Kind Juice Organic E-Juice - Key West Sunset

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Mar 7, 2014
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    Heya guys,

    I recently posted a thread about my awful discovery that I am VG sensitive :/ BOO :/

    How ever, I spent some time vaping high VG juices in order to figure this out, and I did fall in LOVE with "Kind Juice", particularly their Key West Sunset flavor. It tastes JUST.LIKE. Candy peach rings. And it's glorious. I vaped it in my ego one mini w/ 1.0 ohm atty. It was just delicious, like vaping candy but not sickly sweet candy, real candy.....Soooo any way, I figured that even though I can't vape it, I'd pass it on to others who know they are good with VG because it's really, seriously worth picking up a bottle. My husband loved Pirates Gold from them too (I'm not a fan of those types of flavors but I admit it was a very nice taste, just not for me) and Jungle Juice was nice also.

    It comes in glass bottles, with ingredients list and exp/born on dates, is all organic, cruelty free, vegan I think?, all that.

    Any way, the flavors are amazing, but especially key west. I am SO SAD I can't vape it any more. I am hoping that as my quit goes on from analogs, months down the line perhaps my body will adjust and I can tolerate VG from time to time as even an occasional vape on this would be grand for me.

    Admittedly I have since once or twice opened the bottle and gave it a little sniff just because mmm. I should probably stop that though, ha. I'm going to gift it to a VG loving friend soon.

    The only other issue I had was it did make my teeth a little sore after vaping all day, very "sugary" but I also have extraordinarily sensitive teeth to begin with, so you may not have this problem.

    Any way, there ya go!
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