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Innovapor's ULTRApure: A Real Headache?!?

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May 23, 2009
I recently ordered some of Innovapor's new e-liquid, ULTRApure, and liked it. Here's my original review.

So I started vaping ULTRApure exclusively, at my usual rate of 3-4ml / day. A week later I noticed a persistent headache. My head hurt when I woke up in the morning. It hurt all day. Kind of like a tension headache, but all over my head, not just between my eyes where I usually get them. And, I have NEVER woken up with headaches before. 8-o

Being the hypochondriac that I am, I started to panic. Then I thought, ULTRApure... headaches... wait what?? :confused: So I switched back to my former everyday vape, EcoPure Rich. Folks, the headache vanished within a few hours. A day later? I'm fine. :oops:

I'm not posting this to point a finger at ULTRApure and accuse Innovapor of poisoning me. But, I had a pretty damn bad reaction to something in that juice. I hope this info may be of help if anyone else is in a similar situation.

NOTE: The ULTRApure I vaped was 18mg. My usual EcoPure is 15mg. So the ULTRApure was slightly higher in nicotine. But, I know what "too much nicotine" feels like, and this wasn't it. :(

In closing: I have reverted to my former position that EcoPure is the best, and SAFEST, VG e-liquid on the market :D
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