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Inawera Flavor Review - 45 Flavors From InaweraShop - Add Yours Too!

Discussion in 'Flavor Reviews' started by Aurora-Oblivion, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. Aurora-Oblivion

    Aurora-Oblivion Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 18, 2012
    Isle of the Wizards
    Inawera Flavor Review ~ 45 Flavors


    I'd like to mention up-front that I was invited by [​IMG] to test and review flavors, and received many of these flavors free of charge for the purpose of reviewing. However, as you will see below, this will not be a biased review in their favor because of that, I will be providing my honest opinion on every flavor good or bad. I will not reserve negative thoughts if there is something I do not like, or that I think could be improved, nor will I be praising any flavors that I dislike or that do not appeal to me.

    Because we all taste flavors so differently to begin with, crafting a review one way or another for any reason would be pointless and discrediting to all. As a generic example, we could all love "Strawberry" but it's possible that only a 1/3 of us (or less) may taste that same Strawberry flavor in the same way. So, with that in mind, bending review comments in order to appease a vendor or even group of vapors in order to praise or bash a flavor is a waste of everyone's time, including the reviewer, but most importantly the potential customer looking for that perfect flavor to finish off their latest eliquid recipe.

    Honesty is the only way to go when reviewing flavors, please enjoy!

    So as mentioned, I received a barrage of (20) flavors to sample and review, along with flavors I purchased as well. Thank you [​IMG] and Marcelina!

    Here's a few images of one of the rounds I did while mixing for this review, I set all the flavors and my needed supplies out, then I printed out my labels and a short mixing guide/notes for each sample.


    And, a few hours later..... Tada! :) (yes hours, it was a bit tedious due to adding details on each label separately as I mixed)


    Hardware Used - eGo Twists 1100/1300 (3.4-3.9V) / VAMO V2 (6-7.5W) / IGO-L, FT Mini RDA (both drippers setup w/ Silica - 30ga @ 1.4 Ohms), and 2 x Mini Davide BCC (30ga @ 1.6-1.8 Ohms w/ cotton)

    Mixing Ratio - Flavoring ratio and PG/VG Base Ratio will be provided below with each flavors review as they differ, initial flavoring ratios used was based on notes provided in flavor description and customer reviews. I do feel I may have went too light on many of these mixes, due to this being my first time working with these flavorings, and considering the suggested starting points for many, I wanted to start low so I didn't over-flavor from the start. So for me, the provided drops per ml suggestions on-site seems to be on the weaker side for a lot of the flavors, and I am not the type of vapor that generally needs stronger flavors.

    Steeping Period - Varies. Main thoughts collected after 3-5 weeks for most, some re-tasting after a longer period than that as well. Additionally, some flavors will include "initial taste" notes taken only a few days after mixing.

    Nicotine Bases Used - VPG. Power Smoke Base (45% PG, 45% VG, 10% demi-water) & VPG. Plus (69% PG + 19% VG + 9% demi-water + 1% EM) & Personal Nic/VG/PG (Wizard Labs / Heartland / ED)

    Nicotine Level - 12mg/ml was used in all testing

    Here's a shot of all juices well aged, most have been steeping well past 5-8 weeks. I can't believe how many of these have remained so clear, that's great news for everybody's coils and cartos!

    Flavor names are linked to the product page, following each "Mix Ratio" is a tiny linked image to a larger view of the actual bottle, so if interested you may view each flavoring's actual color

    - Regular Inawera Flavoring -

    1. Anise - (Personal Nic Mix @ 50/50) / 4 + 5 + 9 = 18 drops on 5ml (31 eventually) - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Initially bright Anise or black licorice candy smell

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above, but that quickly fades away :(

    This tester is no where near the strength I'd prefer. Flavor is always close right after mixing, or within the next day or two, but then the flavor always fades away after a few days! Initial mix @ 4 drops per 5ml - very mild and steeping doesn't help, definitely will need higher percent! Added 5 drops to get at 9 drops total 3%, then 2 weeks later I doubled that with 9 more drops for 6% total. Eventually I added 13 more drops to 5ml w/ 18 drops already in it, bringing it to around 12%, but still the flavor aspect of it that I like and prefer always fades away after a week or so.

    Having to use such high amounts to stabilize a flavor level isn't ideal or cost effective for the user. Later I plan to test 10-15%, but for me this may never be a flavor that doesn't satisfy unless vaped immediately due to the above mentioned oddities. To be honest here, I am a huge fan of Star Anise (Illicium Verum), and prefer it over regular Anise/Aniseed (Pimpinella Anisum), but both flavors are satisfying to me when they are strong and remain a stable full-flavored vape. I may simply need to mix this higher, possibly 8-12% instead of the 6-7% I eventually reached in the above testing? If that much flavoring is needed to keep the flavor level stable then I would not recommend this for major Anise lovers.

    After having noticed the above issues, I spoke with another Inawera user that feels the same sentiment towards this flavoring. So I am not alone in noticing the issue, hopefully Inawera will receive more feedback like this about the flavor, perform some investigations, and then hopefully revise the flavoring in the future. For now I can only say this is a good flavor in "general", and only when freshly mixed, if not vaped immediately (within few days to a week) the Anise is too unstable and fragile and quickly fades away to nothingness.

    Recommended mix - @ 18-20+ drops per 5ml for decent strength (not overly strong & not weak flavored). Make in small batches and vape quickly, the flavor will fade almost entirely

    Overall Rating - 4/10 - Would be 9/10 if didn't fade away, gets the 4 points solely for it's initial flavor brightness

    2. Blackcurrant - VPG. Power Smoke - 5 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Extreme Grape, sulfur, ketchup/vinegar

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Exact same as above (Better let this one air out, unless that aroma is OK to you after mixing, it may just be my nose/brain detecting the aroma like that)

    The aroma on this one is STRONG, reminiscent of sulfur and jet fuel when I first smelled it :D It's vinegar-like, or maybe a heavy ketchup/tomato paste, w/ a strong grape aspect. I tasted this a day after mixing, and it vaped about the same as it smelled. So I immediately concluded this one needs steeped and probably be aired out, or both. (Did both!) After a 24-hour airing out, and a long steep, the vinegar/fuel aspect I was detecting has disappeared. The aroma is still quite strong, but the offensive notes I previously mentioned are no longer present.

    After that careful preparation was done, a bold and elegant wild dark berry flavor finally emerged. This would be a superb addition for any berry based mix, if used sparingly and properly. I think this could add depth, and a special intriguing delicate note into any fruit or berry recipe. I have a few ideas already, and I'm sure they'll turn out tasting great due to using this as an add-in.

    Extremely strong flavoring! Recommended mixing ratio 6-10 drops per 10ml, then a good airing out period followed by an extended steep for best flavor enjoyment.

    Overall Rating - 8/10 - Highly concentrated, and very flavorful!

    3. Blueberry - VPG. Power Smoke - 5 + 5 drops on 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Fresh blueberry, not candy type, slight sweetness and something else that seems like it doesn't belong (Some type of spice)

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above

    I started with 5 drops per 5ml, 12-15 days later increased to 10 drops. This one has an odd aroma to me, kinda of wild smelling with light blueberry underneath. I'm also detecting something "Spicy" in the background, it's what's putting me off and I'm thinking I do not like that note, hopefully it tones down with steeping. After a long steeping, that odd spicy note never quite changed or weakened enough to me, even before I increased flavor %, which I did to make sure under-flavoring wasn't causing the "off" type tastes to me. For my taste buds that's quite a turn-off on this flavor, at least as a stand alone blueberry, because to me that note doesn't taste like it should be there. Oh well, you can't like them all :)

    This is a fresh and realistic blueberry, slightly sweet but no candy tastes to it at all. I'm sure many people will enjoy this one, probably at higher percentages than I tested too. I'm positive the only reason it doesn't do it for me is that off spicy note, and I really think I prefer the fake blueberry muffin type of blueberry flavoring (Think FW)

    Suggested mix 10-15 drops per 10ml

    Overall Rating - 4/10 - 7.5/10 for realistic fruit taste quality, but I prefer something different in a blueberry so it doesn't rate highly for me

    4. Caramel (Karmel) - VPG. Power Smoke - 5 + 3 + 4 = 12 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Dark, sweet, rich and syrupy

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Faint dark sweetness

    I started this one at 5 drops per 5ml (Then 4x30min USC). A week later I added 3 drops due to no really detectable flavor. Then two weeks after that I added 4 more drops for 12 drops on 5ml equaling out to 4%. I still could not taste much on after another week of steeping after that last addition. I did detect a slight dark sweetness, almost rich without being sweet if that's understandable. However, in the end I really never could taste any caramel or any particular "flavor".

