Innovapor ULTRA-pure E-liquid Review

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Jan 25, 2010
    I recieved my review sample of 6mg, regular tobacco flavor, and its not bad. It lacks a distinctive flavor to note, however I am used to the heavy flavor of Halo, and what compares to that. That said, I like that the ingredients are listed, so you know exactly what you are smoking. It has excellent vapor production (VG based) but not really a TH, however like I said, its only 6 mg, the higher nics may have more throat hit. Its a clear liquid, and doesnt really smell like anything. If you dont like strong flavored vapes, as some do, this is great. If you like a lot of flavor, this isnt the one. Overall, I like it. its great for all day vape. If you have some flavorings lying around, it would be great to add a few drops of your favorite flavor. According to the label, they use the highest grade ingredients, "without uneccessary sweeteners or candy oils". would be great for sensitive vapers that need to know exactly what they are getting, but dont want to DIY. I would give it 5/5 on vapor, 3/5 on flavor (it doesnt taste bad at all, just lacks a "distinct" flavor) and a 5/5 on quality.
    Ingredients list: VG 99+% pure, deionized water, ethyl maltol 99+% pure, nicotine 99+% pure, natural flavoring extract 99+% pure
    It lists a lot number and expiration date, made in salt lake city, UT.
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