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Kudos to SI's CS department!

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Oct 22, 2012
Elizabethtown, KY
    So, last Friday I put an order in with Smokeless Image. It was a fairly big order, but I placed it distracted at work. The end result is that I managed to leave off a pack of cartos for my grandmother (thanks to SI all but one smoking member of my family is an ex-smoker now). So, I contacted SI to see if the pack could be added, since I had literally just submitted the order.

    Unfortunately, I didn't hear back before I had to leave for the day. Checking my work e-mail from home later, I saw a response to my ticket saying orders couldn't be altered after they were placed. Not too much of a surprise, but it was worth a shot, right? Off to the website I go, I figure I'll just eat the shipping on the cartos and place a second order. The website indicates regular-sized blank cartos are out of stock anyway. I'm thinking to myself it's probably working out for the best, I can give it a little time and re-up on cartos, Nanos and T3 heads all at once.

    My order came today. Opened it up...

    ...and inside was a pack of blank cartos!

    This was such a pleasant surprise that I felt I had to come on over to the forum and gush publicly about how awesome it was to find those cartos inside the order, where I know the compliments will be read and passed on. So...

    My eternal gratitude to SI and Jason and/or Steve (both names were on the ticket reply) and/or whoever got those into the order. I look forward to giving SI my money for a long time to come!
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