    For me, is not very good as a single flavor, it's best used as a mixer. I've already made a few successful mixes with it, cinnamon rolls and coffee, so it does work as a mixer! I could detect a caramel flavor in those mixtures and it developed nicely as the mix aged, overall it greatly improved the flavor profiles of those juices too.

    Recommended mixing ratio 2-4%, in a multi-flavored mix, not a good stand alone.

    Overall Rating - 6.5/10 - Higher than average for it's richness and mixing ability, but not in the upper range for me due to general lack of overall flavor as a stand alone

    5. Cherries (Czeresnie) - VPG. Plus - 5 + 3 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Sweet young cherry, sweet, maybe hint of spice/cinnamon?

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Sweet light cherry, no spice

    Upon initial test of all the cherry flavors, this one tasted the best. I'm unsure if that's because I like this flavor best, or if it has anything to do with mixing the others lighter than this one? I wasn't sure where to start, when I received this, there was no suggested mix info on site, nor any reviews, so I had to mix it blindly. After steeping, it tastes of wild cherry, maybe Swiss with a little back-note of maraschino, slightly sweetened and very smooth.

    I'm sticking with my initial thoughts on this one being my favorite of the 4 cherry flavors tested, followed very closely by Cherry (Wisnia). This would make a great addition to your favorite alcohol or beverage style mix, would probably also go great in a light tobacco mix, and may even do well as a back-note for some bakery liquids.

    Suggested starting ratio 5-8 drops per 5ml

    Overall Rating - 8/10

    6. Cherries in Liqueur (Wisnie W Likierze) - VPG. Plus - 4 + 3 drops per 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Dark cherry, dark rum, syrup, other notes of mysterious darkness possibly molasses or cocoa?

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above, maybe even more dark mystery notes fill my nose

    4 drops per 5ml was too weak to properly describe flavor, increased that to 7 drops per 5ml then waited another 14 days to taste again. I detect dark rum (?) soaked cherries. Not quite sure on the liqueur used here, but to me it tastes kind of like a dark non-spiced rum, cherry flavor is not "popping" out at me, but more of a lightly blended cherry into the dark rum/alc taste. And I do believe I detect a VERY faint tobacco note in there as well possibly.

    Above average TH for this one. This would be great mixed into a alcohol type drink, or a citrus mixed type drink like MT Dew or Hypno, and I'm sure this would be a welcomed addition to a dark pipe style tobacco as well!

    Recommended starting ratio, 5-7 drops per 5ml

    Overall Rating - 6/10

    7. Cherry (Wisnia) - VPG. Power Smoke - 8 + 2 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Semi dark cherry notes, slight candy/syrup aroma

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Sweet cherry, slight syrup aroma

    What a great and natural flavor, just like Cherries (Czeresnie), these two to me are perfect cherry flavors! Very true cherry flavor, like a sweetened wild cherry (Lighter wild apple-like colored ones green/light red), reminds me of a slightly light version of Ludens Cherry "Candy" cough drops, the kind you may have eaten as a kid like candy instead of medicine, which is how they are best enjoyed since they don't really help with a cough.

    Great for me at 8-10 drops per 5ml. This would make a great addition to your favorite alcohol or beverage style mix, and would probably also go great in a light tobacco mix.

    Overall Rating - 8.5/10

    8. Coconut - VPG. Plus - 5 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Sweet coconut flesh, maybe slight milk/creamy aspect. Not candied, and definitely not like tanning lotion :)

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Light coconut aroma

    This is a non-candy style coconut, with a soft and true flavor. There is a light creamy/milky texture to as well. It's not overpowering and heavy-handed like many other coconut flavorings tend to be. This one will be able to easily added into a recipe without needing to dilute it down or worry about the coconut overpowering everything else in the mix. I'll be shooting for making the Girl Scout "Samoas" cookie with this soon (also known as Caramel DeLight depending on where they were baked). This would mix nicely into any tropical drink vape, and would be a great addition to any bakery type juice as well.

    Recommended starting ratio 5-7 drops per 5ml

    Overall Rating - 8.5/10 - Very realistic without being overbearing

    9. Cocopilada - VPG. Power Smoke - Dosage 8-10 drops on 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Milky coconut, butter, slight rum with a tinge of pineapple and possibly maraschino cherry

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above, minus the pineapple and cherry

    I started 6 drops on this one, then several days (4) later added 2 more which didn't change things much, if at all. Tastes like coconut and rum w/ hints of butter, smells much better than the vapor it provides. This needs some "Cookie"!! I suspected the buttery note might turn into more of a cookie flavor after a long steep, but that never happened. Maybe this may just need to be mixed at a higher percentage for me before that cookie taste comes out? I'll find out soon!

    Suggested mix 8-10+ drops on 10ml, may be best used as a mixer

    Overall Rating - 6/10 - Would be higher, but the lack of "cookie" bothers me

    10. Coffee (KAWA) - VPG. Power Smoke - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Dry dark roasted, plain coffee, possible slight woody note

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above, minus woody note

    Black coffee at it's finest, tread lightly or it could possibly start tasting like someone left your coffee on the burner too long. This is a plain jet black coffee, it's an unsweetened, very smooth and dark roasted flavor. This does not have an "off" or "fake" taste to it like many "Coffee" wannabe flavorings do, and I would dare to say it's almost as good as the best extract I've personally made with a plain flavored coffee ground like "Folgers". I've tested it in a few mixes and it works great w/ caramels, coconut, hazelnut, peppermint, and even cookies & cream (FW) 8-10 drops per 10ml is perfect for a nice bold roast!

    For many users, one of the nicer things about this coffee flavoring is that it remains very clear after mixing, well it does get a slight tanned tint after a long steep but nothing like those thick dark concoctions you normally find labeled as coffee. Because of that, it's obviously not going to gunk up your coils or clog cartos easily like the thick dark coffee concoctions!!

    8-10 drops per 10ml seems to be the perfect sweet spot for me, I think much more than that would lead to the dreaded "burnt coffee leftovers" taste.

    Overall Rating - 9/10 - Now this is coffee!

    11. Coffee Paradise - VPG. Power Smoke - 10 drops on 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Coffee, light tobacco, maybe a hint of chocolate

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Light and dry coffee smell only

    The name says it all, it's a tobacco and coffee paradise, now I know why the name was selected! This is a unsweetened vape, with smooth coffee up front that's evenly and perfectly mixed with a lighter tobacco in the background. I'm also detecting light hints of cream and a little roasted nuttiness on the back end. I'm sure this would please any fan of tobacco or coffee style vapes! This is great by itself, but would also make a great addition to any coffee or tobacco mix!

    Suggested starting point, 10 drops per 10ml was perfect for me! I do feel you could probably make it stronger if you wanted, without it quickly tasting bad, unlike the plain coffee, I'm sure it could get bad quickly if over-flavored.

    Overall Rating - 8/10 - Smooth!

    12. Cool Mint - VPG. Plus - 10 drops on 10ml - ** Known tank cracker ** - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Mint, tartness, citric and fruity

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above

    Sweet and minty no doubt, something unexpectedly fruity, slightly citric, and a feeling of moistness appears as well. Behind the mints I think I detect Juicy Fruit Gum flavor, similar to Jackfruit/Banana, along with a possible hint of kiwi and/or pineapple, possibly some of Inawera's "Fruit Mix".

    This flavor sticks in tanks/coils, ect. It's not super bad about that, and I've noticed some flavors will wipe it easier than others, but I find it definitely worth mentioning that way you will know to "test" in a dripper or something to that effect before you fill a tank or soak a coil in case you do not like that much. Be prepared for it to stick around a while in whatever you use it in, like your "Mint/menthol" only tank, or plan for a good cleaning before using another flavor in that tank.

    This flavor can be vaped and enjoyed immediately without any steeping, but it does change and I feel it's at it's best if you allow it 3-4 weeks to reach full potential. After the longer steep it's much so much smoother, all around more mellow and well blended!

    Recommended starting ratio 10 drops per 10ml ** Known tank cracker **

    Overall Rating - 8/10 - Very unique for all minty type fans!

