it into his head that he wants to be a train. So the spider-kid climbs the precarious shelves, hangs somehow at the top and manages to open the cabinet, and get ahold of his mod.. and then proceeds to spend the next -six minutes solid- running back and forth through the house giggling and firing the mod till it'd safety shutoff for timing.. and repeat. Being a happy little train.

When my friend got out of the shower, to be greeted with a vapor filled hall, there was some impressive swearing, and he snatched away the rather hot mod.. seeing the glowing white heat of the coils showing through the top. Credit to the tank! (A) It did -not- catch fire. (B) It did -not- melt onto the kid! .. And even more impressive.. (C) It still works. Pretty much flawlessly, but the top is melted out of shape badly, and can't take any tips. Still -technically- usable (as my friend proved by continuing to use it for two weeks while tracking down a replacement tank), but .. yeah. So this one got retired, till I went poking around for new tanks to try.

Now, I've contacted iJoy directly, but they don't sell the replacement tops separately, which is a shame. So! I'm wondering if anyone might happen to have this tank with, say, broken out glass, and thusly might spare a top piece for it? Figure it's worth asking!

And because some folk will be morbidly curious, images are included, though not of the very best shot quality. Still, enough to see the damage, and know what piece I'm specifically talking about. ;)

Dropbox - 20170817_034648a.jpg
Dropbox - 20170817_034914a.jpg
Dropbox - 20170817_034944a.jpg
Dropbox - 20170817_035004a.jpg
Dropbox - 20170817_035055a.jpg

All things considered, it could be a lot worse. And I hate to waste an otherwise perfectly good tank, soo.. Here's to hoping someone can help! :)
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Tonee N

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Mar 24, 2017
I have an extra top cap from a Ijoy Combo if that will work. Outer diameter is 1in.

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Actually, yes! I think that will work, because poking on the net is getting me folks going, 'Limitless Plus is basically the combo with an RDTA / Dripper option', aaand my digital calipers from my chainmaille crafting say 25mm outer diameter. So same tank size. Time to bounce a direct message your way!
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