just a cool way to store your Silica wick

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    The Teflon tape holders make for a great little Silica wick holder, it's nice because you can just roll it up on the round wheel and pop on the cover, this way it doesn't get frayed up and stays nice and safe. I just thought I'd post a picture of how I keep my Silica wick safe and stored nicely.


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      Nothing worse than stale wick. I always check the 'use by' date.


      wouldnt keeping this in a ziploc bag keep it fresh, spool and all? I think the spool is handy for dispensing, but I would go an extra mile and place that in a baggie. I wouldn't trust the teflon tape container to have an air seal


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      Oct 24, 2010
        is there such a thing as stale wick?

        Anyway, I saw this post a couple days ago, and I had been thinking and searching for about
        2 weeks off and on for a solution for wick and wire. And this solution was right there on my mind, but couldn't grasp it.

        Big thanks to mwa102464 for the suggestion that proved to myself I wasn't crazy.

        Was at the Auto parts store to get headlights for the wife's car and there they were under the counter, 2 for a $1. I bought 4.
        I did waste the Teflon on 2 of them, yes. Washed them well with soap and water, then a 91% Iso bath.

        They will hold (and I am estimating) 100ft +/- some feet of Wick and about 400ft +/- some feet of 32ga Kanthal.

        However, I found that I got really irritated by the fact that my 50ft of Kanthal was wrapped around
        a 1in X 2in cardboard around the 1in side of it. Now my wire as kinks in it all the way down it.
        I will have to try and smooth them out as I use it.
        I got it about the cheapest you can get it anywhere.
        Spend the extra money and buy form someone who states they spool
        it on a round spool and not a business card (which I also have) or cardboard.
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