    13. Eucalyptus with Mint - (Personal Nic Mix @ 50/50) - 4-6 drops per 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Strong Eucalyptus, reminiscent of cough drops or sports creams :) Menthol

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above, strong Eucalyptus and menthol aroma

    STRONG Watch out with this one! Flavor is very nice, bold herbally and mint-wise, although to me the mint does seem a little light. I've never had straight Eucalyptus, so I'm not sure how much of a mint aspect it brings by itself, or how much it's flavor may cover the other mint here. All in all, this is a nice vape experience for any mint or menthol lover, and I'd suggest all users who like those types of flavors to get a bottle of this to experiment with. Doesn't really require any steeping, mix and wait a day or so and it'll be ready to set you back a few degrees :)

    Strong Recommended starting ratio 4-6 drops per 5ml

    Overall Rating - 9.5/10 - Extreme :) All menthol fans should try!

    14. Exotic - VPG. Power Smoke - 8 + 3 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Mainly detect mango, papaya, slight pineapple and passion fruit

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - About the same as above mentioned

    Tastes exactly like it smells, how cool is that! Very smooth, mango seems to be the top note here, followed up closely by papaya and passion fruit. It's so smooth once steeped it's hard to determine all the minor notes, but I do believe I can detect hints of kiwi, banana, and pineapple in the background, and possibly a very tiny amount of coconut as well. Any fan or fruits or tropical type drinks would thoroughly enjoy this one, it's an exotic tropical party on your taste buds!

    Recommended starting ratio 8-10 drops per 5ml

    Overall Rating - 7.5/10

    15. Hazelnut - VPG. Plus - 4 + 2 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Strong and young/green hazelnut, not roasted

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above

    To me this flavor is too "young/green". It is still a good fresh crisp and realistic hazelnut flavor, but for my tastes I'd prefer a fully matured hazelnut, and preferably roasted. I may be reaching for mature and roasted in my mind without really being aware that's the taste I'm expecting when thinking Hazelnut. This seems to be missing the darkness or roasted aspect we've all come to be accustomed to and love in a hazelnut flavoring. All I keep thinking is the taste is "young/green" or "picked too soon". Or it could be that this one may just be too realistic for me due to expecting the more common blended type hazelnut flavoring from coffees and creamers, ect.

    This may be best used as a mixer in a drink, chocolate, or tobacco mix obviously, and that's probably why it isn't tasting as I expected. I'm sure as a mixer this would be great with brown sugar, creams, vanillas, coffees, and chocolates, and I bet then it would then taste more in-line with what I initially expected. I've never mixed with hazelnut before, so I don't yet know where to start to get what I was expecting, hopefully someday I'll figure it out!

    Recommended as a mixer, starting at 4-5 drops per 5ml

    Overall Rating - 6.5/10 - Higher than average for it's realistic flavor, rating would be higher but for me as a vape flavoring it's missing something (roasted, darkness, roundedness, ect)

    16. Honey (Miod) - VPG. Power Smoke - 5 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Sweet clover, honeysuckle, slightly floral, honey

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above, except lighter (Post steep) smooth lightly fragrant honey, almost honeysuckle-like

    Do not vape early, for many users this one must steep or you may detect the infamous "cat urine" often mentioned with some honey and tobacco vapes :) Not to worry, and don't let that scare you, that aspect dissipates after a decent steep and then turns into a wonderful honey / honeysuckle aroma! Vapor flavor is very smooth and is slightly sweet, tastes how fresh honey smells with a hint of sweet clover.

    This will be a great mixer for various type mixes, candies, tobaccos, drinks, ect. And I can even see some enjoying it as a standalone as well. I've used this in a few tobacco mixes and they've been great!

    It's such a relief to find a good honey! Recommend 3-6 drops per 5ml when used as a mixer, depending on how strong you need the honey aspect of your mix, for stand alone use 5-8 drops per 5ml should be a good starting point.

    Overall Rating - 8.5/10

    17. Lime - VPG. Plus - 10 drops on 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Very bright, strong realistic lime (No candy)

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Fresh limes!

    This one was semi-cloudy (Very light) when initially mixed, probably due to the VPG/DW combo used. WOW, now that's a lime!! I can't get over how bright and "limey" this is, now that sounds like something the good Doctor (Who) would say after taking a vape! The lime starts bold and stays there! It's in your face crisp fresh lime, it even squirted me in the eye on my first vape! Works really great with fresh mint, that's a nice taste bud refresher! I've mixed this w/ menthol as well, and the boldness of the lime increases more and more as you increase the menthol. That effect almost feels as if it's never going to turn into a "mentholated lime", but instead it keeps morphing a stronger and stronger lime. But in the end, with a hefty push and an unexpected amount of menthol it will eventually get it there and it's great!

    I can't wait to mix this with orange next to see what kind of crazy strong citrus blast that will create! Recommended mix - @ 10-15 drops per 10ml, depending on your strength preference (10 is pretty bold, great starting point)

    Overall Rating - 9/10 - Limetastic!

    18. Liquorice - (Personal Nic Mix @ 50/50) 4 + 2 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Medicinal, herbal, rooty, smells "brown" if that's possible, dark sweet notes

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above, less sweetness noted

    This is a nice flavor, but for my tastes I need some Anise in my licorice! This is a dark bold licorice flavor, very herbal and true to the name it's real licorice and not the usual candied black jelly bean type. The flavor is not sweet, at all, so you may want to add a little sweetener or something dark and sweet like caramel or brown sugar. For my personal tastes, this flavoring would need to be drastically changed before I could use it as a stand alone flavor, otherwise I'd have to add Anise and an additional flavoring to bring in some sweetness (not EM).

    For me this would be best used as a base flavor to create a licorice flavor with, adding several other flavorings. Or could probably be used as an add-in in other mixes such as alcohol drink types, or lightly mixed in with tobacco based juices.

    Recommended mix ratio, 1 drop per ml

    Overall Rating - 5/10 - For me, this isn't an ideal licorice flavor, maybe a good starting base, but it needs sweetness and a hefty kick of Anise before it would be enjoyable to me.

    19. Mango - VPG. Power Smoke / 12 drops on 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Sweet fuzzy mango!

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Soft and tropical, fuzzy well known mango scent.

    Holy fresh mango Batman!! It's great when you try a flavor for the first time, and the flavor is exactly what you've been looking for in that flavor! This is a fresh, ripe mango, slightly and naturally sweet, and I can even taste the fruit flesh at times too. This perfectly represents what a mango flavoring is supposed to taste like!

    This will go great in your multi-fruit mixes, drink mixes, and it will especially shine in those "Tropical" type recipes. There's nothing more I can really say here, it's perfection, get your bottle now!

    Recommended mix - @ 10-12 drops per 10ml for average strength (not overly strong & not weak flavored)

    Overall Rating - 7.5/10

    20. Melon - VPG. Power Smoke - 10 + 8 drops on 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - A bold, yet soft smelling watermelon combo, sweetish yellow melon possibly a mix of yellow watermelon and honeydew scents.

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above, little softer in aroma strength

    I'll start with... this is an absolutely fantastic flavor!!! I love watermelon flavors, and was excited when I read Inawera's description of this flavor, since it mentioned orange flesh melon and had a watermelon image. That to me means Orangeglo Watermelon, one of the best types of yellow/orange watermelons I've ever tasted. The Orangelo watermelon is very exotic compared to a regular watermelon, it's taste is often like a soft or sorbet blend of watermelon and mango, with faint hints of pear and papaya. The Inawera Melon flavor tastes exactly as it smells, a semi-sweet fresh and fruity melon/watermelon flavor, as in real fruit no candy here! And it very much reminds me of the Orangeglo watermelon, I taste light yellow/orange watermelon with a hint of pear and mango, and a faint note of honeydew, but that could be my mind playing tricks on me. I do love fresh yellow and orange watermelons, and this represents them perfectly to me!

    Higher than avg throat hit on this one, very nice for those that need this! This would be a great stand alone, or a perfect mixer into a alcohol/drink mix (Cognac, Amaretto, Hypno, ect), great add-in into any mixed melon juice, and would also work great in many multi-fruit based eliquids. It's great at 10 drops per 10ml for a softer and refined vape while still being generously flavored, and 18-20 drops per 10ml for a bold and in your face melon party!

    Overall Rating - 8.5/10 - Very nice!

    21. Milk Chocolate - VPG. Power Smoke - Dosage 6-10 drops on 10ml liquid - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Sweet milk chocolate (not cocoa!), dairy milk notes, vanilla

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - after an extended steep, milk chocolate is right there!

    I started this one at started 5 drops per 5ml (Then 4x30min USC), 5 days later I added 7 drops due to no really detectable flavor at all. After a few days, now I can taste and smell now the milk chocolate coming out, but it's still very light. After 3 weeks I added 7 more drops for 6.25% total.

