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Introducing the Kayfil Tool

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Jul 10, 2009
    Ever wanted to get at the coil without draining the tank on your Kayfun Lite Plus, or perhaps you don't have a bottle with a needle tip? We've got the solution. Introducing the Cloud9Vaping KayfilTM

    This thing is so handy to have on you at all times. Pour the juice from any bottle, check your coil, change your wick, all made simple with this.

    A very simple solution to allow access to the coil/wick in your Kayfun Lite Plus without the need to drain the juice. Not only does the KayfilTM tool enable easy access to the coil, it also allows quick topping up on the go without tools.
    We think you will find this a very handy item to have in your pocket or put it on a keyring through the large hole drilled in the base. Keep it with you at all times so you can fill up the tank quickly and mess-free.

    Slide the KayfilTM through the top cap of the Kayfun and invert the atomiser (1).
    Unscrew the base section from the tank and slide the whole assembly up (2) and out if required (3).
    Compatible with the Kayfun Lite Plus with the recessed o-ring placement in the top cap as shown in the photo. Also compatible with the optional Mod Factory K-Square and K-D top caps.
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    Oct 16, 2014
    Melbourne, Australia
      Hi All,

      i recently purchased this item as an alternative to using my ModFactory Ghost Refill. Upon trying it the first few times, I must admit, I struggled. Firstly pulling out the o-ring within the top cap, coupled by having slightly let go of the tool, when inserted caused a leak. This then lead me to think of this ...an o-ring

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