Is it possible to swallow some vapour - stomach issues

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Dec 20, 2010
Hey. I'e been doing massive lung inhales on my Cleito .4 OHM tanks at around 50-60W

I find sometimes and especially if using the fat bore drip tip that comes with it, I am sucking in so much air and vapour that I feel at the end of the pull I am swallowing some of the vapour and that it plays merry hell with my digestion, making me feel bloated and my stomach a little irritated. Conversely when I feel bloated and or have trapped wind I cannot lung hit as it feels like a strain.

Not here to bash vaping, anyone knows me, I've been at it a long time and am happy as pie that it has massively reduced my smoking.

I've put my old subtank trip tip on the cleito tank and find that better and also find the subtank nano or nautilus mini give me less of this stomach issue.

They don't quite give that hit and flavour the cleito does (well nauti mini gives the flavour but not same sort of hit) but they do not give me the gut problems.

I think with smoke or vapour if you inhale to much and too deep you can swallow some of it right?




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May 1, 2016
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The Cleito is a smooth intake tank but the airflow is massive. I also suck in juice if working it hard, let the coil do the work, not your lungs. I would turn the airflow down and if the option is there turn the wattage down a little also, maybe even increase your VG to thicken it up if you DIY. I use Cleito as the K4 starter kit, for those who just want clouds of vape (and quite smooth intake / flow) its a nice tank, the coils aren't on the cheaper side though.
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