    2 weeks after that and... my oh my, we have actual chocolate! It's not cocoa, not a fake chalk facsimile, no a dry and dusty mess, ohh no... this is actual creamy milk chocolate!!! The reviews were right, this one definitely needs a higher than suggested percentage (And then a long steep). Now it's tasting like a soft creamy light chocolate, reminds me of a light version of "Dove" type milk chocolates, very nice! My mind is filled with ideas for this one, can't wait to get started on a few!

    For any fans of chocolate that have had a tough time finding the right one for you in the past, you must try this one as it really delivers! Now I need the other Inawera chocolates, after having tasted this one I'm sure their others are done properly as well! :)

    Recommended starting ratio 5%, then at least 3 week steep or longer

    Overall Rating - 7/10 - Little off for higher percentage needed before flavor is visible, and it does seem to toast / gunk up easier than most

    22. Mix Mint - VPG. Plus - 10 drops on 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Strong peppermint and menthol, possibly small amount of spearmint

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - mainly peppermint

    Surprisingly, for not usually being a menthol fan, I like, no almost love this flavor! I was a menthol smoker, but ever since starting vaping I can't really stomach any menthol juices, at all, they seem to make my feel queasy and light-headed within a few drags. Now, this isn't a menthol flavor so to speak, but I do detect a small amount mixed in there, and it surprised me that I was able to continue vaping it. The menthol is such a small amount, and being smothered in sweet peppermint made all my worries disappear.

    So overall this is a sweet peppermint, mixed with fresh mint, and I believe there is a tiny amount of menthol and/or koolada in there as well. To me, it is kind of dry and could be a little sweeter, but I'm sure the sweetening part is just my personal preference, as it is already a little sweet. The dry factor that I mentioned may be the 70/30 nic used, since I'm used to using 50/50.

    This would be great mixed w/ a cream or vanilla, or both, and surely it would be complemented nicely with a good chocolate too. This one is almost tied with Frost as my favorite out of the 4/5 mint type flavors covered in this review.

    Strong flavoring, recommended starting ratio is 8-10 drops per 10ml, higher than that if you want to start out extreme :D

    Overall Rating - 9.5/10 - I'm lovin' it!

    23. Mocca - (Personal Nic Mix @ 50/50) - 5-10 drops per 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Soft cocoa, light coffee, sandalwood/leather (?), slight powdery aspect

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Oddly the cocoa seems bolder here than mentioned above, and the coffee aroma is more noticeable as well.

    I mixed this at 4 drops per 5ml, then after tasting at the two week mark I added one more drop and waited another two weeks. Then it still seemed light to me, so I doubled the flavor adding 5 more drops and then tasted it again after 3 weeks. Both of those mix ratio's were on the lighter side to me, making me feel as if this flavoring has an overly light concentration compared to many other flavors from Inawera. That's not bad per-say, but it is something that's nice to know up front, and something to keep in mind when mixing with this flavor.

    This is a nice light and creamy coffee/chocolate flavor. The chocolate/cocoa aspect doesn't taste fake or plastic-like, it's smooth and silky, and the coffee is perfectly blended in making this an extremely smooth vape. I'd recommend this to anyone that likes coffee vapes, while it may not stand alone as a coffee flavor for extreme coffee lovers, it would still be a great mixer to add into your existing coffee recipes, or create new chocolate/coffee type mixes starting with this as your base.

    Recommended starting ratio 10-12 drops per 5ml (Will be light, but I'd still suggest everyone start there first)

    Overall Rating - 7/10 - Good flavor, but it's a little too much on the light/soft side for a higher rating.

    24. Nutty Princess- VPG. Plus - 8 + 4 + 6 +6 drops per 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Light vanilla, sweetness, faint peanut

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Faint peanut aroma

    Initially mixed too light, no nut flavor at all. As initially mixed it tasted like air/plain nic to me, this was after a few weeks too, it definitely needed to have more flavoring added. (Added 4 drops, then 6 more waiting a week or so before re-tasting. Then added 6 more for a final 4% for these review thoughts. After increasing the flavoring drops added several times I can finally taste a light nutty shortbread cookie with light vanilla/maple, and possible hint of graham. I do not detect any tobacco, what I mainly taste is something resembling a shortbread cookie along with a indistinct nutty type note, possibly peanut and toasted almond. For my palette, I may need to mix this one a lot stronger than the suggested range before I reach what I would consider to be Inawera's intended experience based on their flavor description. All that aside, I really enjoy this flavor and it may be one of my new favorites once I find the proper stronger flavoring ratio that suits my taste-buds!

    I suggest at least 4% starting point for this one! I have since mixed and tested a 6% and it's still weak for me, so this one might not work out for me as a stand alone flavor. Tiny amounts of AP do help but I'm thinking I may end up having to use this more as a base flavor adding several others to bring out a usable flavor.

    Overall Rating - 6/10 - Disappointed here, flavor is good but never reaches the intensity I'd prefer

    25. Raspberry - VPG. Power Smoke - 10 drops on 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Strong fresh real red raspberry fruit scent

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - light red raspberry, surprisingly light aroma for the full taste it delivers (This aroma note taken after 4-5 week steep, I do think initially it's aroma was more noticeable)

    This one packs a decent TH, even after many weeks of steeping! The flavor reminds me of raspberry slushies, it's not overly sweet or candied drink like in that respect, but just tasting this flavor reminds me of a slushie in general. I always loved the blue raspberry slushies! To me this is a true to fruit flavor, not candy type and it isn't overly sweetened either. It's flavor is deep, yet can be soft and subtle at the same time somehow.

    I'm sure this will mix great with many fruits, creams, and chocolates, and may even also create a pretty decent raspberry tobacco if you matched it with just the right tobacco.

    I recommend 8-10 drops per 10ml as a decent starting point to see where you need to go next in your recipe.

    Overall Rating - 8.5/10

    26. Strawberry - VPG. Power Smoke - 10 + 2 + 3 + 5 = 20 drops on 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Slightly sweet, fresh strawberry, with a hint of "Ripe"

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Slightly sweetened, fresh and realistic strawberry

    Ah the smell of sweet strawberries! This is a very smooth semi-sweetened fresh tasting strawberry, and I believe I detect a tiny a hint of cream too! To me the flavor is a mixture of strawberry candy and real fruit taste. Flavor is a little on the "lighter" side though, so users that want strong flavor may want to use 12-15+ drops per 10ml. It's great by itself, and it also mixes very nicely with wild strawberry too. I'm sure this would mix smoothly with other fruit flavors as well. I think it would be decadent with a cream like sweet cream or whipped cream, and would party down with chocolates too I'm sure. Liquid does not turn yellow with age as some strawberry flavors do, it remains crystal clear at 10 drops per 10ml. I have many mixing plans with this one, as soon as I'm done testing all these single flavor mixes for review. If you adore strawberry flavors then I'm sure you'll enjoy this one, and if you are a huge strawberry fan then don't forget to also add the wild strawberry to your cart too!

    Suggested mix 10-20 drops per 10ml, depending on how strong you generally prefer flavors

    Overall Rating - 8/10

    27. Two Apples - (Personal Nic Mix @ 50/50) - 4 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Tart green apple, slight red apple sweetness (No candy or sour aspect to me)

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Sweet apples, light

    This tastes of sweet fresh fruit apples, slightly tart, no candy here! I can taste both a red or yellow regular apple, and hints of green apple in there as well. All fresh fruit, not overly sweetened or fake candy type flavors. For an apple only mix, or one where you want the apple to be up front, I would recommend a higher percentage than mentioned here, because after it's steeped a month or so it seems very weak, so I'm sure I mixed this one far to lightly.

    Recommended starting ratio 5-7 drops per 5ml

    Overall Rating - 7/10 - Good flavor, but light

    29. Vanilla (Wanilla) - VPG. Power Smoke - 5 + 3 + 5 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Creamy sweet vanilla, soft icing aspect

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Like vanilla ice cream, slightly darker aroma than most would expect since I mixed fairly strong

    Initially this was dry and bland to me, but to be honest ALL vanilla's I've ever tried taste very similar to me (Varying levels of this description). Sometimes sweetener makes that more vapeable, but even Vanilla Ice Cream flavoring tastes this way to me, so I think my taste buds/nose or brain just have an issue with vanilla vapor. I will say this does NOT taste like some of the brown dirt water pre-mixed vanilla's I've tried, so it isn't terrible in any way, I just can't properly taste it. However, due to it not fitting into that super terrible category, I'd say this would probably be great for a lot of people that can properly taste vanilla vapor. The flavoring itself smells and tastes like a vanilla to me, and a good creamy one at that, it's too bad for me that vanilla never translates into a flavored vapor cloud. After one month I added 3 drops to my initial mix, of 5 drops per 5ml, just to be sure it wasn't too lightly mixed as well, 2 weeks later that was still no real help for the flavor.

