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Janty NEO Airflow Auto & Manual - Comparison with EGO-T and Jets

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by FaniFox, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. FaniFox

    FaniFox Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2011
    It is my sixthday of testing the JANTY NEO CLASSIC and I have already seen some great video reviewsabout it. I have seen reviews on how to use it, instructions on how to fill it,handle it, clean it, descriptions of the vapor that it produces and a lot ofother useful stuff about it. I know there are some more greatreviews to come, so I won’t bother to compete on them. What I will try to do isto answer to some simple questions that everybody who notices me using it is asking: whatis the difference between Janty’s NEO and EGO-T’s? Is NEO better or worse? Plusand cons?
    For the purposes of this review, I have used threePV’s – a Janty’s NEO Airflow with both manual and automatic battery, a Janty’sEGO-Jet with LR atty and a Joyetech EGO-T with SR atty, all with 650mAhbatteries. For tasting I have used 3 liquids: my favorite Janty’s Elixir RY4 PG,Boba’s Bounty 100%VG and a mixture DIY RY4 of 50/50 PG/VG.
    The design of Janty’s NEO is stylish and modern. Although the diameter is exactly the same asthe Ego-T (or Ego-Jet), it really looks slimmer – I guess it has to do with theclear e-liquid window it has on the puromizer. Now, the big difference from the EGO-T and the Ego-Jet is the polishedgolden ring around the center that regulates the air-flow. This gives NEO anelegant and unique appearance. Although the color of my NEO is silver (manualsets come only in silver), the glow of the ring transforms it into platinum ortitanium under different lights. Really nice!
    Referring to colors, Janty’s EGO-Jet and NEO comesonly in Black and Stainless/ Silver whereas with EGO-T’s a bigger variety ofcolors is available.
    Batteries of EGO-T and EGO-Jet are plain with no ledanywhere except from the button while NEO battery has a white/purple led lightat the lower rim as well which illuminates at every draw.
    EGO-T:Something in between 3.2V to 3.4V – it really depends on the model.
    Janty’sEGO-Jet: 3.7V
    Janty’s NEO: Voltageis also 3.7V.
    Ease of filling:
    All of them areextremely easy to be filled.
    On EGO-T andJets, a tank must be filled with e-liquid whereas on NEO the puromizer must befilled by opening the silicon lid. Personally, I always had a very difficulttime opening the top of the tank in order to fill it, that is why I havereplaced all tops with silicone ones. This is not a problem with Janty’s NEO,since opening the silicon lid and filling the puromizer is a piece of cake. There might be some difficulty in fillingthough if someone is using a bottle without a nozzle since the filling windowis a little bit narrow.
    EGO-T andEgo-Jets are perfect for tasting different flavors. Someone can drip someliquid in a tank, taste it, switch to another tank and have as many flavor trialshe wants by simply switching tanks.
    This cannot bedone with Janty’s NEO. Different puromizers are needed or emptying thepuromizer and replacing e-liquids is a necessity if someone wants to switch toa different flavor.
    This is acritical point. This is the main reasonEGO-Jets and EGO-T were abandoned by a lot of vapers: the leakage. And this iswhere New NEO triumphs over its rivals. There is hardly any leakage with NEOwhen using it with PG e-liquids. The only time I noticed some minor leakage waswhen I filled it with a very thick 100% VG liquid and that happened only at thebeginning when it was still cold. That went away quickly and the battery wasnot harmed. Since NEO can use automatic(=not sealed) batteries this is a breakthrough.
    In this topic a big question has to be answered: doessize matters over quality? J
    EGO-T and EGO-Jets have normal 650mAh batteries aswell as bigger ones – 900, 1100mAH. Being a heavy vaper, I was a happy camperwith my 1000mAh big battery that lasted all day. NEOcomes only with 650mAh batteries – so far. But the difference here is thatthere is a choice for that battery to be an automatic one! No buttons to push,no worries if leakage occurs because it won’t.
    The automatic NEO batteries are equippedwith sensors that detect theexact vaping needs of the users and respond to that.
    One spot that must be pinpointed here is that NEObatteries are designed to operate perfectly with the new puromizer, giving thebest vapor and taste.
    Having said that, everything is compatible with theother’s parts: EGO’s batteries fit NEO’s puromizer, NEO’s batteries fit EGO’satomizers.
    I personally consider that to be great since I can useall my EGO parts to my NEO equipment and have spares.
    Vapor and taste:
    I always preferred LR attys and cartomizers because Iwanted a warmer vapor. With EGO-T and EGO-Jets attys the vapor was muted andharsh but I got so used to it that it stopped bothering me after a while. All Ineeded was 10 minutes with NEO to discover that vapor doesn’t have to be likethat!
    With NEO, vapor is really warm and it never gets muted– never! I do have a large collection of LR and SR attys as well as lots ofcartomizers, giant cartomizers, DC cartomizers, Echomizers, CE2, clearomizersetc… You name it, I have it… I was on the hunt for finding something that canprovide warm vapor together with pure and clear taste. Well, I guess I’ll have to stopsearching. When it all comes down totaste, NEO beats them all. I have triedalmost all my e-liquids with NEO and I discovered that even liquids that Ididn’t like before now taste so much better with NEO. Amazing!
    In the past, whenever I wanted more vapor production,I used VG e-liquids or I had to add VG to my PG e-liquid. That was the casewith all my previous EGO-T attys, no matter if they were LR or NR.
    Following the advice of NEO’s designer, Mik Dahl, Iused only PG e-liquid when I received it…and Voila! The vapor production washuge! No need to add VG, this PV manages to produce big clouds of smoke with avery light draw.
    In conclusion, I believe that everyone who triesJanty’s NEO won’t go back to EGO-T. I know I won’t. I will keep my EGO attysand tanks to try new flavors because of their versatility but in order to enjoyvaping I know I have found a winner in NEO. It is a great vaping device, simpleand beautiful, its performance is stable and solid, no leakage at all, can beused with auto batteries, vapor, taste and TH are perfect and Janty’s namebehind all these makes it a temptation no one can resist to!
  2. CheeMiss

