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Juul threw millions at Washington. It hasn’t bought much.

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by iVapeDIY, Sep 12, 2019.

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  1. iVapeDIY

    iVapeDIY Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 1, 2017
    Toronto, Canada
    Juul threw millions of dollars at Washington. It hasn’t bought much.

    Juul Labs has spent millions of dollars on lobbying, hired high-profile Trump administration officials, and blanketed Washington with ads touting its efforts against underage vaping.

    None of that was enough to keep President Donald Trump from moving to ban flavored e-cigarettes on Wednesday, delivering a blow to the dominant vaping company and its rivals.

    “Vaping has become a very big business as I understand it, a giant business in a very short period of time,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office, sitting alongside Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar. “But we can't allow people to get sick and we can't have our youth be so affected.”

    Neither Trump nor Azar mentioned Juul in their remarks. But Scott Gottlieb, who pressed for greater regulation of vaping as Trump’s Food and Drug Administration commissioner before stepping down earlier this year, said the move would have an outsize impact on the San Francisco-based company.

    “This problem was largely created by the cartridge-based Juul products in my opinion,” Gottlieb said in a statement to POLITICO.
  2. Haktuspit

    Haktuspit Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 13, 2013
    Denver, CO
    It's ridiculous. Last time I logged into Juul's website I had to scan an image of both sides of my ID and then take a selfie right then and there to ordered flavored juices. If that's not as "Making it inaccessible to kids" as you can take it I don't know what is.
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  3. VRx

    VRx Full Member Verified Member

    Apr 11, 2010
    Irvine, CA.
    I wish they would throw this money into legit medical research into vaping. The one positive thing that may come from this mess is real research, hopefully not biased to hell.

    I would volunteer my lungs of 10 years worth of vaping for studies. Hopefully with me still attached to them.
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  4. mgordon1100

    mgordon1100 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 24, 2011
    A, A
    I would too. I've been doing nothing but talking about my 10 years of vaping, which brought my health up a few notches after 30 years of smoking. In fact, I want up flat out lie to a doctor and tell him I've been vaping for a year, and I'm worried. Check me out. Then after a clean bill of health, admit it's been 10 years and ask him to do the professional thing and be a part of setting the world straight
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