    Scratch all of the above, well for the most part anyway :) I can finally taste creamy vanilla now, almost ice cream like too, thanks Inawera!! I added 5 more drops of flavor and let it sit another week or two, and now it finally has a creamy vanilla taste and smell when the vapor is exhaled through my nose. So it's very possible that all of my above mentioned frustration with many vanillas has simple been due to me mixing them too lightly, or vendors pre-mixed done too lightly for my taste buds. I'm so glad I decided to add more, or I would have kept on thinking I hate vanilla vapes, and kept passing on vanilla flavors thinking I'd never be able to taste the properly.

    Now I need to try some other advanced vanillas at higher percentages. Thanks Inawera Wanilla for finally waking up my taste buds to vanilla flavor!

    Recommended starting ratio, for most 5-8 drops per 5ml is probably a great starting point. For those like me who have a tough time tasting vanilla's, I'd start at 12-14 drops per 5ml, then steep at least 3-4 weeks.

    Overall Rating - 8/10

    28. Walnut - VPG. Plus - 4 + 4 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Brown water maybe? Slight walnut aspect, but it doesn't seem right to me somehow

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Slightly more like a walnut aroma after a super extended steep (5-7 weeks)

    My initial mix of this tasted like air/plain nic to me, even after a few weeks steeping, pre-steep tasted very harsh w/ light walnut aspects. After 4 weeks I added 4 more drops, and then waited again, still nothing, and once more :(

    I guess my tongue, nose, and brain isn't going to let me taste this flavor?! Started light %, then added a little more, then a little more again and I still get nothing. I do not taste walnut, more like dry plain nic with a hint of cardboard possibly. I'm sure this is just me, I see plenty of others review and use this with great success, I'm really disappointed here too because I love walnuts regular and black (hoping Inawera will offer black walnut soon).

    Don't be discouraged by my review, as I mentioned I'm sure this is probably a personal issue and only how my taste buds reacts to this flavor!

    Recommended starting point 8-10 drops per 5ml

    Overall Rating - 1/10

    30. White Grapefruit - VPG. Power Smoke - 10 drops on 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Very citric and tart, slight tannic quality, aroma of grapefruit instantly recognizable

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above, little lighter

    Very citric, bright and tart right after mixing, and has amazingly true to fruit flavor. After steeping the tartness does smooth over some, but nothing I'd consider a fade or loss, ect. The flavor is tart and slightly sour, with a little sweetness to it. The overall flavor is an exact flavor match to a regular white/yellow (not pink) grapefruit, tasting like you squeezed it directly out of the fruit and into your tank!

    This would be a great mixer for any drink style mix you wanted to tart up, and would also work great to add some zing to any citrus type fruit mix. Add some menthol and/or lime or orange/tangerine with this and you'll have a great palette cleanser or use when you run into stubborn taste buds to awaken them back to life!

    Recommended mix ratio, 10 drops per 10ml is a good starting point

    Overall Rating - 8/10

    - Tino D'Milano Flavoring -

    1. 7 Leaves (Tino D'Milano) - VPG. Power Smoke - 6 + 2 drops on 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Slight sweetness, spicy, light perfumed aspect, rum

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same notes mentioned above

    To me, this is not really reminiscent of tobacco in any way, the aroma or vapor flavor. When vaped I mainly taste the spicy rum notes I mentioned, with a little citrus in there that I can't really describe. I can see how this would be a great mixer for tobacco recipes though, so I now understand why many love and swear by the 7 Leaves! As a tobacco additive this would create a spiced type tobacco mix, I can easily see it enhancing either pipe or cigarette style tobacco mixes.

    Some may enjoy this flavor by itself, and I think many do, but I feel this is probably best used as a secondary in a well rounded tobacco mix. Mixes well with Mild Black & DK 555 TFA, Cavendish, Honey, Am4a

    Recommended starting ratio 6-8 drops per 10ml

    Overall Rating - 8/10

    2. Am4a "Amphora" (Tino D'Milano) Not "Ashy" - (Personal Nic Mix @ 50/50) - 4-6 drops per 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Dark & mysterious pipe tobacco, fruity, cocoa, caramel, wine

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as mentioned above, more tobacco noted now though

    Am4a is slightly sweet and oh so smooth! Upon the first few vapes I detect a darker pipe style tobacco, with faint hints of chocolate or cocoa, roasted coffee bean, vanilla. As the vapor extends I believe I detect possible hints of caramel, rum, and maybe even a raisin back there too. The longer I vape it all the flavors all blend into a smooth and almost creamy dark pipe vape, with the vanilla and coffee/caramel intertwining into one in the background, leaving a lingering lighter note of chocolate/cocoa as the tobacco shines through it all.

    For me, this mixes nicely with Cavendish. Highly recommended for tobacco fans! Suggested starting ratio 4-6 drops per 5ml

    Overall Rating - 9/10

    3. Apple (Tino D'Milano) - VPG. Plus - 10 drops on 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Red apple, slight cider like quality

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Sweet red apple

    Soft and lightly sweetened, very delicate and precise in it's flavoring, and nails the apple flavor perfectly. This is true to fruit flavor, and I can actually feel/taste the apple flesh in my mouth and it happens often!! The flavor on this one did "soften" up quite a bit as it steeped, so I would probably recommend mixing higher than my initial mix percent to keep the flavor bold if you are going for an apply only liquid.

    Suggested starting ratio 12-15 drops on 10ml unless you are vaping it immediately

    Overall Rating - 7.5/10

    4. Cherry Juice (Tino D'Milano) - VPG. Plus - 2 + 2 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Light, sweet, ripe wild cherry

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above

    Sweet and light cherry juice, aptly named! Tastes like drinking freshly squeezed cherry juices. This is sweet and juicy young cherries flavor, tastes like real fruit and while naturally sweet it's not overly done. Adding a sweetener for most will probably be unnecessary. This would make a great addition to your favorite alcohol or beverage style mix, may also even be a great back-note for some bakery liquids.

    Overall Rating - 7.5/10

    5. Fresh Mint (Tino D'Milano) - VPG. Plus - 8 drop on 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - light, delicate and realistic mint (Plant type, non-candy/sweet)

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above, but very faint

    This one seems very weak to me, considering the reviews and Inawera suggested amounts. Maybe due to the EM in this VPG for this round?. I taste a light mint, not candy type mint, this is actual real herb type mint that you would find growing in the wild or in your herb garden. It would be great with Inawera cucumber (Waiting for them to offer hint hint). To me, the initial tester I mixed is too light on flavoring, or over-flavored into no flavor? To verify that I remixed this one, adding more to the initial bottle and mixed another with less flavor. I ended up at 12 drops per 10ml before I could really even taste it, and there it was a very nice easily noticeable mint. The remix bottle with less flavoring than I began with was too light to really taste at all, so my initial mixer was not over-flavored. All of my above mentioned thoughts still apply, this is a very nice natural mint, but for me the suggested flavoring percentages were very weak.

    I would suggest at least 10-12 (or more) drops per 10ml

    Overall Rating - 5.5/10 - Would like to have this one stronger, it's not very concentrated

    6. Frost (Tino D'Milano) - VPG. Plus - 5 drops on 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Bright spearmint and peppermint, lightly sweetened

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above, this is a bold flavoring! It's a shame that all flavorings aren't this strong!

    Very similar to the popular Spearmint gum, sweet, crisp flavor and very nice clean smooth mint! This one was semi-cloudy (Very light) when initially mixed, probably due to the VPG/DW combo used. It stays "Frosty" looking for a bit, then clears and eventually turns to light pink tinted. I later learned this semi-cloudy effect only happens with the Inawera bases, likely due to the 10% water, didn't happen with two 50/50 mixes I made myself.

    I really enjoy this flavor, although to me at times it seems a little dry and maybe a little sweetening could help with that and the overall flavor, but the desire for it to be sweeter is probably just my taste preferences jumping onto the page and may even be caused by the 70/30 vs my usual 50/50. The dry to me aspect may also be due to the 70/30 nic used in this test. I made a few mixes later using 50/50 and those were not as dry to me, I did raise the percentage for those batches too and they were also sweeter. Not sure if 50/50 is what took away the dryness for me, or just the added sweetness of the VG, or the overall flavor increase along with the higher VG added more moistness and sweetness? I'll need to test more on that to be sure.

