KTS EL Sombrero Mango von Limon


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Sep 19, 2022
    The execution takes us in the direction of Mexico, which I think is pretty cool. One member of the six-part El Sombrero series is the Mango Lemon flavored aroma. You can only get three half of it here, which I'm very sorry about. The base is the usual 70VG-30PG, after five days of rest we can say that it has matured. I could only smell the Mango, but I couldn't detect the Lemon. It gives the taste of pleasantly sweet Mango, which is already a little creamy, but I did not find the taste of Lemon here either. Personally, I don't mind because this Mango is probably one of the tastiest I've tasted so far. Simple and great . There are no aftertastes that might take the taste and smell of the aroma in a different direction. When it comes to coke, you can easily get drunk with two bottles, there is no sign of contamination. I strongly recommend it even in an atomizer tank.


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