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Nov 7, 2010
    Vendor: Junjii Juice
    Liquid: Pirate Zombie 6mg 100VG
    Description: Caribbean pirate blended with organic extracts of banana cream, fresh lime and a hint of coconut.
    Setup: Dripping in .4 ohm doge V2 on an Apollo mod

    I am a dripper. I have been for four years (before rda was invented). I always like my liquid thicker than thin. I have tried some 100% VG blends before and most were horrible. Most use organic flavorings that have been extracted in ethyl alcohol which makes the liquid taste like rubbing alcohol. Junjii does not use any flavorings based in alcohol, which is why I wanted to order from them. Once they had a sale, and I had some money, I ordered a few flavors and couldn't wait to try a new true 100% VG liquid.

    Once my liquids arrived I opened the postage box to see my true 100VG liquids.....which seemed as thin as 70/30 PG/VG. I understand making liquids a little more universal by cutting with distilled water as all VG is like honey but this was way too thin for my RDAs and RTAs. I emailed Junjii to which they said they've been thinking about making an uncut VG as well. This option may be on the website, as they are working out the logistics, but I have been assured uncut VG is available to order through commenting on your order.

    Due to the extreme thinness of the liquid I added my own VG to the liquid in order to thicken it up. Besides wicking issues in both the RDA and RTA, the thin liquid resulted in a 6mg feeling much harsher than a MAXVG blend. I took an empty 30ml bottle, filled it with 15ml of Pirate Zombie and filled the rest with VG. The flavor is still fantastic and the nicotine has mellowed greatly.

    Even at half flavored, Pirate Zombie is quite strong. Reimagine everything you’d think banana cream, lime, and coconut to taste like in a liquid. The banana cream is a true banana with creamy aspects to it, unlike the artificially flavored banana creams all over the eliquid market. This is not banana cream dessert flavor. This is organic, real banana. If you love real bananas but hate vaping them, this should be your exception.

    The lime releases a nice tang that complements the banana, giving the liquid a little bit of punch as real lime does in actual food/drinks. I do not taste a strong lime but a taste as if limejuice has been squeezed onto the main entrée.

    The coconut is more present when smelling the liquid but more subtle in the actual flavor. The perfect amount of coconut is added to harmonize the flavor rather than share the stage. Both this and the lime are expertly added for that perfect overall experience.

    Final Thoughts:
    Pirate Zombie hopefully a reorder for me. I absolutely love the flavor. Even with the wicking struggles, I have been enjoying this greatly. I'm not a fruit lover and really didn't expect much out of this liquid. I was absolutely wrong. To almost everyone I have passed this to try they have redripped or tried to steal the bottle. I am not even kidding.

    Currently, I can confidently say that if you have a PG sensitivity and use a low powered tank then Junjii would be a great choice. If you’re looking for authentic, natural, organic flavors to put in your low powered tank, go with Junjii.

    Junjii has offered to send me the two flavors I ordered in the uncut VG version. I will be posting about this later to inform those with higher powered units.

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