    I think this might be great w/ a cream or vanilla, or even a vanilla ice cream, and I'm sure it would work with a good chocolate or cocoa too. I do know it plays well with menthol. This is a strong flavor, and it really shines on higher PG ratios! Steeping is not really required for this one, but it does get better as it ages, once it turns pink in a week or two is where it's at it's best but it's great right after mixing as well.

    I recommend 1% (best) for a bold smooth flavor, and 2% for a sweeter variant, increasing flavoring from 1% to 2% didn't seem to increase the minty aspect two-fold as I expected, it's very similar to the 1% only sweeter so I think this is probably the sweet spot for Frost @ 1-2%. Distilled Water (DW) also really helps this one shine, I've tested a few batches without and then with and it's much better with 5-9% DW! A little Ethyl Maltol (EM) also enhances this one, I've also tested this with and without, and I'm not a fan of EM at all so I was hesitant and surprised. If you test I suggest 0.5-1% EM maximum.

    Overall Rating - 10/10 - Best In Show - Absolutely perfect!

    7. Fruit Mix (Tino D'Milano) - VPG. Power Smoke - 5 + 3 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Sweet and tarty mix of indistinguishable fruit aromas

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above, fruity yet indistinguishable

    VERY flavorful right after mixing, bright bold fruits, and I actually prefer this one best pre-steeped. After steeping this melds into a very smooth fruity vape, making it hard to pull out individual flavor notes. This is the sign of a very well crafted flavoring, all the flavor notes compliment each other into one smooth indistinguishably fruity and delicious cloud of vapor. When freshly mixed I could separately taste many tropical fruits at different times, possibly including apple, banana, peach, strawberry, and maybe even a little papaya, kiwi, and pineapple.

    I do not detect any of the flavors like chocolate or Cavendish tobacco mentioned in Inawerashop's current description (I believe this needs corrected). Once I thought maybe I could taste and smell a faint hint of Cavendish, but after many more vapes and a few freshly mixed retests, I'm sure that is all in my head due to reading the flavor description.

    This is a must have for any fruit lover! Recommended starting ratio 6-8 drops on 5ml

    Overall Rating - 7/10

    8. M.i.l.d Tobacco (Tino D'Milano) - (Personal Nic Mix @ 50/50) - 4 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Strange sweetness, fortune cookie smell, light tobacco

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above, less sweetness but more cookie aroma

    I'm not a fan of this one at all, probably mainly due to me not being a tobacco vaper. This is a mild sweet tobacco flavor, smooth and oddly different than any other tobacco I've tried, probably due to the oriental cookie aspect. To me, the cookie sweetness of it almost tastes powder like (As in talcum, but very light in that regard - probably just my taste buds on this). Due to the light airiness, and general sweeter notes, this may be a good candidate for mixing towards a fruit/tobacco mix.

    Recommended starting ratio 4 drops per 5ml

    Overall Rating - 3.5/10 - This is decently flavored, it's just an odd tobacco taste to me.

    9. Mellow Sunset (Tino D'Milano) - VPG. Power Smoke - 5 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Clove, cinnamon, possibly small amount of cherry, and finally hints of dust (maybe the sandalwood I'm thinking I detect?)

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Lighter version of above mentioned notes

    I mainly taste clove and a hint of the orient cookie I taste in M.i.l.D. Tobacco, there is also a light tobacco in the background too. I do also detect a hint of Anise in the background, but it's faint and light to me, along with possible hints of cinnamon and/or cardamom, there may even be a tinge of sandalwood as well. This is not my style of vape, so I can't describe the flavor much more than that, nor would I be able to mix it stronger to further test.

    Suggested mix, start at 5 drops per 5ml. Fans of clove vapes may find this a refreshing change-up for when their taste-buds need a rest.

    Overall Rating - 3.5/10 - Same as above, not an enjoyable tobacco flavor to me

    10. Spicy Biscuits (Tino D'Milano) - VPG. Power Smoke - 5 + 2 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Cinnamon Gum (Big Red), faint hint of butter way in the background

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Same as above, maybe some root beer too, with a faint hint of vanilla

    I increased this one to 7 drops after a month, taste was far too light on 5 drops per 5. Oddly enough, the aroma of mixed eliquid smells like cinnamon and root beer, and it kind of tastes like root beer at first to me as well :) Vape tastes great, like a warm spiced cookie. Almost reminds me of a snickerdoodle, or cinnamon sugar cookie, it's too bad bakery cinnamon wasn't used, if it has been then this may have been a top favorite of mine. I'd prefer more cookie to show up, even with a higher flavor percent that didn't happen. For me, the cinnamon in this taste like red hot / candy type, not bakery cinnamon as you'd expect. This is a major disappointment, as you'd expect a bakery type cinnamon from a cookie flavor!

    Overall Rating - 5/10 - Decent taste, but to me incorrect type of cinnamon is used so it's off putting.

    11. Wild Strawberry (Tino D'Milano) - (Personal Nic Mix @ 50/50) - 10-15 drops on 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Wild green forest type notes, slight mustiness, strawberry

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Strawberry and that wild green note, slight hint of sweetness in aroma

    This is soooooooo good!!! Initial mix @ 4 drops per 5ml. Upon cheating and tasting the next day, I tasted a bright strawberry flavor, with a fresh green foresty type note, it reminded me of walking into a hidden wild strawberry patch = spot on fresh wild strawberry captured! After 2 weeks steeping, it's great, still smells and tastes wild too! There is a slight creaminess that creeps in after steeping and it's definitely smoother now too, steeping also toned down the wild leafy green note a little bit but not fully.

    This mixes perfectly with whipped cream (FW), and I can tell it will also be a great addition to any other strawberry based mix, as the main note or a light background note. I let a batch steep for a month+ and it was simply divine, but I did notice a problem with that batch... shortly after cracking the bottle open it quickly disappeared! :D

    Highly recommended!!! Suggested starting ratio, 10-15 drops per 10ml (Then steep at least 1-2 weeks).

    Overall Rating - 9/10 - This is such an interesting and unique flavor, very enjoyable and highly recommended for all strawberry fans!

    - Wera Garden WG Flavoring -

    Please note, I am not a tobacco liquid user, nor fan of tobacco vapes, so I apologize in advance for not being very excited or descriptive here.

    1. Smoke & Prunes WG "Ashy" - (Personal Nic Mix @ 50/50) - 4 drops on 10ml, cut to 2 drops - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Wet ashes, slight prune note in the background

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Mustiness and ashes only

    VERY "Ashy" w/ musty back-tones at 4 drops per 10ml. This flavoring is deep and thick, way too much for me as a non-tobacco fan! I cut that right to 2 drops per 10ml after sitting for a few weeks! I do not detect any prunes, but that may be due to the ash covering that flavor note to me, or possibly that is the musty note I'm detecting? This is a liquid cigarette for any new vapers still looking to fix that analog craving, and I'm sure it's flavor would impress any veteran tobacco fans as well! I can't believe how much this tastes like a cigarette, it leaves me speechless, that's the only way I can describe the flavor. I could even see how this one might cause someone to backslide!

    I'd suggest 2 drops per 10ml for a "light" cigarette, and 4-5 drops per 10ml for a strong "Full Flavored" cigarette. This would also make a great "Add-in" flavor for adding an "Ashy" touch to any eliquid, or as a starting base flavor for anyone crafting an advanced cigarette style vape.

    Overall Rating - 8/10 - I didn't enjoy this, but it gets a high rating for it's intense concentration and overall flavor, and I know it could help many new vapors that still need a cigarette taste

    2. Tobacco Cavendish Type WG Not "Ashy" - (Personal Nic Mix @ 50/50) - 4 + 2 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Bold musky aspect, spicy tobacco, slight cedar

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Light version of the above mentioned, no cedar detected in mixtures aroma

    Young, yet bold and "musky" type flavor for me, leaving a aromatic pipe tobacco scent in the air as well. The flavor to me is a light pipe tobacco, slightly acidic and faintly sweet (very faint). Aside from that I do not taste any additives like fruits, nuts, chocolates, ect., so I would say that it would make a great unadulterated pipe style tobacco flavor to use as a building base for any multi-flavored tobacco eliquid. For me, this mixes nicely with Am4A, Honey, Mild Black (TFA)

    Recommended starting ratio 4-6 drops per 5ml, surprisingly that little amount gives decent flavor!

