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Aug 22, 2012


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Dec 1, 2014
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Always looking for new flavors in 100% VG and was wondering if anyone has dealt with Kind juice?

KINDJUICE| High quality – All Organic E-Nectars for Personal Vaporizers | E-Liquids, Organic, Vapor, Vape, Vaping, Mods, Juice

ALL organic VG and looks to have some pretty decent flavors, I was just curious if anyone has ordered from them?

Thanks in advance.


I love their juice. They have 2 lines the sub-element line which is e-gel for dripping and the e-nectar line which is the juice. I think their flavors are true to taste but they have a florally backnote which boosts the flavor. I have tried lucidity, virtuous, teacher's pet, once in a blue moon, midnight decadence, geisha moon song, jungle juice, pirate's gold and route 66. The only flavor that is different is the route 66 which is a straight tobacco juice. It has a grassy back note. My favorites are lucidity, geshia moon song and midnight decadence. There is a 5 pack of 5ml bottles that is $25. I am into organic vg juices and have found that KIND juices are ADV for me. I have a 15% off code of EARTHSOURCE4102, this is from Spinfuel mag.

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