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Introduction to Mom and Pop's Vapor Shop

Discussion in 'Mom and Pop Vapor Shop' started by pwyll, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. pwyll

    pwyll Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Do you have a Discount/Coupon Code?
    ECFROCKS is good for 15% off the price of all juices (except the already-discounted Sampler Packs) all the time. This code can be used an unlimited number of times and does not expire.

    Posting "It's my Birthday" on your birthday, in will get you a discount code for 30% off all juices (except Sampler Packs) (You must have your profile settings set to show your birth date for it to count, but how to do that is explained in the thread). This is a single-use code, but it does not expire until you use it.

    Do you have a storefront?
    No. Perhaps there will be one some time in the future, but at the moment there is only ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE / E CIGARETTES STARTER KITS AND E LIQUID NICOTINE FROM MOM AND POP

    I cannot find the VG/PG ratio for any of your flavors. How do I find out what it is?
    Mom (Scuba) makes all the juice, and the best possible flavor is her main goal (well, after safety and health concerns). She has found that the VG and PG content, and their ratio to each other, has an effect on the flavor; for this reason, the VG/PG ratio varies from flavor to flavor and the specifics are a part of the secret recipe.

    [EDIT by Scuba] The flavors used to all have different VG/PG ratios but due to such great repeat customers and word of mouth, we got so busy that we had to find a "norm" in order to get all orders out in a timely manner and also find a way to keep the liquids tasting as good as possible. We now use a 50/50 PG/VG base with 99.9% of our flavors and were able to do that without affecting the taste (actually I only had one customer ask if something changed when we put the changes through many months ago). We will custom mix the PG/VG for a customer through the comments section however, I am not fully comfortable with that unless it is due to a sensitivity to either PG or VG as we do alot to tweak the recipe to work with our base and we do not have the time to taste test each custom mix before it goes out. If the change is not due to a sensitivity, the best way to get what you really want is to let me know why you want a particular PG/VG ratio and maybe there is a better way to do that, i.e. to thin it, maybe for a particular flavor adding distilled water would work better than more PG, etc. [END EDIT - Scuba]

    But I can only vape 100% PG.
    But I can only vape 100% VG.
    But I need a specific ratio for (any number of reasons here).

    That's great! Well, it's great that you know that, anyway. But what's really cool is that if you let Scuba know what your needs are she will work with you to accommodate them. Just make a note in the comments box when you place your order--or drop by here: Contact Us if you want to discuss it with her before you place an order. You can also send an email to

    But I'm allergic to cinnamon oil.
    But I can't stand any kind of coffee flavouring.
    But any amount of coconut makes me violently ill.

    That's great! Well, no, not really. But if you let Scuba know what you want or need to avoid, she will either steer you away from juices that are inappropriate for you or work on customizing a juice that avoids ingredients you cannot have. She's really cool about that--didn't you read the question about the PG/VG ratio? No, the other one--underneath that. The one about needing 100% PG/VG or needing a specific ratio.

    What does (flavor in which I am interested) taste like?
    If the fun, but sometimes ambiguous, descriptions on the site are not enough to tell you whether or not you want to try a particular juice, the best thing is to come in here and ask about it. Chances are at least one person has tried it. Actually the chances are good that at least a half a dozen people here have tried it. Many flavors taste different to different people--and Scuba often adds in some secret touch to give a juice a little extra kick, or a little extra mellow, or a little extra something--so that only the main flavoring is known. After that you just have to try it, or find someone with similar tastes to yours that's tried it.

    Can I choose the flavours to make my own custom Sampler Pack?
    No. The Sample Pack used to be a "choose your own flavours" thing when Mom and Pop's was just getting started, but they've gotten so popular that Scuba can't do it anymore. It takes just as long to custom mix a 5ml bottle as a 30ml bottle so all her time was being spent on the sampler packs--she's had to go to the pre-mixed sampler sets just to be able to continue offering them.

    I just got my juice, how long should I let it steep?
    That is entirely up to you, and you can only find out by trying it. Many of Scuba's recipes require some steeping time to finalize their flavour profile, but it can vary from one a couple of days for one flavour to a couple of weeks for some of the more complex tobaccos. That being said, almost everyone who loves the "evolving flavour" juices recommends trying it out as soon as you get it--it can be both fascinating and fun to follow the flow of the flavour as it changes and evolves. Finding out what flavours disappear and what flavours seem to bloom from nowhere--and discovering one that appears on the second day only to be gone again by the fourth. Or you can just hop on the forum and say "Hey, I just got some ~~~, how long should I let it steep?"

    I need to talk to Mom and/or Pop directly--how do I get in touch with them?
    Wow. Dude. You really didn't read that VG/PG ratio question, did you? I thought you were only kidding. You can always post a question in the forums and someone will try to answer it. If you need to talk to Mom or Pop directly, though, they can't always be here and the place has gotten big enough that they occasionally miss a post. You can contact them directly at any time through either:

    Website: Contact Us
    ....Email: .. (these have become inundated by web-skimming spambots)
    • a hopefully "spider-proofed" address is: comments at momandpopvaporshop dot com
    • (the first two will still work, but there is a chance your legitimate mail will get lost in the spam)
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