    Overall Rating - 8.5/10

    3. Tobacco DNB WG "Ashy" - VPG. Power Smoke - 2 drops on 5ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Wet ashes

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Nothing, faint nicotine smell only

    Not being a tobacco liquid user, and having already experienced Smoke & Prunes, I decided to tread lightly on this one so I wouldn't end up over-flavoring it from the beginning. I do get the same similar "Ashy" aspect in this as I taste in Smoke & prunes, but no where near as strong, so I think I mixed wisely as this is meant to be a flavor for "Dirty Neutral Base" without creating it's own overpowering flavor (Unless you want that, in which case I'm sure it can deliver).

    For the 2 drops on 5ml, I taste a light "Ashy" aspect, and then possibly an even lighter tobacco hint. So I would say 2-3 drops per 5ml is perfect for adding a light "Dirtiness" to any tobacco flavored liquid, more if you want a stronger "Ash" note. For creating a general Nic/PG/VG base with this, intending to use it for tobacco liquids, I would recommend the tested amount of 2 drops per 5ml or 4 per 10ml ratio because you don't want your "Base" to be too strongly flavored, if you did want it stronger I'd still suggest that for the base and then add some drops of this flavoring later as you mix out each bottle, that way you will be able to easily control and customize the "Ashy" aspect that this flavor brings.

    This flavoring does require a steep to bring out the "Ashy" note, at least 5 days to a week, preferably two weeks before it really comes out! If you do not steep, the "Ash" note is simply non-existent, don't say we didn't warn you (@ non-steep believers)!

    Suggested usage 4-5 drops per 10ml for light ash, stronger untested but I'd guess 6-10 drops per 10ml would bring plenty of ash to the party!

    Overall Rating - 8/10 - Here's your ashes, please enjoy!

    4. Tobacco Symphony WG Not "Ashy" - VPG. Power Smoke - 5 drops on 10ml - [​IMG]

    Flavoring aroma in bottle - Dry, plain tobacco, slight nutty aspect

    E-liquid aroma in bottle - Lighter version of the above

    Aroma smells familiar to me, kind of nutty w/ a hint of tobacco. Vapes dry with a light almond/walnut/peanut "nutty" aspect in the background, there is a slight saltiness as well, and after a long steep it provides a strong TH. This is not as "nutty" as I was hoping for, and it has more of a cigarette style tobacco flavor than I was looking for as well. I'm not a big fan of tobaccos so I'm probably not the best one to judge this one, it's decent to me though so that in itself says a lot. Mixes decently with Nutty Princess for a more rounded "Nutty" tobacco!

    I only tested this flavor on my hunt for a dark heavy pipe like tobacco (Non cig-like tobacco flavor, no ash) to use as a starting base to attempt to create a replacement juice for a friend (Similar to Halo's Capt. Jack or Midnight Apple). Still looking, so if you are reading this PM me if you know, thanks!

    Recommended starting ratio 5-6 drops per 10ml

    Overall Rating - 6/10 - On the fence about this one, it's an OK flavor, but not nearly as nutty as I expected, and it's a little on the lighter side of tobacco's, so overall I'd call it average.

    - E-Liquid (pre-mixed) -

    Nutty Cream 12 mg 10 ml - Oh my, super peanuts!!!! This eliquid is a strong roasted peanut flavor, and it's exactly that too, nothing unexpected added or hiding in there to creep up on you later! For all peanut fans, this is a juice you've got to try. Personally I'd prefer if it had more cream in it, but that's just my tastes. The cream is there, but to me it's very light, especially in contrast to the strong peanut flavor. I've vaped a little bit here and there over a month period, and it has calmed down some since first opening, mainly smoothed out due to getting a little oxygen in there I'm sure. It's a great peanut flavor, slightly roasted and seemingly salty too, not sweet at all. Please pass the peanuts this way!!

    Overall Rating - 8.5/10 - Very realistic peanut flavor, add 2-3 times more cream and this would be a 10/10

    - Nicotine Pre-mixed Bases -

    The Inawera pre-mixed bases come in 100ml bottles, labeled in Polish and English. On the label they give the exact ingredient percentages for each base mixture, mention that the PG/VG is pharmaceutical, and each also includes a batch code and "best by date". They also mention on each bottle that these bases are tested at a liquid laboratory for Nicotine content and for the presence of heavy metals.

    1. VPG. Power Smoke Base (45% PG, 45% VG, 10% demi-water) - I've never used water in any of my DIY, until this pre-made base, and it seems to work for me just as good flavor-wise as without. Now I think I'll start using DW in my DIY but a little less than 10% for my 50/50 mixes, probably 5-7%.

    This also seemed to be smoother than my normal mixes, unsure if that's due to the DW or just Inawera's PG/VG, no matter the cause I do think it's a little smoother. This base has worked great for me in all the flavors I tested with it, and by itself it does not have any flavor so I'd feel secure in suggesting it to anyone looking for pre-made Nic bases

    2. VPG. Plus (69% PG + 19% VG + 9% demi-water + 1% EM) - This has a slight tan or pinkish tint to it, depending on the lighting you are in when you look at it. This base has worked great for me in all the flavors I tested with it, although it was a little more harsh to me due to the higher PG than I'm used to, it still worked perfectly fine for me flavor-wise and while mixing.

    This base did seem to impart a very slight sweetness and general smoothing aspect to some flavors, but that was expected due to the included EM, but by itself it did not have any flavor so I'd also feel secure in suggesting this one to anyone looking for pre-made Nic bases.

    A note for those that mix by "drops per ml" - First, for anyone unaware or new to mixing with Inawera flavors, we as a community have concluded that the current tiny needle tipped plastic bottles are 60 drops per ml, with 6 drops in 10ml equaling one percent (1%). Secondly, after having now used 50+ Inawera bottles over the past few months, I've noticed some variances with the needle tip bottle tops. Of course, not all drippers are going to always measure the same, even from the same manufacturing batch, and these are no exception. Most are very close, but there are a few "tips" in my lot that do allow much more liquid to flow through the tip into a "drop" than others, a couple almost pour instead of having to squeeze out a drop. A few are also smaller/tighter as well. All of this is just something to keep in mind and watch for while portioning out drops if you are mixing like that, and then keep track of in your recipes if you do mix by drops and run into a tip that's a little more tight or loose than the rest.

    It's been a pleasure vaping and tasting these flavors over the past few months, I'm so glad I decided to try Inawera flavors or I would have never known what I was missing! I am really happy with many of these flavors, and can't wait to get in future orders for the multitude of flavors I still want to try. I absolutely love the fruit flavors from Inawera, they're so fresh and realistic fruit flavors, instead of being bland, or overly sweet candy-like representations which is often the case with other vendors fruits. I'm also very happy with all the mint type flavors I've tried so far too!

    Some may feel my overall thoughts above do not appear to be all that great, and to be honest some are not, but please keep in mind that most of these are only initial single flavor tests in order to gauge a flavors qualities, aspects, and general depth. My thoughts are in no way representative of the end of what's possible using these flavors. I very much look forward to remixing, and making out multiple flavor recipes with these. So if there's a particular flavor mentioned here that you wanted to try, please don't take my thoughts above as the end of what's possible with each flavor, because it's not, this review is basically a simple initial "Flavor Test" to gauge where to start mixing or consider what would best mix with what flavor.

    While some flavors I may have only mentioned as being "OK", or some I didn't talk about at length, and even some that I didn't like much, that doesn't meant I hate or will never use those flavors again, it simply means those are my thoughts on the initial plain single flavor by itself at that mixed ratio as a general flavor "tester". I'm sure they will be much better and/or different when remixed at different percentages or mixed in with other flavors, ect. Overall I consider Inawera flavors to be great and I'm thrilled to have found them! They are not overly perfumed, they do not taste like smothered alcohol like some other brands might, they're easy to work with and are much stronger concentration than many as well!

    My Favorites from these tests? Several of the mints, melon, lime, mango, raspberry, strawberry, wild strawberry, cocopilda, and milk chocolate. Of course, as a fellow flavoring junky, you already know that many of my other favorites have yet to be ordered and delivered :D

    Thanks again to Marcelina @ [​IMG] for samples of many of the above flavors. It's been a pleasure talking with you and testing these flavors!
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  2. Sdh

    Sdh ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Aug 31, 2010
    I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading your review. Thank you!
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  3. Aurora-Oblivion

    Aurora-Oblivion Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 18, 2012
    Isle of the Wizards
    Thanks Sdh, glad you enjoyed it, that's quick reading! :D
  4. ukeman

    ukeman PV Masher Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Aug 22, 2010
    Kauai, Hawaii
    Excellent job!

