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Labubs Looks Over: The 'Typhoon' GTR (2Fdeal DL Kit) - A Review

Discussion in 'Atomizer Reviews' started by Labubs, Oct 2, 2019.

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  1. Labubs

    Labubs Full Member

    Jan 26, 2015
    Northeast PA
    Introduction and Overview
    What's up all, today I'm continuing my review series and taking a look at the ULTON 'Typhoon' GTR, with both MTL and DL deck posts. Let's get the elephant out of the room right here, obviously, this is a clone of the Taifun GTR. This review is an objective look at an RTA, and not meant to spark an argument on clones, though I'd be more than happy to talk about the pros and cons of them with you in the comments. Everyone has their views on them, and they're usually pretty set in stone, so let's take a look at this version of the RTA, yeah?
    (Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by 2Fdeal for the purposes of this review, though that will have zero influence on the review itself. This is the kit I was sent)
    Album Link, though I'll be linking relevant images throughout the review-
    • 23mm Diameter
    • SS316 Construction
    • 4ml Capacity
    • ~1/8 Turn Topfill Cap
    • Adjustable Bottom Airflow Control Ring, 6 Settings using a Detent Ball Bearing System
    • PSU 'Frosted' Tank (Installed)
    • Spare Clear PCTG Tank
    • Spare O-Rings and Grub Screws
    • MTL Post (Installed) 2 air holes, 1mm and 1.2mm
    • DL Post Kit (Included) 2 air holes, 1mm and 1.5mm
    • 4 Post Deck allows for installation of coils in both orientations
    • 1:1 Clone with Logo
    First Impressions and Build Quality
    All included items
    This is actually my first time trying an ULTON clone, and I was definitely happy with the cleanliness out of the packaging. Absolutely no machine oil smell at all (of course you should still give any new atomizer, clone or not, a rinse before using). Included are both posts (MTL post on bottom, DTL on top), a spare clear PCTG tank (Installed), a nice amount of accessories in the bag, plenty of extra o-rings and two spare grub screws with allen key (that fits! I can't tell you how many times I've been annoyed with atomizers that utilize grub screws including a slightly wrong size key that ends up stripping them), and a second, larger allen key for removing the 510 pin to swap out decks. As I inspected it further, I was very impressed with the machining, there were no burrs or metal shavings anywhere, and the threading is extremely smooth. Everything fits the way it's supposed to, no issues with either tank or post at all. There are some machining marks on the posts, but they really aren't visible to the naked eye, I only noticed them after uploading these macro shots. All six post holes on the deck and posts have their screws installed, the two spares are actually spares (I saw in another review and another post or two that one of the posts on the Taifun GTR was missing the grub screws and the two spares needed to be used right away, though that could have just been early run issues). At first I was a bit apprehensive with no glass tank, the installed tank being the new PSU material and the spare being plastic (PCTG) too, but as I'll touch on later, it turns out it's not an issue at all. There are logos on this clone, which is usually something I'm a bit iffy on, though the 'serial number' on the bottom is eleven 8s followed by a 4 digit number, (e.g., on mine, 88888888888-0095) so that will be how you can set it apart from authentics. Overall, it felt and looked great, and I couldn't wait to throw some builds in it and see how it performed!
    Functionality and Performance
    It's a 1:1 clone of an excellent MTL/Restricted Lung RTA, so of course, it performs amazingly. This is not an RTA for those who need lots of airflow, even with the 'Direct Lung' deck and two airflow holes completely open, it's a restricted lung flavor banger. Some may not like the look of the drip tip, but it actually has grown on me, and it provides an excellent draw. Filling it is a breeze, there are two small dots on the topcap, line them up and it's unlocked, with two large 'kidney bean' fill ports underneath. The fill surface is flat (the chimney isn't raised above the fill ports) however, so you do want to make sure you have the tip of the dripper/bottle in one of them while filling to avoid getting juice down the chimney.
    There is a pretty innovative juice flow control system that allows for both high PG and more typical higher VG juices (100% VG may have a little trouble, but even Max VG and an 85/15 juice I tried in it kept up with some chain vaping). Basically, on the deck there are two notches, with one cut down lower than the other. If you're using a thinner juice (say 50/50 or 60/40), you'd only line up one notch on the chimney, and with 70/30 to Max VG you'd have both open. The 'frosted' yellow nature of the PSU tank can make it a bit tough to see, but it's still visible, especially when there's liquid in it.
    The Airflow Control is also innovative and provides six precise options for airflow, utilizing a spring loaded detent ball bearing system. On the inside of the airflow ring there are notches into which the bearing clicks into place. On the ring there are also four airholes, two large holes on one side and one large, one small hole on the other. The six adjustment clicks are as follows, going clockwise from fully closed:
    1. Small air hole halfway open
    2. Small air hole fully open
    3. Small air hole halfway open, Large air hole halfway open
    4. Small and Large air holes fully open
    5. Large air hole halfway open
    6. Large air hole fully open
    The airflow ring is a bit tight, which is especially noticeable when turning it counter-clockwise as sometimes it will begin to unscrew the entire atomizer off the mod, but this can be avoided by holding the topcap while turning. A bit inconvenient at times, though I have a feeling it will loosen up over time with regular use/condensation naturally lubricating it.
