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Juice Reviews/Opinions - For the Aussie Palate.

Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand Forum' started by Dogsbody, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. Dogsbody

    Dogsbody Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 2, 2010
    I was reading through the other Au threads and was trying to take note what flavours and juice suppliers got the thumbs up, I thought I would start this thread for all us Aussies to rate and review our latest and greatest purchases from around the globe.

    I will start it off with my latest batch of liquids, using the x/10 scale comparing to say a standard Dekang Tobbacco being a 5/10.

    Devices: E9 Carto @ 5v / Indulgence @ 3.7/7.4 w 401/901/801 atty and KR8D1 Cartos / Janty Stick-801 atty/ Joye 510

    Supplier: (supposed to be VG but still says PG on carto boxes)

    All have good TH (24/36mg) and vapour production, some seem thicker than others.

    Chocolate---- 8/10 Great real milk chocolate taste! Liquid Cadbury. (Harder to detect on the 510/801)

    Strawberry--- 7/10 Yummy strawberry candy type flavour. (chuppa-chup strawberry)

    Menthol----- 7/10 Very dark and more 'tobaccoey' than Dekang Menthol- Great to mix with tobbacco flavs, not with fruity/sweet ones.

    Licorice ------3/10 Not a very strong licorice taste, but a weird bitterness in the background, I still vaped it all day though.

    Plum------ 8/10 Fantastic. Dark and fruity, sweet and juicey!

    China----- 6/10 Reminded me of Chinese cigs that clients would give me as gifts, it probably should score higher as it did seem to be very close to what it is supposed to be. Good if you like Chinese Cigerettes.

    Oral Freshner----4/10 Premium Healthcare range, it was ok but not as minty or full flavoured as I was expecting, still a good thick vape. Probably not worth the premium price.

    Green Tea---- 8/10 A real surprise! I am not a fan of tea and only ordered it out of curiosity, but it makes a great vape, slightly sweet with a bit of body.

    Peach-------7/10 Light, sweet and fruity. I didn't think I would like it, but I do.

    Orange------6/10 Fanta/sunkist/vitamin C and a bit of tobacco flavour, not a strong orange flavour and not too sweet, I think this one will grow on me.

    Blueberry----- 7/10 Very sweet, more a dessert vape than a fruit one, and it is my favourite before bedtime. ATM

    Grape----- 7/10 Fake sweet USA Grape like Hubba-Bubba or 7-11 Grape Slushie, it is another that is more deserty than fruity.

    Supplier Eastmall (Dekang)

    Menthol------7/10 Great light menthol flavour, great TH, no good by itself but good to mix with some tobacco flavs and better than the menthol for mixing with light fruity flavs. I go through more of this stuff than anything else.

    Marlboro---- 6/10 I used to hate this stuff when I first started vaping, and left a few bottles in storage. I ran out of other tobacco flavs last weekend so I dug some out, vaped heaps and now I think it is pretty good.

    Pineapple----2/10 sickly sweet, cheap/fake but still ok to mix with coconut/vanilla. Mixer only.

    Lemon-----3/10 It is growing on me, subtle flavour, should be ok to mix with.

    Brandy----1/10 Sweet,sickly,chemically, headache inducing.

    Cherry-----3/10 Sickly sweet/chemically. OK Mixer -Strong flavour.

    Chocolate----3/10 Sickly/chemically. Mixer.

    Caramel------1/10 Sickly/chemically/weird

    Cola---------4/10 Pepsi. Ok for something different.

    Red Bull-----5/10 It tastes just like Redbull.

    Vanilla------1/10 Liquid evil

    Watermelon---3/10 Strong flavour, ok mixer.

    I will do more tomorrow.

    Remember, taste is very subjective and these are just my opinions, what tastes good to me may be bad for you and vice-versa.

    I would encourage everyone to try them all yourself and post your opinions, thoughts and reviews so we can get to know each others tastes and hopefully find someone with whom we identify.
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  2. Diablo1399

    Diablo1399 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 21, 2010
    What I'd really love would be a Eucalyptus flavour. That would own.
  3. mooody

    mooody Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 6, 2010
    Sadly I’ve only tried Heaven’s gift Dekang thus far, and I’ve only tried 4 out of ten. Since I find the Dekang flavour quite prominent and what ever is added, tends to be just a small hint of. Probably because I’ve only got a 510 right now. Have other models of e-cigs coming, most likely next week. During the day, at work, the 510 is perfect…but in the evenings I think I would like to tone down the concentration and throat hit whilst relaxed…enjoy a vape rather taking it to rid of a craving.