    I am so wishing Inawera would add Lychee to their exotic fruit lineup, but grateful for such a cool flavoring company anyway.

    I have been vaping only fruit flavors in this last 6 months, and will take your recommendations to try the Exotic fruit, and the Wild Strawberry.
    Glad I got the Mango.
    I've overdone trying so many strawberry flavors, and getting bored, but the WS sounds great.

    I hope to see more followups from you.
  5. Turbo

    Turbo Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 23, 2009
    Very good/thorough review, well done!
  6. Sirius

    Sirius Star Puppy Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Nov 19, 2013
    North Carolina
    I really enjoyed that review thnx. I know now some of these flavors are just weak and it's not my mixing at fault. Some of the fruits just need extra percentages and not that long of a steep.
  7. Stoneface

    Stoneface Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 12, 2013
    New York
    I've been looking forward to reading these! I'm so glad you finally posted them. I've only read a few so far, but you did a great job AO :thumbs:

    I've bookmarked the thread and will come back to read it fully.
  8. glasseye

    glasseye Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 15, 2012
    Myrtle Beach, SC
    I was wondering where you'd gone off to, you've been very busy! :) Nice reviews! Some of them are very different takes on what I get out of them. lol That's a good thing though, afaic.
  9. SueandCootie

    SueandCootie Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 31, 2009
    south central Mass
    Just have my first bigger selection of these on the way... Thanks for all this info!! You put lots of work into this! :thumbs:
  10. BicStic

    BicStic Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 20, 2014
    Thanks for the great review. I have has some similar experiences. It is good to know I am not the only one that has had a hard time getting any flavor out of the vanillas and the walnut. I like the Nutty Princess as well, but as you know having to build up the flavor a little at a time. I am going to take some time and reread this when I get home from work. Thanks again for your effort.
  11. Jimi D.

    Jimi D. ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Oct 26, 2010
    Florida Keys
    Very nice reviews :) How is the nicotine compared to what we're used to ?
  12. dannyv45

    dannyv45 ECF DIY E-Liquid Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 12, 2013
    New Jersey
    Great job I think you need to put this in a blog....... Bookmarked!
  13. jensy

    jensy Super Member ECF Veteran

    Wow, what a very helpful read.
  14. Usmale

    Usmale Full Member Verified Member

    Feb 26, 2014
    Pensacola, Fl, USA
    Thank you I just ordered several flavors and appreciate your work.
  15. Aurora-Oblivion

    Aurora-Oblivion Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 18, 2012
    Isle of the Wizards
    Wow, thank you all in advance for the wonderfull feedback, so happy to see you all enjoying my efforts on these flavors!!

    Hopefully everyone finds a little something that helps them pick a few winners! :thumbs:

    Thanks for your feedback ukeman, glad you enjoyed the review! I've requested Lychee before I believe, so maybe we'll see it soon :)

    Tino Wild Strawberry is great, but I haven't tried the regular house one and I think a few have said it's not as good as the Tino, so I'd suggest getting the Tino first, or maybe both at once if you want to try both. I do plan to get the regular one soon. Hope you enjoy the mango, it's really great for me!

    You'll definitely see more from me soon, another round is already in the works. I'll be adding my reviews onto this thread every time I write out new ones, so keep checking in when you see it bumped. Hopefully others will start adding their reviews here too when they have time!

    Thanks Turbo, glad you enjoyed the read!! :thumb:

    So happy to hear you really enjoyed the review Sirus, thanks for taking the time to let me know your thoughts!! You are right, some of these are much weaker than others, but I think that's a smaller portion of the overall range compared with other vendors. Of course, we had to pick some of the weaker ones :D

    Also, some of my testing started on the weak side too, based on some reviews suggesting too low, and Marcelina also told me to test mainly in the 8-10 or 10-12 drop per 10ml range. So a lot of these flavors I went on her initial advice, and I should have looked up more reviews and suggestions first but didn't end up doing that until much later. Ohh well, next round I'll research flavor fully each before mixing.

    I agree, most of the fruits don't really have to steep very long, unless a creamy note is mention in description or reviews, if it is then I'd still go ahead and give them at least 10-14 days before you decide to adjust anything.

    Hey Stoneface!!! :toast:

    Thanks for your thoughts, sorry I made you wait so long, hopefully you enjoy the read when you find the time!! Once I get all caught up in a day or two I'll start getting caught up on PM's, probably just shoot you a new one since it's been a while.

    Hope all is going good for you, catch up with ya soon!

    Busy, busy glasseye, thanks for noticing I was missing :D Happy to hear you like the review, thanks!

    It's so strange how we all taste the same things so differently, I do know what you mean. I have a friend I can hand fruit and he says it's mint, give him chocolate and he says it's fruit, toss him a mint and he thinks it tastes like gym socks... So strange what goes on in our minds and taste-buds!

    Thank you SueandCootie, hopefully some of my thoughts will help you get started mixing!

    I hope you enjoy your first order! If you have any further questions on a flavor I reviewed, ask away!

    Thanks for your feedback BicStic, I'm glad you enjoyed the read! Thank you too, it's great to know I'm not alone on those as well!!

    I did finally get the Vanilla going, but not the Walnut. I haven't mixed it any stronger again yet though, so maybe I just need to mix it up super strong at 4-7% or more? If you try that and get somewhere please let me know, thanks!

    Grrrr.... That Nutty Princess, I'm still kind of mad at it, taste great but needs more intensity, hopefully they revise that one into a new concentrate too!

    Thanks Jimi! Well, I wasn't sure how to touch on those bases, since I'm used to always mixing my own and I don't often use unflavored.

    They seem fine to me nicotine-wise, I did taste them both plain several times, and never noticed anything funky or off tasting, and neither introduced anything bad into a mix flavor-wise. And they both felt to be correct nic level, other than that I really don't know how I'd compare them with other nic's, especially since it's not straight nicotine I could mix with for a better overall comparison.

    Thanks dannyv45, glad you enjoyed!! What's the benefit of putting this into a blog?

    I don't plan to edit the main post, only add to this as I continue, hopefully others will add their reviews eventually too.

    Is that editing ability the only reason to really do a blog?

    Thank you jensy, hope it helps you make some good flavor choices! :thumb:

    Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts Usmale, glad you enjoyed the read and I hope you like your first order of flavors!

    Thanks again to you all for the feedback, I always appreciate hearing everyone's thoughts.

    More to come soon!
  16. Shilo

    Shilo Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 27, 2011
    Here & There
    Great reviews Aurora and thanks-- this is exactly what I was looking for---you have been a busy boy!!! :p
  17. Aurora-Oblivion

    Aurora-Oblivion Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 18, 2012
    Isle of the Wizards
    Thanks Shilo, happy to hear I helped!! Are you just starting with these, or do you already have some?
  18. Shilo

    Shilo Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 27, 2011
    Here & There
    I do not have any yet as I have been very lazy with my furthering DIY education but this review of yours helps temendously. I allready have a few of the tobaccos you mentioned in mind now. I appreciate a detailed review like you have done here.

    I think Amphora would be right up my alley...
  19. Aurora-Oblivion

    Aurora-Oblivion Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 18, 2012
    Isle of the Wizards
    Nice to hear I'm bumping you back into DIY action, hopefully you enjoy the flavors you choose!

    I'm not much of a tobacco person, so my thoughts on those might not be the best, I'd say before you place your order you should talk things over with Jimi, I think he's tasted all the tobacco's or at least most, so he'd really be able to help you pick and choose for your tastes.

    That Amphora is a good choice, but I'm sure you'd like many of their other tobaccos too. Am4a is smoothly flavored and velvety which makes it acceptable for a tobacco to me. It's not often, but when I do enjoy a few tobacco vapes it's flavors like that one that are OK for me, I can handle the flavors that are more pipe-like than cig or smokey style ones.
  20. Sirius

    Sirius Star Puppy Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Nov 19, 2013
    North Carolina
    I tripled the doseage of Cocopilada to 18 drops (3%) and added just a bit of distilled water,(4 drops on 10ml) This did it for me. Very nice vape. Slight coconut with a bit of cream.
    Also the Dark Chocolate Tobacco is ready I think with 2 days to spare. Very nice with slight whiskey notes. This could easily be an all day vape for me. Friday I will taste Don Hill on TAV and Old Havana on Dark Tobacco.
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