    The tank material may throw you off at first. Mainly because they're two types of plastic, with no glass out of the box (though glass and steel tanks are available separately). However, the PSU material holds up great, I tested some citrus and cinnamon 'tank cracker' flavors on two different days and there was no plasticky taste leeching into it and it obviously didn't crack. It feels...soft and smooth, for lack of a better term and looks sort of like a paler Ultem, a yellowish frosted type plastic, and I think it just looks good overall. It looks whiter in some of the pictures, but in person it's a light tannish yellow. The clear tank also looks good, and is PCTG, which is another hardier plastic, and after the first tank or two vaped, the fact that it's not a glass tank is honestly a non-issue.
    Build Performance
    I've tried a variety of builds in this atomizer over the past week, including some that really aren't meant to be used in this kind of set up. I wanted to really get a feel for the performance and differences in flavor, airflow, and heat using different wire types and diameters. The build deck is nice in that it has 4 posts, despite needing to use a single, 'Kayfun' style coil in it, so you can install coils that are 'upside down' or wrapped backwards. I took photos of a few of the builds, though I'll talk about all of the builds I put in it. Mostly SS316 as that's what I typically use, though I did try some Kanthal and a pretty crazy Ni80 as well.
    1. 8 wrap 28g SS316L, 2.5mm spaced, 0.8ohm - Baseline, typical build for this kind of atomizer. Good for MTL, a nice, warm flavorful vape. One small airhole open on DL, One small half open on MTL.
    2. 11 wrap 28g SS316L, 2.5mm, 0.9ohm - Used this one on both the MTL and DL decks. Good on MTL, a bit airy (yet still flavorful) on DL. One small airhole open on DL, One small half open on MTL.
    3. 8 wrap spaced 26g SS316L, 3mm, 0.6ohm - Used on DL, the extra space of the 3mm vs 2.5 did tighten up the draw a bit, but very good flavor. One small airhole open.
    4. 10 wrap 'Upside Down' Clapton SS316L, 26g wrapped in 34g, 2.5mm, 0.7ohm - DL deck. This gave lots of flavor, though it honestly wasn't worth fiddling around to get the legs bent down and up more backwards/'upside down' coils after this. Both airholes half open.
    5. 9 wrap Fused Clapton SS316L, 2x28 wrapped in 38g, 2.5mm, 0.4ohms - By far the best results on the DL deck. Fully open airflow. Loads of flavor, just the right amount of airflow (not too airy, not too choked off), perfectly warm vape
    6. 8 wrap Twisted 28gx2 SS316L, 2.5mm (probably closer to 2.8mm with the springiness of twisted), 0.6ohm- Also very good, and very simple to just twist up some wire. Fully open airflow. Plan to try 26gx2 at some point.
    7. 8 wraps spaced 26g Kanthal A1, 3mm, 1.2ohm- Similar to #3, but a bit metallic tasting due to being used to SS for so long. Still, this or a 2.5mm spaced is what's "supposed" to be used in an atomizer like this, and it was still tasty. 1 Large airhole open.
    8. The crazy one, some premade Wotofo Ni80 Braided (0.3x0.6 Ribbon Core Braided With 32 strands of 40g) 8 Wrap, 2.5mm, 0.32ohm - Yeah, nope hahaha. Wayyy too hot, but I kind of expected that. This was the outlier build with a wire I knew would be too much, but decided to see what would happen. Flavor was still good, but this wire was definitely not appropriate. Seriously, just look at the stuff. Wire used to be an art, now machines are just rolling that out by the mile! Anyway, don't want to get off topic...
    Honestly, none of the builds were bad, the braid obviously was too hot for the amount of airflow this atomizer provides, but everything else was really phenomenal. The 2.5mm Fused on the DL deck was the best flavor wise, IMO, but I also do prefer Restricted Lung over straight up MTL. The Twisted was also really great, and making twisted wire is almost no work, I mean you can do it with a coffee mug if you have to haha. Those of you who do like true MTL will definitely love this tank and the options for airflow. As a note, if you don't like throat hit, this may be a bit too restricted for you, as all builds/airflow options did give a significant throat hit, even with Max VG and 2mg/ml nic. Still, once you find your build and ideal airflow setting, this thing delivers in spades. I used my ADV as a reference for flavor, and this stands up there with the flavor RDAs and tanks like the Skyline, it's absolutely fantastic.
    In Conclusion
    An extremely well made clone of a great tank. This won't be for people who cloud chase or need loads of airflow, but for MTLers and Restricted Lung flavor chasers, it doesn't get much better. The flavor out of this tank really can't be understated, it's ridiculous. Some may not like the looks of the drip tip, but it really grows on you and gives a great draw. Speaking of which, the two decks and six airflow settings really make it so you can find a perfect draw that fits for you. It's up to you whether having logos on a clone is a dealbreaker or not, but the build quality, machining, and overall vape this particular model gives makes it worth a serious look for any MTL or RLer who wants to experience a $180 vape at 1/6th the price.
    • Flavor is absolutely ridiculous
    • Machining and build quality are as nice or nicer than some atomizers I paid 4x as much for
    • Innovative juice and airflow control
    • 4ml capacity is great on this kind of tank
    • It's really up to you whether logos are an issue or not
    • Restricted Lung Hit at most
    • Airflow ring is a bit tight, making adjustments a bit tough at first, though I expect this to improve with use
    • Drip tip can get a bit warm while chain vaping on lower airflow settings
    Overall: 8.5/10
    This is really an excellent tank, and ULTON absolutely knocked it out of the park with this clone. It arrives extremely clean, with none of the machine oil, leftover metal scraps or burrs you find on some other products (authentic and clone). It's definitely a targeted atomizer, it's for those who prefer MTL or a tighter Restricted Lung draw. I personally love it, and will be looking into aftermarket caps and tanks for it. There really isn't much to say negatively here, it's the type of tank that knows what it is and does it well. The quality is absolutely stellar, especially for a clone, and I know in the future if I'm ever considering a clone of something to try before buying an authentic, I'll be looking for the ULTON version first. Just phenomenal!
    Product Page- ULTON Typhoon GTR 316SS 23mm (This is the kit I reviewed and includes everything in the pictures aside from the mod)
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