Innokin Sceptre kit review

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Mar 14, 2019
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    Today a new review from me, this time the new innokin Sceptre. innokin calls it a pod mod on their website, but to me it’s a regular pod since it does not have a screen. It is an elegant looking pod with colors aiming for both men and women. It allows for either MTL or RDL.

    Let’s jump into some specifications and features to start with:

    Additional information received from Innokin:

    Main Features:
    1. Best flavors with both 1.2ohm MTL regular coil & 0.5 ohm RDL mesh coil;
    2. Much bigger battery capacity (1400mAh) than other similar pods for long lasting vaping;
    3. Two vape modes (normal & boost mode) available for both MTL & RDL vaping;
    4. Adjustable airflow available for both MTL & RDL vaping;
    5. Support auto draw & button activated;
    6. Available in 5 great designs for options!

    The sceptre will be officially released on August 10th. It will be available in online shops and brick and mortar stores soon next week. For the US, MVS would be the first to have it in stock, Elementvape, VaporDNA would also have it a bit later. For the UK, VPZ will have it at first.

    In the box:

    1 x Sceptre Mod
    1 x Sceptre Pod (1.2ohm)
    1 x Sceptre Coil (0.5ohm)
    1 x Micro USB Cable
    1 x User Manual

    Pity that in the box there is not a second pod, would have been nice to be able to have both coils plugged inside the pod for easy vape-style changing.

    Thoughts and experience:

    It is an elegant looking pod, and I am very happy to have received the black and blue version, they are gorgeous. Really like the honeycomb design of the top, would have been nicer if it had the same pattern on the other side as well. In the user manual and on the website I was not able to find from what material the body of this pod is made, but Innokin informed me it is Zinc Alloy. The bottom part however is made from silicone giving it a very nice grip. The Zinc alloy upper part is very prone to fingerprints, they are all over the place. Honeycomb design seems to be made from plastic. Overall its not a light-weight pod, but also not heavy. 95g is all it ways which is a comfortable weight for me for a pod.

    Fire button is tiny and in my opinion the placement is a bit awkward. Since the mouthpiece is directed into a different direction and cannot be turned it just feels uncomfortable to fire. Good news is that the draw-activation really works well and that is pretty much the only way I have been using this device. Fire button feels too loose and it rattles quite a lot, it should have been placed much tighter in there.

    There is one button and that’s all there is. Ability to choose between two wattage levels is nice, but changing the level takes some steps, first the device needs to be turned off, then hold the fire button until it selects the wattage level you prefer. This device also has a 3 click on/off as most innokin devices do, if not all. One cool feature which is useful is the tiny built-in flashlight. This light turns on when inserting the pod and clicking the fire button and it helps to see the liquid level in darkness. LED indicators are tiny, but bright enough to see. Honestly, I do not see the point of having 3 led lights, it could have been all combined into one really. It is a good thing there is 2 level-wattage option and battery indication.

    Pods that go in this device are quite unique if its about design. It is not a coil plug system, but instead you must unlock the base of the pod to replace coils, it is an easy twist and the lock signs help to figure out which way to turn. Coils screw into place easily. Very nice that you can replace a coil with the pod being about 70-80% full of liquid. Pods fall and click right into place and having the ‘braille’ type of design on the side makes it easy to take out the pod with one finger. Did not experience any leaking and not even a tiny drop of condensation I could find on the base of the design, properly sealed it is.

    Mouthpiece is comfortable for both MTL and RDL, it is in average a bit taller than other pods which I like.

    On the base of the pod you also have the airflow regulator. Innokin wrote MTL and RDL on there to know which way to turn. Ring turns smoothly and easily, it can be a bit harder for people with VERY short nails, but I guess much shorter than mine is rare.

    Probably this is the first fill plug that I was able to open easily on a pod, I often have issues opening those tiny rubbers. Innokin left a gap in front of the plug for it to be much easier accessible. Filling up is generally mess-free, but the fill port is also on the small side, you will have a hard time filling with large-tip bottles. The ‘minimum’ on the front of the pod and on the side of the pod helps to see if there is enough liquid. Even though the pod is fully inserted into the device, on the side you can still properly see the liquid level, and here the ‘minimum’ indication line helps. 3ml is average, for MTL it is more than enough, but with the RDL coil I must refill frequently.

    One of the most impressive things about this pod is the battery. 1400mAh is a lot for such wattage levels. When vaping solely this device with the MTL coil I can get around 2 full days out of one charge. With the RDL coil inserted you will get around a full day. Charging the device takes a bit long though, a 90% charge takes about 100 minutes and a full charge around 2 hours. USB-C would have helped charging time a bit here, pity they went with Micro -USB.

    These coils are TINY, wow. See below a picture of the coils next to the Innokin Z coil. Performance wise they are proper. The MTL coil delivers a nice smooth vape with proper flavor, kind of the standard flavor you expect from a pod, nothing special, but it takes one refill to break in properly. If its about airflow on this coil, fully to the MTL side you get a quite loose type of MTL draw, could have been tighter for me. When fully open to the RDL side the draw activation does not even react as there is too little drag, even in the middle it does not react as good. This means that that you really get one proper airflow for MTL which is fully towards MTL.

    Really liking the RDL coil delivering very nice flavor and a smooth draw. The RDL airflow settings seems about right giving it a slightly loose direct lung hit. This coil shines best at its highest 20W setting. The RDL coil can quite well be used for MTL as well by setting it to the MTL airflow setting. It is for those that like a loose warm MTL vape. Flavor wise this coil beats the MTL coil, would have been nice of the MTL coil also would have been a higher resistance mesh coil.

    Knowing Innokin coils I can say that these coils will have a proper lifespan, especially the MTL coil will serve me for a long time with its low wattage levels.


    Overall, I really like this pod for both MTL and RDL. Flavor wise the MTL coil is nothing special, but the RDL coil delivers good flavor.

    Things I think that can be improved are the fire button that is in there loosely, the MTL airflow could have been tighter and 2A charging or USB-C to charge quicker.

    If you are looking for a pod with proper battery life for on the road then this is a good choice.

    My expectation is that the kit itself will cost somewhere around 30$ and knowing Innokin coils the price of a 5 pack will be somewhere around 10-12$.

    Take care,
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