    CheeMiss Senior Member ECF Veteran

    1) You still have not said if the Authentic 650 mAh batts last as long as the 1,000 mAh batts, which are either Authentic or knockoff's. I am getting quite the enlightenment about the difference in quality between the knockoff's and real thing.
    So, is your comparrison based on a authentic or knockoff larger batt?

    2) Again, are all your eGo spare parts knockoff's or Authentic. Apparently, this does seem to make a difference, from what I have been reading.

    Since there seems to be an issue with parts being destroyed, I wish vapers would post whether they are using Authentic or knockoff units or parts.

    I like the sound & look of this unit. I would only look at buying the Authentic one. Yet I have quite a few eGo Knockoff spare parts. I need to know if the knockoff's will destroy any parts in the Authentic Neo.

    There are 3 of us in a group that always place 1 large order. I would hate for all 3 of us to ruin an Authentic unit bcos we put it on a knockoff part & visa versa. Please advise.

    btw: Who did you buy this unit from. Is it Authentic?

    Great detailed testimonial/review. Thank you. :)
  3. CheeMiss

    CheeMiss Senior Member ECF Veteran

    One more thing. I know it does not seem like a problem right now, bcos the unit has just been released. But I really don't like the idea of a pull down, silicone flap on the Puromizer.
    Pulling the unit out of a tight fitting pair of jeans can cause that flap to open, spilling its contents. Or having it bang around the bottom of a woman's purse can cause the flap to open as well.

    Why would the designers do that? A flap on the side of a piece of metal??? Is that for a "cool new marketing look"???
    It would have made more sense just to squeeze the liquid in through the top somehow, not a side flap that can accidentally open if not handled carefully.

    In other words, this is not a model that one can be careless with like all the other models. Sheesh! I have to see what my ordering partners have to say. Initially it looks & sounds great, but this flap on the side of a tank???
  4. FaniFox

    FaniFox Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2011
    In my comparison I have only used 650mAh batteries. All my batteries are either Janty or Joyetech authentic.
    Well, my 1000mAh batts are authentic Janty and they do last way longer than the 650mAh but they are also bigger and not very easy to carry around. I agree with your comments on knockoffs and I have to add that authentics are more reliable and safe.

    I agree, that is why I had stated all the gear I have used. I though it goes without saying but yes, all my parts are authentic. Wherever I talk about Janty, all parts are Janty parts and the same goes for Joyetech. As I have said under compatibility, co-operation of the same brand's parts maximizes taste and vapor - after all, they were tested together :)

    The fact that other parts are compatible doesn't mean that they are safe to use. And as I have said, you will lose something in taste and vapor. You can use your compatibles but I suggest you try the complete unit. After all, automatic batteries for EGO-T cannot be found easily and the new Janty AUTO batteries designed for NEO are really great!

