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Joyetech eRoll MAC system. Review by stratus.vaping

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by stratus.vaping, Dec 10, 2019.

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  1. stratus.vaping

    stratus.vaping Super Member ECF Veteran

    Joyetech eRoll MAC system

    Review by stratus.vaping

    Joyetech provided me with the device, but I always try to give a realistic review, usually after a week or two of daily use. I tend to give a “real user” review rather than delving into the numbers, others do that much better than I can. I normally use a well known premium e-liquid for all my reviews, it’s high VG, zero Nic and uses fruit flavourings with complex flavour notes, I know how it tastes in many devices and with varied settings, in that way I can judge how good a device is at releasing subtle flavours.

    Hello folks, I’ve had a succession of flu viruses that loved me so much they didn’t want to leave ;) At last able to vape I have now thoroughly tested this revamped “blast from the past” from Joyetech. It’s a short-ish review ( I know, I’ve said that before) as they are very simple to use and I have had only one minor issue in 3 weeks of use.

    Do you remember the eRoll from the time when vaping was all about cigalikes? The eRoll was quite successful at the time, but did have some leakage, with poor coil and battery life issues.

    Joyetech have revisited the concept, solved the problems and improved these tiny things to end up with a kit that is great for that evening out or to take travelling. I took a PCC kit to a wedding, perfect fit in the suit pocket and it lasted me all day and evening.

    The new eRoll MAC system has two variants; the blister packed “Simple Kit” that includes a battery, cart and a special USB charging cable and the boxed “Advanced kit” that includes 1 x battery, 3 x 0.55ml carts, 1 x 2000mAh PCC (Portable Charging Case) and a PCC USB charging cable. Both include the usual instructions and safety cards. The carts can be bought separately in packs of 3.




    The detail

    The eRoll vape device itself is tiny at 17.3g and 100mm long in total, consisting of a 3.7V constant output 180mAh battery and a screw on disposable ceramic & cotton 1.5 ohm coil MTL cart with mouthpiece. They come in various colourways; red, silver and black. It’s about the size of a fat “super king” ciggy. The battery can be charged by the special USB cable that magnetically grips the metal end of the battery or in the PCC case (more of which later).



    The cart and mouthpiece threads are well machined and I had no problems with them when installing or filling.


    180mAh sounds like a very low battery capacity, indeed it is, but I found that the ceramic coil is so efficient and the PCC so easy to use that that never became a problem. Each charge would last 2-3 hours of regular use and it takes about 30 minutes to bring to full charge in the PCC or using the Simple kit USB cable. When the battery needs charging the LED at the charging connection end of the battery will flash 10 times. The LED goes out when charging is complete.

    The PCC case is a well thought out and slim (115mm/65mm/12mm) pocket case for 1 x complete battery and cart and 2 x spare carts. It also also charges the battery if inserted in the correct orientation, about 8 times say Joyetech. Puff, then charge in the case and it lasts all day very easily. Simple and elegant to use. It does look vaguely like an Apple product, perhaps the MAC element of the name reflects that! ;)

    If I had one criticism of the PCC case it would be that it stores one complete eRoll device and two carts ( one with Nic, one with CBD or nic salt for example), but you cannot store two complete eRoll devices which may be more useful for some users.

    In use

    Charge it up, unscrew the mouthpiece and fill the cart, but not too much! You will need a fairly steady hand and/or a needle bottle to do this. Leave the coil to saturate for a few minutes. Puff and the device senses the air pressure and produces vapour. It’s MTL, don’t expect DTL. But it’s not very tight so as a DTL vaper I didn’t feel too constrained. Be careful not to block the airholes 8)

    The ceramic coil produces a surprising amount of vapour, OK it’s not super flavoursome, but with the complex flavour liquid I use for testing it had acceptable flavour. The vapour is warm, not cool after the first puff. if you want to chain vape it gets hot and the cart gets hot too, not recommended! It’s efficient so heats up fast. 0.55ml capacity? It’s not a lot, if you need a lot of nic when out and about use salts, fill 2 spare carts and put them in the PCC case.

    Coil life? Ye gods, my first cart lasted 2 weeks with a sweetish liquid. The second 2.5 weeks using an unflavoured very high quality CBD vape liquid. You could see the coil in the cart darkening at that point and it began to taste a bit yukky.

    You can hold the eRoll like a ciggy, it feels ok like that, the mouthpiece is rounded and comfortable.

    Charging in the PCC was a breeze, make sure the PCC is charged using it’s USB-C connection, there are a row of LEDs that indicate charge remaining and charge in progress and complete. No buttons or controls. Pop the eRoll in with its battery connection chromed end toward the PCC charging contacts on the left in the bottom slot and away it goes. Reverse it when completed to stop charging.


    There are of course the usual electronic protections built into the vape itself; There’s an LED built into the charging end, a short circuit or similar problem will show 3-5 flashes then shut down. Puffing for more than 10 secs will flash twice and shut down, by that time it would be warm enough to warn you.


    I had one occasion when a small amount of liquid ( about 1 drop) leaked from the air holes when lying on my desk after a heavy puffing session. I sighed when I puffed again as it gurgled ( I hate gurgles!).... so I removed the cart, wrapped it in a tissue and blew fairly sharply into the mouthpiece twice. No more gurgles or leakage since. Zilch, nada.


    As another big manufacturer says “it just works”.

    If you want a discrete, very simple to use and elegant MTL system for nic, nic salts or CBD I recommend the eRoll system. If you want to chain vape, play with buttons or DTL, get something else 8)

    Advanced PCC kit is around £43 in the UK. Simple kit around £13. 3 carts - around £9.

    More detail and fancy graphics on the link:

    Thanks for reading.
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