INNOKIN KLYPSE POD KIT review by hittman

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  • Jul 13, 2009
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      Hello and welcome to my next review for innokin. Innokin has done it again with the design and release of the Klypse Pod kit. The Klypse is a very simplistic pod device with a nice streamlined design that is a great fit for beginners. It has an internal battery capacity of 700mah and a pod that has a .8 ohm resistance with a 2ml capacity. The Klypse has a magnetic cap to not only keep the mouthpiece of the pod clean but also attaches to the rear of the device to increase its length and give it a nice hand feel in my opinion. It has a single indicator light and is auto draw only. Let’s see what’s in the kit and I’ll give my thoughts on it.




      1 * Innokin Klypse Device

      1 * Innokin Klypse Pod (0.8ohm Mesh Coil)

      1 * Type-C USB Cable

      1 * User Manual

      1 * Warning/Safety Booklet





      Device Dimensions: 94*29*15.2mm

      Color of Product: Indigo / Blush / Scarlet / Mint / Charcoal / Graphite

      Battery mAh: 3.7V / 700mAh / 2.59Wh

      Minimum / Maximum Wattage: 0.8Ω; 16W

      Minimum / Maximum Voltage: 3.6V

      TC range: No

      Cut off time: 10s

      Max. Output current: 5.0A

      Resistance range: 0.8Ω and over (including 0.8Ω)

      Body Material: Aluminum alloy

      Connection Type: Spring Loaded

      Charging Current: DC5.0V /1A

      Charging indicator: White light while charging, the light turns off when fully charged

      Battery capacity indicator: Battery >10% - White light

      Battery <10% - White light will blink


      - Compact, Simple easy to use

      - Cost Effective

      - Minimal and Fashionable

      - 1Amp Quick Type C Charging

      - Dust-Proof cover, Clean and hygienic


      Device Dimensions: 35*11.2*25

      Color: Black

      Tank Capacity: 2.0ml

      Resistance and wattage range: 0.8Ω

      Coil material: KAL

      Glass replaceable or not: No

      Air flow: No

      Wick material: Cotton

      Top coil or Bottom coil?: Bottom

      BVC or horizontal coil?: BVC

      How to fill the Tank: Side Fill

      Advantages: Good Flavours, Affordable, Easy Fill








      I’m pleased to see that Innokin has continued to use recyclable materials for its packaging. The front of the package shows a picture of the device along with some features and a fairly large warning statement. The back of the box shows a list of contents and the same large warning label. Innokin has been using this type of packaging where the box flips open to expose the device inside instead of using the outer sleeve like many of its competitors have been doing. By doing this they have also reduced the amount of waste from their packaging. Underneath the device is the USB-C charging cable, user manual, and warning card. I know I’ve complained about this on other reviews but still don’t understand only including one pod with a pod kit. If it’s bad then the device is unusable. I know that right now there is only one resistance pod available for this device but it would be smart in my opinion to include a second pod.



      As I mentioned earlier, this is a simple device that would be good for beginners and for experienced users that just want a simple pocket carry device. The Klypse is auto draw only. On one side there is the Innokin name and on the opposite side is the Klypse name as well as the USB-C charging port so the Klypse can be charged standing up.



      The star of the show for me on the Klypse is the magnetic top cap. It snaps onto the top of the device to keep the mouthpiece for the pod clean and free from debris. Once removed it can be placed on the bottom with the very strong magnets in the cap. As a matter of fact, the magnets are so strong that the cap literally snaps onto the base. To me having the cap on the bottom enhances the hand feel of the device. This device like previous pods I’ve tested from Innokin has a nice sleek design and gives the feeling of quality without being too heavy.



      The pod chamber on the Klypse has two magnets, two gold plated contacts and the auto draw airflow sensor. The auto draw on the Klypse works very well despite being a loose MTL draw. You can see in the picture below that there is just a minor amount of condensation in the opening despite having used it daily for a week.


      The pod included in the kit has a superfine mesh coil that is rated at .8 ohms. Innokin has chosen to make this a loose MTL type draw. There is not an airflow adjustment on this one. They have done this to give what they believe to be the optimum performance while maintaining a 16 watt output.

      The pod does have a sticker covering the bottom when you receive it to keep from accidentally firing it before filling the pod. The Klypse name is on one side with a minimum fill level line. The fill port plug is found on the thinner side of the pod and has an arrow on it to guide the user as to which side to pull the plug from. It does rotate out of the way for filling. Like most side fill pods it can be held at a 45 degree angle and filled with little or no mess. The pod is securely held in place by magnets and have had no issues with it slipping or coming out accidentally.


      For some reason there is a glitch and the forum won't let me post more images so I will continue on the next post. Sorry for the delay.

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    • Jul 13, 2009
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        The base of the pod has two magnets and two gold plated contacts. You can also see the opening for the airflow channel that allows the auto draw function to operate. It does work very well. Like in the earlier picture, you can see a minor amount of condensation on the base after a week of regular use. Not bad at all in my opinion.



        Innokin set out to design a simplistic but well-designed pod device and they have done that with the Klypse. With the aluminum body it is lightweight but has a feeling of a quality built device and in my opinion a nice looking device as well. The Klypse should be simple enough to operate that any beginner should be able to easily operate it. Also it’s really a nice pocket carry device for out and about for even experienced users.

        I love the cap that covers the mouthpiece. It keeps the pod clean from pocket lint or dust and also attaches to the end of the Klypse with very strong magnets that literally pull it into perfect position on the end once the cap gets close. It’s not magnetic going over the pod but snaps in place securely. Just a really good design in my opinion.

        I experienced very little condensation after a handful of fills and use over a week and a half of regular use which included some chain vaping sessions. The Klypse pod had no problems keeping up with wicking while using my 70vg/30pg diy mix in it. The flavor was pretty good for a pod device but not flavor like you get from an rta or rda. To me pods aren’t an all-day every day device. I use mods and tanks at home but when I need something quick to throw in a pocket for out and about then I definitely grab a pod device. This would be a good one.

        There is a single indicator light that is white on the Klypse that activates when you take a puff. If I had to pick a con on this device then that would be it. I’ve grown used to the green, blue, red combination for indicating battery level on pods and would have liked that on this one. It doesn’t change the indication until you get down to 10% and then it will blink.

        So, would I recommend the Innokin Klypse Pod kit for you? If you are looking for a pod device that is not only good looking but operates well and is very simple to use then yes I would. I have really enjoyed testing it. I’d like to thank Innokin and Anna for sending the Innokin Klypse kits for this review. It’s been a pleasure. Also, thank you to the readers. I greatly appreciate the views and comments. Below is a link to the website if you’d like to pick one up yourself.

        Klypse - Vape Kit | INNOKIN®

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