    It was sent by Janty for testing and reviewing, so yes, it is definately Authentic :)
    Here is where you can buy it, sorry I didn't post the link before - I should have:

    Janty Europe - Janty NEO

    Thanks for your kind words.
  5. FaniFox

    FaniFox Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2011
    I have been carrying this baby around with me all day for the last 10 days, either in my pocket or in my purse. Trust me when I say that there was no leakage at all - NONE. I couldn't believe it myself! No, the lid is not opening by mistake - it is not. You need to pull it with your nail in order to open. Silicon fits metal like a glove and sort of glues there. I think it has something to do with pressure or material but it doesn't open by mistake.
    UK reseller even posted a trick where you can leave the lid half-opened and still there is no leakage. I know, it is unbelievable but it is true. You will only have leakage if you overfill the PV.
    Compared to the other EGO-T PVs, my pocket and my purse were saved by using NEO. No more stains :)
  6. CheeMiss

    CheeMiss Senior Member ECF Veteran

    You are so kind to take the time to share. Yes, of course we would order the entire Authentic Neo kit, if the other two agree on this model. Personally, for me, I will buy this one, even tho I am NOT crazy about the darn flap or the small size battery.
    Maybe they will let me switch the batt size to 1,000 mAh. If not, then I'll buy the parts separately.

    Unwittingly, we have been buying what we thought was Authentic eGo's & wondering why the atty's keep dying within
    1-5 days. The price difference should have been the tell tail sign.
    The monies we spend replacing burnt out atty's along with the waste of time doing so, well, in the long run, it costs
    us more than if we initially bought the Authentic version. I just needed to know in order to warn my group ordering buddies.
    We save on postage this way.

    A year ago, talk of Knockoff's was not on the boards as it is today. I have learned much these past few days, thanks to everyone sharing. Again, vapers should be clear when they are posting about atty's that died prematurely. They should state if they are knockoffs or Authentic. This way newbies will understand the difference too.

    I had a great lesson with my PC computer. Always in the shop due to viruses, regardless of what protection plan I got.
    In the long term, the PC cost me more than buying a brand new iMac. So I threw out the PC & replaced it with the iMac and never looked back. More cha-ching in my pocket & no time in the repair shop. That's a win, win!

    This is the way I am now approaching the purchasing of the electric cigs. Authentic or nothing!
    If the knockoff companies can't get their act together, bye, bye.

    And if we start supporting the Authentic companies, I am sure that they will start to lower their prices. Right guys?! :)
  7. FaniFox

    FaniFox Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2011
    To my point of view, the manufacturer knows the ins and outs of his technology. Replicas can only go as much as a certain point.
    Janty has the best warranty I have ever seen, and I have used it many times in the past. So you don't have to worry about anything, all you have to do is to enjoy vaping with their PVs.
    If you do place the order to Janty, remember to try their RY4 - it will blow your mind away!
  8. CheeMiss

    CheeMiss Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Dear Fani Fox,

    I really do appreciate all this education. As I am sure that the newbies will as well. It's helping us make an informed decision. The boards are full of complaints, so I, like many others thought that this was the way it had to be with e-cigs.
    None in my group of 3 thought that we were vaping knockoffs. Now we know. It's much cheaper in the long run to get a great Authentic model instead of a cheapo, that will cost us more money & frustration in the same long run.

    You provided a Europe link for ordering. Yet I am in Ontario, Canada. The prices are in Euros. Maybe you could inform Janty, that it would be great if they install an little currency conversion calculator on their site. Since your testing for them, you must have direct contact.

    1) Where are the Janty orders coming from? China?
    2) Their warranty on LR is only 24 hrs. Yikes!
    3) USA Shop does not ship to Canada. Why?
    Anyway, do you have any idea of duty fees for Canadian shipments? At the end of the day, this could end up being quite the costly unit. hmmmm
    4) You said you were testing the Neo's, does that mean you are a supplier too? If yes, what is your web site.

    I can't wait until Monday to show my friends this model.

    Thank you so, so, much for all your time. :)
  9. FaniFox

    FaniFox Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2011
    No, no, I am not a supplier :) I am a plain vaper as anybody else. I am just vaping for many years and although I had a break from vaping for a while, now that I quit smoking for good I want to help others do that, too. In a lot of areas I am a newbie myself. But I love trying and testing and I am usually asked for opinions on vaping in general. As I was helped and educated on vaping it is my wish to spread knowledge as well...
    Janty's EU orders are sent from France. US has its own stock, sometimes better equipped than EU's shop. Unfortunately, US ships only Domestic but you can always ask them if they will ship to Canada. They have a subforum here:
    You can ask them everything you want, they always answer quickly and there are also a lot of great members there to help you instantly.
  10. CheeMiss

    CheeMiss Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Fanny Fox,

    You truly are a gem. Sub-Worlds? Love it!

    Thank you so very much. :)
  11. FaniFox

    FaniFox Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2011

    You are so welcome! Hope you'll enjoy NEO as much as I do!
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