    Oh, I've got an Eucalyptus flavoured something coming from Ms T...agree that it sounds nice to vape.
  4. Zyka

    Zyka Full Member

    Mar 11, 2010
    This is a really good idea for a thread - I get totally lost digging through all the yank reviews.

    My Eastmall order has still not arrived after 11 days and I'm getting excuses from EM about some issue with Customs and EMS in China.

    Therefore I can only review the limited started pack I got from

    Dunhill ----- 5/10 Does not taste like Dunhill but at least is not sickly sweet like some of the others

    Coffee ----- 6/10 The best of a bad bunch - Does taste like coffee (really bad instant coffee with 5 spoons of sugar)

    Rum ------- 4/10 Has hint of rum flavor but mostly chemically

    Red Bull ----- Yuck yuck yuck - Tastes like I'm vaping some sort of $2 purfume.
  5. MrDismal

    MrDismal Moderator ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Oct 21, 2009
    Australia, Melbourne
    Things have heated up around here when I was on holiday!
    I think I'll just copy and paste the small review I did a little while ago and jazz it up a bit.
    I'm expecting some more flavours tomorrow so will review more!

    Supplier: Heaven Gifts
    RY4 -- After vaping this for a while I still love it for a all-day vape. At first it was more of a taste of tobacco with slight vanilla/caramel taste. Now I'm getting just a sweet taste kinda like burnt sugar. Love it!

    Vanilla -- Real smooth tasting and and a very vanillery, I love anything vanilla so I enjoy this one. It's good to mix with too. Ie. cola, red bull.

    Dr. Pepper -- Does not taste like Dr. Pepper at all!
    It tastes more like aniseed with a real medicinal flavour. Yeah Dr. Pepper does taste medicinal but not like.
    After a while I can actually vape this and say I like it on it's own - but only for a short time. Lets just say I can't wait for my cola to arrive so I can mix Cola, Dr. Pepper and Red Bull! (All time fave flavour! Hopefully)

    Flue Cured Tobacco -- My fave so far from H-G. It's a simple but strong Tobacco-type flavour. I vape this solo, or sometimes mix it with other 'bacco juices like camel if I'm feeling like a big night out. (Can't drink and vape sweet juice).

    I like the idea of the thread DB, so I'll sticky it and see how it goes :)
  6. MrDismal

    MrDismal Moderator ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Oct 21, 2009
    Australia, Melbourne
    Supplier: Health Cabin

    Rum -- Bloody awesome! Taste just like Rum! Good throat hit too.

    Cola -- Tastes like those little cola lollies we used to buy at school without the fizziness! I've been adding all sorts to it too - made a mixture of Cola/Red Bull/Vanilla/Dr. Pepper. (Wow!)

    Bubblegum -- Tastes nothing like bubblegum, more like mint chewing gum. Not my flave of choice, might have to stash this one away for a rainy day.

    Menthol -- Pretty much straight menthol. Now ppl have told me to get this as an added throat hit to other juices but I tried it and it just over powers everything! Apart form that, not bad... One bloody hell of a throat it but!

    Grape -- Very nice strong grape flavour, similar to a grape lolly.

    Peach -- Mixture of a peach/apricot flavour. Good for all you fruit lovers. Not bad throat hit.

    Mango -- Prefer this over peach, stronger flavour. Just tastes like mango.
  7. Dogsbody

    Dogsbody Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 2, 2010
    A couple more (still using standard dekang tobacco as a 5/10 for rating comparison .) (VG-36mg)

    Vanilla: 9/10 Real vanilla icecreamy taste, great to mix with just about anything, love it!

    Hilton: 5/10 Not real tobaccoey and has a odd sweet taste to it.

    555: 6/10 nice, smooth light tobaccoey flavour.

