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KTS Line Silver


Senior Member
Sep 19, 2022
KTS Line Silver
Packaging: 30ml aroma concentrate in a 120ml PE bottle.
In this test I chose the Kts Line range, which offers a delicious selection of harmonised fruit compositions. The 'silver' is a ripe banana with a cake and custard that I felt obliged to try. Banana and vanilla dominate the scent, which is very pleasant, although I'm a little wary of vanilla pudding as it's a very delicate flavour, especially if there's too much. "What it smells like, it tastes like". In this case, the taste is completely identical to the smell. A ripe banana supported by vanilla custard. The banana is the leader, in a pleasant ripe form, not cloying, but it takes the lead throughout the steaming. The vanilla custard provides the dessert support behind the "leader" hata, its pleasant sweet taste making the fruit creamy. Using Dl rta,30W, the cakey part was not masked by the aroma for me, which I didn't really miss. You get a tasty, delicious, not too sweet vapour when using it, which for many will suit all day use. As for the ageing, I would just say that it is worth waiting up to a week, as the vanilla needs some time to become more delicious and flavoursome.
Next time, staying with the "line" line, I will present another dessert flavour, which will be a really special flavour with several different fruits.


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