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Janty Kuwako - A Surprisingly Good Edition to thy Vaping Kit!

Discussion in 'iVapour UK' started by Barefoot, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Barefoot

    Barefoot Super Member ECF Veteran

    Vendor/ Maker: Janty –
    Where: China
    Cost/Paid: 9.95 GBP (I paid 14 GBP for Kuwacko + Neo Auto battery from
    UKV Classifieds – cheers Vapingplate [​IMG])
    P+P: 2.75 GBP
    Aimed At: Epipe users

    Batteries: Fits onto all standard eGo/ Echo type batteries
    Button Position: best on Auto’s – Manuals button on the top of the shaft
    Size: About the size of a standard pipe bowl – L59.9 x W45.8 x H40
    Weight: Roughly 21.5g
    Material: ABS plastic – Pb, Hg and Cd free
    Will it Roll: Flat bottomed so stops eGo batteries rolling away
    Standing up: No but lies flat easily
    Aesthetics: Actually quite good – nice rubberised feel to the ‘bowl’.


    What is it?
    The Kuwako is an accessory that fits on the end of most eGo/Echo batteries to simulate using an epipe. Whilst it seems to be more aimed at Auto batteries, it will function with Manual ones too - tho this will mean holding it by the 'stem' rather than the bowl.
    How does it Vape?
    Firing: No problems with Auto batteries – not so keen with manual button
    Vapour Production: depends on the Miser and juice used
    How does it Feel: Feels very good in the hand
    Ease of Change: Pop out battery and just reinsert a fresh one

    Misses: Not so good with Manual batteries for me – but OK
    Can look a bit ‘weird’ depending on the Miser used

    Hits: Works very well with Stardust/Vision eGo’s as they wick very
    well when held horizontally.
    Gives another dimension to eGo/Echo battery use
    Feels very good in the hand
    Excellent for that ‘Intellectual’ look
    Adds the ability to gesticulate and empahasise points whilst
    Talking [​IMG]
    Adds a usability factor for those that may have ‘gripping’ issues
    due to incapacity – arthritis etc.

    Usability: I’ve really been enjoying using this – even tho I’ve been
    called the ‘Electric Grandad’ [​IMG]
    My Stardust’s are working at their best, and my Echo Auto
    Batteries (with 901 Stardusts) have really come into their own
    Makes finding eGo batteries so much easier – they are more
    Visible with the Kuwacko attached and, for a change, likely to
    Be in the same place I left them too [​IMG]

    The Waffle…
    I received the Kuwako and a Neo Auto battery from VapingPlate via the Classifieds for a bargain price [​IMG] - so thought as a Fan of auto batteries it would be worth a try. To say I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed using it would be an understatement – I now can’t imagine using my Auto batteries without it! [​IMG]

    For some reason, when using the Kuwako, those juices that I previously thought of as too ‘harsh’ for me have become enjoyable – maybe the expectation of a pipe experience?

    As mentioned, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Kuwako. Before using it I’d thought it was a daft idea – sticking an ‘expensive’ lump of plastic on the end of a perfectly good ecig [​IMG]
    Having been using it for the last few days, my opinion has changed to the Kuwako being an excellent piece of innovation and easily transforms an eGo battery into a more than passable epipe – with the option of swapping back at any time.

    So overall, if thee already have eGo/Echo batteries – especially Auto’s – have fancied trying an epipe, or have issues gripping them – I’d Highly Recommend the Kuwako as a cheap way of adding to or enhancing, thy Vaping experience before ordering one of Mikro's pipes [​IMG]
  2. Barefoot

    Barefoot Super Member ECF Veteran

  3. txtumbleweed

    txtumbleweed Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Dec 7, 2009
    Walla Walla
    Always good to see another Echo Kuwako user. I had pretty much the same experience. It is much better than I imagined it would be and I use it with my echo 1300 auto batteries.:2cool:
  4. Barefoot

    Barefoot Super Member ECF Veteran

    Actually got the technique down for 650 manual batteries so the Kuwako is going to be getting more use - will be a damn good excuse to buy the new eGo Twist - VV Kuwako :vapor:
  5. txtumbleweed

    txtumbleweed Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Dec 7, 2009
    Walla Walla
    If they have the twist in auto I would get one too! It works pretty good with 650 manual with the button on the side you can fire it with your finger while holding the bowl but with autos it is just like the real deal and more relaxing vape.
    :2cool: Here is one of mine with echo 1300 and echo 3.4 ml carto.
  6. Barefoot

    Barefoot Super Member ECF Veteran

    Now that i'm used to the manual button and worked out that the 650 Twist is only about an inch bigger think it'll work well with the Kuwako - loving it with the GV Vivi Nova
  7. WV_Mountaineer

    WV_Mountaineer Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 9, 2011
    Almost Heaven
    Do any US vendors sell these? :confused:
  8. txtumbleweed

    txtumbleweed Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Dec 7, 2009
    Walla Walla
  9. Barefoot

    Barefoot Super Member ECF Veteran

    The 650 eGo-C Twist and Kuwako are an awesome combination - add a GoTank (+510-GoGo adapter) and i get a real 'Pipe-a-like' experience - perfect for me at about 3.8v ::thumbs:

    Kuwako + Twist + GoTank.jpg
  10. Barefoot

    Barefoot Super Member ECF Veteran

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