    Flue cured: 6/10 Very dark and rich heavy flavour, strong pipe tobacco or white-ox feel to it. but can get a bit sickly as an all dayer. Good for that big night out

    Eastmall (Dekang 26mg)

    Hilington/Hilton: 5/10 It is pretty good standard tobacco flavour

    Peanut butter: 6/10 Really peanutty, they nailed this one exactly, very strong flavour and hard to get the flavour out of attys. A really thick taste.

    Double Mint: 4/10 Very minty and tastes like mouthwash and mint chewing gum. Not real good on it's own, but good to mix with and use it to make a good mint/menthol blend.

    Kent/Kant: 7/10- Probably my favourite DK tobacco. Great all dayer.

    Strawberry: 5/10 Nice candy type strawberry, slightly too artificial but still good.

    Mango: 5/10 Nice, sweet mango taste, probably how I would imagine a mango lolly would taste.

    Remember with Eastmall to get the bonus VG-36mg mixing liquids for $3 in the 5x20ml custom sampler, and instead of adding optional extra normal bottles for $6 ea. to the list just make another 5x20ml order so you get another 2 bonus VG36 mixers. (I have stuffed it up a few times)
  8. k.rad

    k.rad Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 7, 2010
    Adelaide, Australia
    Hey all. Another migrant from the Whirlpool e-cig thread here. I've only been on a 510 for nine days so far, but I'm loving vaping, and this thread looks great as I'm sure to be wanting to try more and more flavours soon.

    I've only tried four flavours from healthcabin so far, but should be getting some more in the next day or two. I haven't really tried enough yet to rate out of ten, so I'll just give opinion:

    Fluecured Tobacco VG - I really like this one. Goes great with a beer. It has some kinda honey like sweetness to it and a fairly strong, dry tobacco like flavour.

    RY4 - This was the first juice I tried and it weirded me out a bit at first, but it's really grown on me. Quite sweet and caramel like, but with 'tobacco' in the background.

    Watermelon - I totally loved this when I first tried it. It's quite sweet and is not something I'd like to vape for long stretches, but definitely a really nice change from the tobacco flavours.

    DK-TAB - Gross. I don't like this at all. Bleyargh.
  9. Silverthorn181

    Silverthorn181 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 16, 2010
    ɹǝpun uʍop
    I have NOTHING to offer this thread..... :(

    I have become VERY boring. :yawn:

    I haven't touched any of my other 20-30 flavors for a very very long time.

    RY4 Morning noon and night. My wife still has a taste of others occasionally but she's pretty much RY4 and Chery.

    Yawn!!! Ho Hum!!!

  10. MrDismal

    MrDismal Moderator ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Oct 21, 2009
    Australia, Melbourne
    Welcoem to the forum k.rad, I'm sure you'll fit in well.. and don't be shy to ask questions either.
  11. k.rad

    k.rad Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 7, 2010
    Adelaide, Australia
    Thanks MrD. I just received some more juice and gear from Healthcabin today (loving the 901 atty > the 510 ) and I got the best tobacco flavoured juice that I've tried so far. 555. Really nice stuff, and I've been vaping it constantly for the past few hours. The other new tobacco flavour I got was Marlboro (it was listed as Marlboro, but the bottle I received is labelled 'USA Mix') and it's kinda okay... vapeable, but pretty 'chemical tasting'.

    I also got some Rum. Disgusting. It will be a sad day if I'm desperate enough to vape any more of this concoction. Sickly sweet and truly gross. (I'm not even a fan of drinking rum, so I'm not quite sure why I ordered it in the first place :\)

    I just ordered an Indulgence along with some juice, including some Kent thanks to the recommendation of Dogsbody. A good vape that goes well with a good beer is very important to me :)
  12. mooody

    mooody Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 6, 2010
    Mrs T’s Bakery
    French toast with bacon-: I’m sure this might suit someone’s palate, but for some reason having a bacon taste in the vape just doesn’t seem to sit well with me

    After dinner mint-: Tastes exactly like that. Very refreshing and not as overly dominate as I found the Dekang menthol (which was a bit disgusting for me, more toothpaste flavour)

    Root beer float-: Been my favourite for the last week, after work and weekend vape. Has a delightful zing which you get in ginger beer.

