Lady Pipe What a Sweetie

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Oct 30, 2008
I got a Lady Pipe from David Yang ,

what an absolute little sweetie,
it is white, with silver band on white attomizer,
and goldy coloured bling on the top of the bowl.

This little pipe is so cute,
and just the right size for a smaller hand,
it sits very comfortably in the traditional pipe holders
cupped in the palm way of holding it.

The battery charges fully in 4 hours,
battery life for me is 5 hours and a bit more,
that is with very constant vaping,
I am a vapaholic, very rarely do I put down my
vaporizer during my waking hours.

The vapour is very good even excellent
would not be overstating it here.

I am very happy with this little sweetie,
for 5 hours of hassle free vaping with very good vapour,
try the Lady Pipe.

Di ..........

Nick O'Teen

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Mar 28, 2009
Swansea, Wales
it's a lovely little device, and still my favourite (I have a S/D, cheap generic 901 and disposable cigar too.)
It seems to run quite a lot cooler than the S/D and 901, and is particularly good for light, fruity flavours (but rich tobacco flavours are very nice and clean too.) minipipe and lychee juice is just the perfect combination for all-day refreshment!

There have been some concerns about replacement atomizer life/performance (Eastmall atomizers particularly, though the ones that ship with the pipes seem to be much better,) so if you haven't seen this thread, I'd definitely advise checking it out.


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Jan 25, 2009
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The mini pipe would be perfect if the standard atomizers lasted longer..... I am hoping this ecopure liquid with the fact it has so few additives might change my luck with these atomizers.....2 or 3 'good' days of vaping is all I have been getting, after that they are pretty useless and almost impossible to get a good cloud of vapour out of them.


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Nov 23, 2008
Central NY, USA
My atomizers last me one week (and luckily, it's on the weekend that it needs to be changed).....but I never, ever, ever take them off until I can't use them any longer. I am really just afraid to lose that great connection.

But I just found something else out. I could not get a clean, white pipe atomizer to work on my white pipe bowl. I pulled out the atomizer hole and everything. Then I realized I could also pull out the hole on the head. Kept pulling it up, little by little and trying it....and now it's working great! There is definitely a connection problem here. Maybe sometimes both holes need to be pulled out some to make a good connection?

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