    Rich-: Has been my smoothest vape so far. Maybe it’s because it isn’t Dekang, maybe because it’s a lower nicotine lvl then all my earlier stuff, maybe because I used it with a 901 (which was my first time with that model). Has a smoky caramel flavour without being sweet. Once again, another weekend, relax kind of vape…I love it.
  13. tonic

    tonic Full Member

    Jan 3, 2010

    I got the spiced apple, if you like a hot curry and then you have the same problem as me and it is hard to taste anything for a while afterwards. You may very well like this. It is just spices no apple taste for me, but after a hot curry it still tastes exactly the same think mulled apple cider without the apple.

    Very happy to of found this one.
  14. falconsforge

    falconsforge Full Member

    Jan 29, 2010
    Just got a new order with my Indulgence and I'm finding the flavour of the RY4 a lot weaker than my usual HG RY4. Is their usually much difference or did I just get a bad batch?
  15. Dogsbody

    Dogsbody Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 2, 2010
    Are you using the same atty and/or voltage?

    I find alot less flavor with the 801 and 510 compared to the 901 and 401, also some liquids seem different at 6v.... some seem to have more flavour some less?

    Do you have any of the HG batch left to compare? else try the EM RY4 in the old set-up?

    It should be pretty much the same stuff as it comes from the same factory AFAIK. I guess age, storage and transit conditions may have some effect on it.

    Hows the Indulgence going btw?
  16. falconsforge

    falconsforge Full Member

    Jan 29, 2010
    Same atty & filler but in the Indulgence at 3.7 instead of a 510 mega. I tried it as well with my regular 510 mega. Definitely a thinner flavour than my HG RY4.

    The Indulgence I'm of mixed minds. It does everything as advertised and vapes like a champ. I'm concerned about the thread quality and I worry that one wrong turn will take it out. The charger is a complete POS. Sometimes the switch clicks nice and others it feels like a damp sponge. Feels nice in the hand though and vapes up a storm compared to the 510 mega. For what it cost I reckon its a winner but I'm already thinking I want something better.

    Have you had any luck with the passthru?
  17. vapboy

    vapboy Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 10, 2009
    sun burnt o z land
    same my pass thru was dead when it was delivered to me (it seems like a lot of people too!) and when i tried to screw it in with the switch bit it was bloody hard:mad: because of the .g......**ing threads. i am thinking of another mod thats built better if i have money, maybe a screwdriver dont know
  18. Kimmyw

    Kimmyw Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 16, 2010
    QLD Australia
    I know I sound like a stuck record but.... look at the chameleon from Ikenvape, ive got one and dont regret it, everything does as its suppose too and Isaac is great to deal with.

    My 2 cents worth
  19. k.rad

    k.rad Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 7, 2010
    Adelaide, Australia
    After using it for a while I realised how to make it turn on the threads easier. Once the thread turns to the point that it is being resisted by a spring, push against the force of the spring as you twist it on or off. It makes things much smoother (I hope that makes sense). The threading is a little thin and fiddly though, granted, but I found things much nicer once I worked this out.

    Back on topic, it's funny how fast my taste in juice seems to change. I posted earlier that I liked the 555 from healthcabin but didn't like the USA Mix as much, but now I much prefer the USA Mix to the 555.

    I really don't like the RY4 from Eastmall compared to the RY4 from healthcabin either. It's vapeable, but nowhere near as nice as what I remember of the healthcabin stuff (I couldn't A-B as I'd run out of healthcabin RY4, but I have some more HC RY4 on the way so I'll be sure to save some Eastmall stuff to do a direct comparison this time).

    I really like the VG Apple flavour from HC. It's a definite favourite from what I've tried so far. It tastes and smells like apple juice, and is sweet, but not TOO sweet.

    The HC Strawberry is nice too, and as mentioned earlier, tastes just like strawberry Chupa-Chups. It's a tad too sweet to vape too much of (for me), but is very nice.
  20. falconsforge

    falconsforge Full Member

    Jan 29, 2010
    I found a couple of drops of Queens Vanilla essence improved the EM RY4 out of site. I was very happy to find a fix as I really wasn't enjoying it and I bought 60 ml with my Indulgence.

    Re the Indulgence my threads have settled down after a few days use but I'm finding the switch intermittent, sometimes it works, sometimes it just doesn't until you pull it apart and jig with it a bit. Bloody awesome when it works but... The POS charger is still irritating me as well.
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